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Buddy's Girlfriend Was Nice

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Buddy was my older step brother. His girlfriend's name was Carol and I'll never forget her and how nice she was to me.


I was quite young when the changes happened. Puberty hit me at 10 or 11, I swear. Not only the start of body hair and broken voice problems but the way I noticed the girls in a different way. I remember how I really started looking at there tits and getting erections from this. I'd even see pictures of women in catalogs dressed in bra and panties and off to the bath room I'd go for a good wank. Yet, I'd never even touched a girl. But, I guess it was instinctive to know just how good these things feel to boys.

Buddy was my older step brother. He was 18 at the time and he almost daily brought his girlfriend home with him from school. They go into his bedroom together, close and lock the door and I could hear them having sex. So I knew Buddy knew what a girl's tits feel like. One Saturday night my mom and Buddy's dad were out and we were in the living room watching TV. Buddy and I got along great.

I just had to know so that night I said to Buddy, 'what's a girl's tits feel like'? He was a bit shocked at my question and then said 'they are so soft and smooth feeling. Something that's hard to describe. Actually feeling them is worth a thousand words, I guess'.

Then, that Monday after school, Buddy and Carol got home and went into Buddy's room. I could hear them talking and then Buddy came into my room telling me to come into his room. 'Carol has something to show you' he said. He then left the room closing the door behind him.

Carol was sitting on Buddy's bed and told me to come over and sit down by her. I did and she then said 'your step brother said you had a question the other night about these (as she grabbed her tits through her shirt) and how they felt'. She then pulled her top up showing me her tits. She said 'go ahead and feel them. I know you want to'. I slowly reached over putting my hand on one and then the other. I was in heaven. They felt even better than I had ever imagined.

Then Carol said 'Buddy told me to do this too' as she spread her legs open in her skirt. She said 'put you hand up my skirt and feel'. Again, I slowly did what she said to do and had my hand feeling her soft thighs. Oh, did they feel good! Carol then said 'feel the inside. I know you'll love this' and I felt the wonderful softness of her inner thighs. She then said 'are you good and hard now'? I looked at her kind of startled and Carol laughed and said 'I know you are. Now go the the bathroom and play with it for me'.

I jumped up and went to my room. Carol was right. I was hard as a rock and needing to jerk off bad! I went to my bathroom, dropped my pants and it didn't take but a few seconds to cum. Carol felt so good. When I got back to my room I could hear Carol and my step brother talking and laughing and later I could hear them really getting it on in his bed. I now personally knew just how much Buddy was enjoying this and after feeling what I had just felt I couldn't understand how he could last so long before cumming.



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