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Bringing Up My Son

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A long true story


I grew up in a very prudish household in which sex and anything to do with our bodies was considered dirty. Just the mention of anything sexual and my parents went crazy. The only one in my house I could talk to about these things was my older brother. Eventually we did some 'show me yours' type of stuff when I was 15 and he was 17, to the point we would both end up completely naked in front of each other. We never really did anything during these sessions except check each other out and ask questions. I was surprised at two things. One, how unembarrassed I was to let him see me naked, and second, how beautiful his penis was when he had an erection, which was almost all the time! It was probably about seven inches long and thick. I loved watching it get hard and actually wound up pointing upward giving me a good view of his balls hanging there.

At the time my tits were pretty small but my nipples would get really hard and long (still do) and I actually had a larger pubic bush than he did. He was very interested in my vagina and I was very willing to let him see it. After all, he was just as much in the dark on these things as I was, thanks to my parents. I would lay on my bed and spread my legs so he could get a good view of everything without my pubic hair in the way. After a couple times of doing this, he just blurted out that he needed to jack off. I had an idea what he was talking about but still wasn't sure. He then gripped his dick and started stroking it. After only about four or five strokes, he started squirting cum all over my bedspread. At first I was pretty grossed out (shows how nieve I was) until he explained what it was and that he just couldn't hold it anymore.

After learning from him about cum and how it all worked, I became fascinated with it and thought it was a very special, natural fluid that guys make during very special times. Over the years, I learned to love having it anywhere on me or in me, including my mouth. Sometime close to this period I learned to masterbate myself and started having orgasms as well. He didn't even know that girls did it too! I watched my brother jack off many times after that and would always end up rubbing my clit to orgasm right after he was done, while looking at all his cum. We ended our little sessions after he went in the service. We've never done anything since but are really close to one another and I think that special time has something to do with it. At times, I have been tempted to tell my mother what we used to do just to see her reaction! I'm sure she assumes my brother and I never even saw each other in our underwear! Think if I told her we used to watch each other have orgasms! I was really puzzled as to how our parents could think that our bodies and learning about sex was a dirty thing. I was bound and determined not to do that to my kids if I ever had any.

I have indeed been blessed with a wonderful son from a not so wonderful relationship. We never married (thank God)and it has only been my son, Joey and me for years. I am far from a perfect parent, but he has turned out to be a really super young man of 17. He gets good grades, has goals and had some very hot girlfriends! When he started entering puberty, I respected his privacy and started knocking when his door was closed, etc. However, when he had questions about ANYTHING (mostly sex and girls), I answered them truthfully and with an emphesis on 'natural' and 'beautiful' and not 'dirty'. We eventually covered it all, including intercourse, oral sex, masterbation, orgasms, etc. Although I didn't flaunt it or make him feel uncomfortable, I also would let him see me in the nude once in a while. He would stare at my tits or pubic hair but I wouldn't make a big deal about it. He let me see him up until he started puberty then stopped, which I know is normal.

When he was 14 or so, I was vacuuming his room and noticed about a dozen wadded up tissues under his bed. When I pulled them out, a couple were still damp so I put them up to my nose and smelled the distinct scent of semen. My son was jacking off! After remembering how my parents made my brother and I feel so guilty about such things, I wanted to make Joey feel 'good' about what he was doing. That night I went to his room after dinner. He was laying on his bed doing homework. I told him that I found all those tissues under the bed and knew about how he had used them. He of course, blushed at first until I told him I was happy that he had started masterbating and enjoying his body. I told him (again) about my upbringing and how backward it was. I also told him that I still masterbate quite often...everbody does! I did lightly scold him about throwing the used tissues on the carpet because 'cum can stain sometimes'. He told me he would not be afraid to throw them in the trash from now on, now that I know about it.

From then on our relationship got even closer and more open than it already was. I felt so proud about that, considering it can be a very trying time for teen boys and their moms. Gradually, he started letting me see him naked once in a while, until it became an everyday thing that continues today. I was so proud to be able to see his body develop so beautifully. It's such a special thing to see your sons, still childlike, face and then look down and see a large penis and balls and dark pubic bush.

Every now and then, if we are sharing the bathroom and I am naked too, he will get an erection. Instead of being embarrassed, he will say 'mom, look' and there is his penis, all red and sticking straight out. One time a while back, he got really hard after his shower and I told him it looked like he needed to jack off. He asked if I minded if he did it in front of me and of course I said no. I was then thrilled to sit on the edge of the tub and watch as my son stroked his dick until he squirted large globs of cum into the tub. I had forgotten how much cum a teenager has! (reminded me of my brother) I told him it was really cool that he would let me watch him do that. As of today, I have seen Joey jack off many times, usually after his shower. Once in a while he asks me if he can look at my pussy while he strokes himself. Even though I know it's a little over the line in most peoples eyes, I sit on the toilet seat and spread my legs for him. As long as we don't touch each other (and never will) I don't see anything wrong with it. After all, I'd rather him jack off looking at my pussy that some smut magazine. I am very proud of my son!



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