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Building a Cum Factory

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This is the story of how I went through puberty and discovered masturbation.


I started puberty when I was 11 years and 2 months old, it started one day, when I noticed a hair on my pubic area, I had just gotten out of the shower and I thought the hair had fallen from my head, but when I tried to remove the hair it was firmly planted in my skin, at that moment I knew puberty had begun on my body.

Over the next few months, lots of other little hairs started popping up, first near the head of my penis, and then closer to my belly button. While my pubes were growing, I had noticed that my ballsack was growing at an alarming rate it went from two inches by two inches to a little over four inches by four inches over those same few months.

Before my 12th birthday, I noticed that my balls sank down into my sack towards my anus and this left a large gap between my dick and my ballsack. That extra room began the growth of my balls from little half-inch raisins to a very large two inch by two inch ping pong balls.

At the age of 13, my pubes had formed a dense forest all around my cock and ballsack, and there was plenty of bush above my cock, and a few wispy hairs on my balls. Erections had now become a daily occurence, and my cock had grown from three to five inches, but despite it's five inch hardness, my cock barely beat out the length of my pubes.

At this same moment in my life, I had been playing with my cock and balls for two years, but I could only get my cock to produce a five inch erection.

However, one summer day between seventh and eighth grade I was home alone, so I got naked and then sat down in a chair in the living room, and I started to fondle my genitals. While I was messing around with my pieces, I began to fantasize about most of the girls in my grade, and how their boob's had grown from little size AA buds at the beginning of sixth grade to a healthy B-C Cup at the onset of eighth grade.

After thinking of my hot peers, my cock was at it's five inch max so I fondled it some more and a clear liquid started to leak out of my dick's head. I just loved how I could rub the liquid all over the tip of my penis and then more would come out. Now I was getting ready to have my first cum.

So, one night a couple weeks before my 15th birthday, I was watching some documentary on Roller Coasters, when I became bored. I decided to take off my clothes and fondle my genitals. I started with my balls which were nice and loose because I had just taken a shower a little earlier. Then, I progressed up to awaken my cock from it's two inch limp slumber.

I very lightly caressed it until it grew to it's full seven inch erect state. After that, I took a moment to marvel at its wonderful size, and then I went to the standard wrist stroke that I had been practicing on my cock for the last few years.

A few minutes later, pre-cum began to appear, now over the last two years I had thought that pre-cum was the final stage of masturbation so I had stopped jerking off after the clear stuff came out.

However, on that night I really wanted to see if I could produce some more pre-cum because I loved playing with it soooo much! So I started to fondle my penis again. A few minutes later, my penis shook back and forth on its own three times!

And then a massive load of yellow and orange liquid came out of my cock in three spurts. I couldn't believe it, I had just had my first ejaculation!

After this wonderful new experience, I just had to tell my best friend Scott because him and I had been discussing how our genitals were developing through puberty on our long bus rides home from school. When I told him what had occurred the night before, he was happy for me and he explained that he had gotten his first cum six months earlier.

Scott and I had talked about masturbation and puberty so much that I now had a desire to see him naked and jerk off with him, unfortunately because our schedules were so crazy, we had to wait three months until school was out for the summer for us to get together.

On the other hand, my orange and yellow cum had now matured into an adult shade of white, so Scott wouldn't be so freaked out if we were to see each other cum.

So one summer afternoon, I went over to his house and the best part was his parents weren't home, I was thinking to myself: YES THIS WILL BE PERFECT!

After we had a little mid-afternoon snack, Scott took me to his father's garage and showed me my very first porno mag. At that moment, my cock which was already hard from just thinking about what lie underneath Scott's underwear, leaked out some pre-cum, and I took a quick glance at Scott's pelvis area and he had a nice sized erection yearning to get out of his pants.

A few minutes later, we put the porno away and went upstairs to his comfy bedroom.

Scott gave me the names of some board games we could play, I blurted out 'how about I'll show my dick if you show me yours'

Scott got a little nervous and continued to call the names of board games, I asked him again and he starting making excuses saying 'I'm not gay and my mom's going to be home soon'

So I decided instead of talking him into taking his clothes off, I would just get naked myself.

So I took all my clothes off and Scott looked directly at my now fully grown hairy gentialia.

I continued to try and talk him into getting naked and after a couple minutes, Scott started to unzip his jeans, and then he pulled back the opening of his boxers and briefly exposed a hairy section of his pubic hair. I was very impressed at how much pubic hair he had down in his 'man area' He was actually a little hairier than me.

However, Scott zipped up his jeans and said he didn't want to get naked with me.

On the bright side, he did say my dick and balls were a lot bigger than his.

Needless to say, I was disappointed in Scott and our friendship really went downhill after my failed attempt to jerk off with him.

Over the next two years, I would have a couple of sexy occurrences. One was where one of my classmates would show me his massive pubic hair bush in 10th grade science class and the year after that two of my friends and myself flashed each other. I was very impressed with how big their limp cocks were and how much pubic hair they had, but I was even more impressed when I met my current best friend Sean, but you'll need to read Fun Times with My Bestfriend followed by The Bonding of Our Cocks to find out how much cum we spurted together.



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