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Cabin Field Trip

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When I was 13 my grade went on an overnight field trip to a campground. They had about six cabins with about 11 kids to a cabin with two or three chaperones. Obviously the cabins were not coed. When it got to be late at night we were all sitting around talking when one boy Ricky got up to take a shower. Now, we had been pranking each other all day so once he was in the shower we came up with a plan to all go in the bathroom and to turn the water all the way hot. The chaperones were in a seperate room and we knew they were sleeping by the sound of some of them snoring.

We all went into the bathroom and closed the door quietly. One boy Adam went up to the shower and reached in quickly turning the water up. Oh my god!!! Ricky screamed as he jumped out of the shower while we all laughed. We quickly stopped laughing as we looked down seeing Ricky's huge cock surrounded by a forest of pubes. Most of us had barely a hair down there and weren't very big. 'what is wrong with you guys, wait why are you all looking at my dick?'. 'well,' Adam replied, 'it's cause youre huge!!! I've never seen a bigger penis!! I mean look at mine, it's only about four inches!'.

Just then Adam pulled his boxers down and held up his cock. 'well, youre not that small, if your four then I'm only six inches. Ricky said, pressing his dick against Adams to compare sizes. 'wait, wait, wait, if you wanna see a big penis, check this out!' Arden, who was the tallest kid on our school took what must've been a 6.5 inch dick out of his pants. So now Adam, Arden, and Ricky all had their dicks out and were slowly stroking as we all watched. 'well, why dont the rest of you drop your pants', Ricky said, 'but I need to rinse off'.

So we gradually dropped our pants revealing our dicks. Ricky stepped back in the shower not even bothering to close the curtain, and lathered and rinsed his dick. Once he got out all 11 of us sat on two beds that were side by side. I had a four inch dick with a small patch of brown hair above my penis. I made it a point to sit next to Ricky. 'how bout we all jerk off? I mean we already have our cocks out', Arden said. 'umm...what if you dont know how'. Josh, a small shy kid said. His face was beat red as his twin brother Justin, who had a much bigger dick than Josh, said, 'yeah me and Josh have never jacked off before'. 'okay well thats no problem just be sure to sit next next to someone who does know'. Ricky said, clearly planning something.

Some boys moved around but luckily I stayed next to Ricky with Adam on my other side. 'okay, now reach over to the boy next to you and start jacking him off, and if you dont know how just watch the guy on you and you'll pick it up'. Ricky said just before grabbing Justin's cock and jerking him off. I took that as the cue to start so I grabbed Ricky's cock and started jacking him off. Adam grabbed me and his warm hand felt so good. We all jacked each off until we came on each other. Than we took showers in pairs and washed each other off. I loved washing Ricky's dick and he really cleaned mine. We have been great friends since and sometimes I'll have some of the guys over for some fun.



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