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Camp Counsellors

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About 7 years ago I signed up to be a counselor at a summer day camp. I was 19 and just out of high school, so I did it to get some extra spending money. Plus, I figured I was getting paid to have fun in shorts and sandals every day while others were flipping burgers or mowing lawns. Since I was younger than most of the others, they put me with the oldest kids (6th graders) since they were easier to handle than the little ones. They also had me paired with another counselor, a girl. She was 21 and between degrees at college. As soon as I saw her I immediately had a crush on her. She was about 5'3' and had long black hair pulled into a pony tail. Because of the uniforms she was also dressed exactly the same every day; gray t-shirt, black gym shorts, a while baseball hat and worn out, brown leather flip flops. She wasn't covered in makeup, she just had kind of a sporty, yet plain-Jane thing going on and it drove me crazy. Every morning that I would hear those old flip flops slapping her feet as she walked down the hallway, my heart beat faster because I was excited to see her.

At first it was simply professional, but after a couple weeks we talked while the kids were playing, and after a month or so we were becoming friends. It was a good thing, too, because I could hardly take my eyes off of her every time we were around each other. Seeing her in her casual uniform she was absolutely adorable, and she turned hot when we had water fights with the kids and she got wet. There were many times that I had to sneak off to the bathroom and jerk off because having an erection around there would be a definite no-no. Any time I started to feel one coming, I would lock the door and make myself cum quickly.

After we were there for a couple months I started to dig a little deeper with my questions and it turned out she was single, breaking up with her boyfriend before school was over. She was OK with it, they both knew it wouldn't last going to different schools anyway. When I knew this, I started pushing it a little more, and were both making jokes about sex and 'being alone', and by the way she talked, she liked it.

One day after all the kids had gone home, we had to stay behind to clean up the rooms for the next day. All of the classes rotated and this time it was our turn. That night we had to set up the basement for the Friday breakfast, setting up chairs and tables it started out normally, joking around and chatting, but it got a little more personal after a while. Both of us admitted we hadn't been with someone else for a while. This led to more talking, and before I knew it, we were both completely naked, I was sitting on a folding chair and she was squatting in front of me, jacking me off as fast as she could. I'm not a big guy, about six inches rock hard, but I never felt or looked bigger than being stroked by her small hand.

When I told her I was about to cum, she told me to shoot it on her, so I scooted forward and blew my load on her neck and chest. After I came she kept slowly stroking me, milking out every drop and wiping it on her perky little breasts. When I was able, I pulled her into my lap, held her waist with one arm and reached around with the other rubbing her clit. It's a good thing we were the only ones in the building because she was going crazy, moaning and squirming around, sliding her bare feet back and forth on the concrete floor. When she came she stiffened up, throwing her head back and squeezing her cum-covered breasts. She was sweaty and it was almost hard to keep her held up. She then spun around and started kissing me, saying that was wonderful. Just having her tits staring me in the face I was hard again in no time, so I jacked off while she played with the cum on her chest.

After I came a second time, she cleaned up my mess with her panties and shoved them in her purse, and we sat there naked on the floor for a while just talking. Her back was to me and my hands were around her belly, and I loved it. When it started getting late we had to get everything done, so we got dressed and finished getting the chairs set up before we had to go. That night, I masturbated twice more before I fell asleep, thinking about what happened, and thinking about her going the rest of the day with no panties on.

I thought the next day was going to be awkward, but when I saw her she acted as cheerful as always. When the kids were playing I told her about my night, and she admitted that she masturbated in the bathtub when she got home. We didn't get a chance to do anything that day or the next few, but a couple of weeks later it was our turn to stay late again. That whole day she seemed like she had a little more bounce in her step, and when I asked her why, she whispered to me that she didn't wear underwear that day. I had to will myself not to get hard, wanting to save it for later. As soon as the last car left the lot, I slid my hands down her shorts playing with her clit with one and fingering her with the other. She came twice before turning around and pulling my shorts down, jerking me off. This time when I came, she licked and slurped it all up from my chest, and I could taste myself when we were kissing afterwards.

This went on whenever we had the chance for the rest of the summer, and when camp ended we went to each others' houses for the last couple of weeks. Yes, we did end up having sex, but no, a relationship didn't happen. When she went off to a different college we knew it wouldn't work, so it ended like her last one with no hurt feelings. Before she left though, we did take some pictures of each other. She took some of me jacking off and I got some with her in that camp uniform, and some with her masturbating in nothing but that white hat and those brown flip flops. A lot of times I still bring them out when I need to cum, and sometimes I wonder if she still has the ones of me.



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