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Brother Will's Penis

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I have a younger brother, Will, who is disabled and in a wheelchair. He is seven, almost eight years younger than me. He was 12 when I went away to college and then I took a job in Europe for two years after school, so other than holidays and a few other visits I have not spent too much time with him in the last few years.

I lost my job in the fall and ended up moving back home. This has been a great experience as I have had a real chance to re-connect with both my brother and my mom. (Dad passed away many years ago.)

My brother can get around and do most things by himself but there are times that he needs help but he never wants to ask or admit it. Getting in and out of the bath tub can be an issue, even though we have the handrails, a bench over the tub and everything. He is determined to do everything himself but my mom and I always make sure one of us in is the house, just in case.

One night last month, I stayed in on a Friday night as I had nothing to do and no money to go out. Mom was out playing cards or something and Will said he was going to have a shower. I thought nothing of it until I heard a loud crash and heard him call out in pain. I ran to the bathroom and knocked asking if he was alright. Naturally he said yes but I knew he was lying.

I entered the room and he was sitting on the floor, leaning on the wall holding a facecloth on to his knee. There was blood everywhere. He had fallen while shifting from the tub onto a sliding bench and had cut himself open quite badly.

When I came in he was naked but quickly covered up with a towel. At first he did not want me to look at the cut but after I insisted, he let me put a bandage on it.

As I was cleaning up his leg, I could see he was trying to hide a large erection. When I lifted him up to get into the wheelchair the towel fell away and his dick poked me right in the tummy. When he was in the chair he could not get the towel back over his crotch as the chair had rolled over it and he just ended up sitting there with his penis sticking straight up.

I could not help but stare. He has the biggest penis I have ever seen. Huge, long, thick, cut. I thought my last boyfriend was 'big' but this was something else.

Meekly, he asked me to hand him his underwear and I helped him put them on. As he was having some difficulty getting them over his hips I helped pull them up and in doing so I pressed the palm of my hand over the tip of his cock to tuck it into his underwear. He came in my hand, shooting a long stream of thick white semen over his chest and onto the arm of my sweater.

There was an awkward silence then we both broke out laughing. I laughed so hard I wanted to pee.

Will said he needed to go back in the shower again to clean up and I helped him up on to the sliding bench and he got back into the shower.

I pulled the shower curtains and took off my sweater and rinsed it off in the sink. Really needing to pee I pulled off my pants and sat on the toilet quickly, hoping Will would not notice or mind.

As I was getting up I could see that Will was watching me from behind the shower curtain. I wiped and instead of getting dressed I took off my bra and got into the shower with Will.

At first he looked frightened but I sat on the edge of the tub, facing him and opened my legs, showing him my vagina. I let him touch me and he slid a finger inside. It felt good. I got into the tub and lay in front of him and masturbated to a quick orgasm. He was hard and began to jerk off quickly.

I stopped him and using some hair conditioner I gave him a slow, slow, slow hand job. The feeling of his huge cock twitching in my hands was fantastic. Each time I thought he was going to come, I stopped and let him calm down before restarting. After he came, I washed him all over with warm water and rubbed him down with baby oil.

Since that night, we have not said anything to one another about it but there is some 'tension' for lack of a better word between us. I have not been able to get the image of his penis out of my mind and I keep re-living the moment when I was holding it in my hands, feeling it surge as he came. I have had several fantasy sessions where I take him inside me. Each time I have these thoughts, usually at night in bed or in the shower; I end up masturbating several times.

Last week I was at an office waiting for a job interview when I went to the ladies room to check my makeup and to use the toilet.

The bathroom was set-up so it could be used by a disabled person. Seeing the handrails returned my thoughts to my experience with Will. I found myself reaching between my legs, finding myself wet again. I opened my legs as wide as I could and with one hand pressed hard on my clit I reached deep inside my vagina, feeling my cervix, looking for the spot. The climax was unhurried but intense. Looking flushed and feeling relaxed, I returned to the waiting room just as my name was being called.



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