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Brother and Sister

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I've always been sexually turned on by my sister, it all started when I was 13 and I found her rampant rabbit dildo while I was snooping through her cupboards looking for a game card, it was then I realised she masturbated, before then it had never even crossed my mind.

With my sexual desires towards my sister I eventually found this website which greatly helped me fantasize about doing things with my sister.

She is four years older than me, she is quite petite with long blonde hair, she lives with her boyfriend who isn't in very much, sometimes I go around there and play with her on their computer or pool table.

I sometimes think about her while I'm masturbating, but I always knew that was as far as I could go, she would never allow anything to happen and it would ruin our relationship if I tried anything, until now.

Something you should know is that my sisters boyfriend is a lot older than her, around 40 years old and she is only 22, and from what I have heard they only have sex about twice a month because he isn't fond of doing it.

I was keeping her company while her boyfriend was out for the day, she was wearing a skirt and a button top which greatly showed off her dd boobs, we were playing on the computer sitting on the chair in front of it when she took her shoes off and lay across the chair to get more comfortable, and she put her head on my lap but turned so she could see the tv. I was surprised at first but she used to put her legs over me while I was sitting down when I was younger, just because of the little room we had so I continued with the game.

After a while and many laughs we had I looked down and could see her cleavage staring back up at me, and without realising I instantly got a hard on. Now I'm not big, only around six inch hard which I'm told is average, but still big enough to stick up through my baggy pants I was wearing and banging into my sisters head. I lowered my hips right away to stop it touching her but I know she had already felt it, she jumped up quickly looking at me, I felt so embarrassed, but she just didn't look at me and went back to racing on the computer.

We didn't say anything about it so I hoped she would just forget, after a while we started playing monopoly on the console instead, and we were using one control so we sat right next to each other in relaxed positions, and during it we went onto an auction and I stole the controller from her and tried to win it myself and she jumped at me trying to get it back laughing, we wrestled over it for a few minutes and eventually landed on the floor, her on top of me, sat across my chest, my face was inches from her pussy, we just stayed in that position for several seconds, and my impulses took over me.

I lifted her skirt and grabbed her ass pulling her closer to my mouth, she fell back slightly as I kissed her pussy through her knickers, she didn't try to get up or stop me so I assumed she was okay with it, so I continued. I let go of her ass with one hand and used it to pull her knickers to one side, I was looking at my sisters pussy, something I had dreamed of so many times, and it was slightly wet. I started fingering her and she lifted herself back up and grabbed my head pushing me right into her, I felt amazing, I am still a virgin and licking a pussy like this, my FIRST ever pussy was making me feel so good and dizzy at the same time. After about three or four minutes she began to shake and then screamed out thrusting herself towards my face, I guessed she had just cum but I continued licking anyway, after a few more seconds she did it again but even stronger shakes than before.

She pushed my head away and just sat there with her eyes closed for a few seconds, then she got up and went to the bathroom. I got myself up and wiped my mouth dry. She came out two minutes or so later and just stood at the door looking at me, she took a deep breath and then said

"I think you should go"

I didn't object, I just nodded and left her house got in my car and drove off, but stopped for a second and gave her a smile on the way out which I was glad to see she returned.

We haven't spoken since this happened.



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