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Breeding Fire Vol.2

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The continuation of Breeds More Fire


When I got home I knew there was no question, I was masturbating before going to sleep. As I practically ran to my room I passed by my younger sister Kate watching TV. As I climbed up the stairs I began to think about her masturbatory experiences. Kate was fifteen and surely experimenting too. But unlike Susan and her sister, Sam, Kate and I still hadn't had any discussion about our personal masturbation habits. I even toyed with the idea of marching back downstairs and asking her if she would like to join us. (It would only be fair, part of me figured.) But instead, I let it lie. I figured doing it with three girls was going to be new and erotic enough for the time being. (There would be time for Kate and I later.)

The next morning I went over to Susan and Sam's. I was wearing a cute little pink summer skirt with tight cotton-white panties underneath. I rang the doorbell and Susan answered wearing a bathrobe. I didn't have to be told that she was naked underneath. She hugged me and led me in by the hand.

'So where are we going to do this?' I asked.

'Sam wants to do it up in my room. But I was thinking about maybe doing it right here in the family room.'

That idea both excited and intimidated me. I knew Susan had cum many times in this room on the family couch and part of her thrill was due to the openess of the room and the threat of intrusion.

'Come on! Nobody's going to catch us!' Susan whined. I was still a little hesitant. 'Remember how you got all turned on and flushed when Sam knocked at the door? You liked the danger, and you've said you like doing it in the daylight with me because you can see everything.'

I had to admit I liked the hint of possibility of being caught. And truth be known, since Susan and I began our mutual exploration I found myself fantasizing about being caught, by my sister, my brother, even by my mom and dad!

That feeling of being witnessed, of being seen in a such a surrendered state of lust, that was the real draw to me of what we were doing, Susan and I. So I agreed to doing whatever we were going to do in their living room, in broad daylight. My submission to Susan's plan made me gush in my cotton-whites and we hadn't even touched yet!

Sam came down the stairs in a pair of short-shorts and her blue sports bra concealing her A-cup (but growing) breasts. She looked as nervous and as bashful as a colt.

'We're doing it down here, kid!' Susan yelled.

Sam's eyes rolled apprehensively. 'Okay, but be nice to me.'

'Don't worry, Sam,' I said. 'This will all feel nice.'

We all sat on the couch. We giggled. We saw a young boy ride his bike past outside the large front window. We decided to leave the drapes open figuring no one could see in unless they were real close and we'd see any cars pull up for sure.

'How do you guys want to start?' I asked.

Susan had that gleam in her eye. She stood up, faced us, then let her robe fall. Of course she was completely naked except... she had a man's neck-tie tied around her waist. It was a glossy tie; deep red. It looked beautiful against Susan's white belly-skin with her trimmed pussy below. Again, Susan's striking brown tinted nipples centering her creamy, ample breasts made my mouth and my pussy water. I instantly wanted to masturbate her.

'What are you doing with Dad's tie?' Sam asked, amused.

Susan angled her curvy hip in a dip and then flicked the tie off with her finger. 'Stand up, Aimee,' Susan said. I obeyed laughing giddily. 'Turn around, please,' she continued.

'Guess I'm first,' I said as she tied the tie over my eyes as a blindfold.

'Sam, help me get her naked,' said Susan.

I felt Susan ease and direct my body to lie down on the floor. She gave softly spoken instructions to Sam to assist in undressing me. I raised my arms and they took off my shirt. I raised my hips and my skirt and panties were whisked away off me. And now I lay there, exposed, sightless, totally at their mercy in the middle of their sun-lit living room.

'Okay Aim-ers, you're going to be our living statue for a little while, try not to talk, don't struggle, and just accept whatever's going on.'

I gave the thumbs up. 'Do whatever you like, I'm yours,' I accepted.

They began caressing me. A welling, a deep welling of feeling began to gather within me then. All of it, being with the two sisters, lying blind and nude in an open room in the daytime, the sensations of their hands rubbing, clutching, massaging, and then finally parting me open, all of these things brought on a welling that seemed to start deep within the center of my being and was swelling, taking possession, like a lusty demon, his forked tongue licking as he coursed through my blood veins, possessing more and more of my bodily landscape. Mounting and mounting pleasure waves, without crest, without end in sight, began to course throughout me like an erotic and welcomed virus. I lost track of who was doing what; I began to be conscious of my loud moaning. I felt many fingers in my pussy doing many things to my moist and pink inner-flesh. Fingers motioning within me, beckoning my cum to sneak and spill out of my spasming hairy opening to swamp out in my raging pubic hair. There were tongues, yes plural, on my nipples, lapping from my heaving titties (I remember wanting to see my nipples at some point, because they felt HUGE! (Like they were sticking out the length of a sausage link)

At some point I began having my first climax, but there was no let down, my sensations pushed right past that little foreshadowing shudder. The welling continued. Then my position was being changed, the sisters were making me bow down, my knees on the carpet with my curvy-bottomed hips and ass in the air!

I laid my cheek to the carpet with my arms extended, as they went to work again on my hind end. Their onslaught on my clitoris and vulva continued. I imagined them wading in my sexual secretions, a ridiculous vision of the sisters waist-high in my fluid pleasuring me wearing those cheesy orange life preservers. My legs were quivering, everything in me was locking sweetly up, orgasmic shudders were rolling through me one after the other. And suddenly there was an object, not a finger, in my anus. It was long and slippery, it penetrated in and out of my anal opening in sync with the continuing manipulation of the interior of my pussy. Suddenly it felt like they were turning my stomach and womb inside out, disemboweling me in a sweet sensational way. And then my nirvana began to hit, my whole body went into throes, an orgasm of Richter Scale proportions began to shake my body and soul. In the darkness of the blindfold I lost all sense of space, my pussy seemed to be expanding, like a black hole, enveloping everything, all was sensation, alpha and omega, my PUSSY. My pussy became everything, it swallowed the world, the universe, all became my orgasm-quaking pussy. I'm sure I was shouting, gurgling, squishing, writhing, becoming... All of it in the heat of my rapture I became Michelangelo, Mozart, Shakespeare, I was Explosion, Color, War and Love. I was in that moment inspired to be the end all to see all, to live well, to die well, ah life! To breathe and to orgasm! To live! To live!

Of course this is me now, nearly thirty years old relating the circumstances of an orgasm I had as a teenager. Of course I did not think of Mozart specifically at that moment, but in that moment of orgasm I became something more. Something was born in me that day. Echoes of it wave not only through my sexual life today, but in my walking life, the one outside sex. A fire. A confidence. A lust for beauty in life. I breathe deeper as a human being in part because of the events that have sprung from that orgasm.

You see, the point of sexual rapture, I believe, is exactly where the carnal meets the spiritual. Laugh if you want but the mystical can surface in the physical. I have come to believe in that.

Well, back to my story though, back to when I took the blindfold off after the most earth-shattering orgasm of my life.

To be continued....



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