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Breastfeeding in Front of My Cousin - 2

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I was 19 then and he was 16, almost 17.


In my previous story (Breastfeeding in Front of my Cousin), I told you how my cousin was staring at me while I was breastfeeding my daughter. This later led to him asking about breast milk and what did it taste like. After letting him suckle on me after feeding my daughter, he soon got very horny and at my suggestion, Reggie wanked off to my delight. After viewing the favorable comments from Solo Touch, I am going to continue my story for the people who want to hear more.

Our holidays were rapidly approaching the end of our first week, from our two week interstate visit. It was on the Thursday morning when I was breastfeeding Gretel that he had masturbated in front of me while my parents and his parents went shopping. That night while sleeping in Reggie's bed (he had to give up his bed to me and sleep on the couch), I relived what had happened that morning. My fingers soon found their way to my groin area and using three flat fingers, rubbed around my clitoris in a slow but circular motion. As my clit became engorged and started to swell, I quickened the pace and was starting to give out low moans of total satisfaction. Using my index finger and forefinger of my other hand, I started to finger fuck myself as my pussy became very moist with my juices trickling down past my butt hole and onto the linen.

After some 10-12 minutes of frigging myself, I orgasmed with the picture of Reggie wanking himself and spurting out ropes of cum before my very eyes. I knew there and then I had to see Reggie do that again. I have always loved sex and it had been a long while since I have had any form of sex with a guy. I knew that morning what I would have liked to do, but I knew I couldn't go there, not with my cousin anyway.

I have had a fascination of cocks since the age of about 15 when some guys from our class jacked off one day in front of a few of us girls one day. From there my experience and fascination of cocks grew when I first touched one. Lying in bed before going to sleep, I vividly recalled the experience of touching a cock and feel it stiffen in my hand; watching it grow as it got harder with a shiny knob on the end. As I stroked that cock, I could feel the heat of the cock as hot blood engorged the shaft as it started to throb. I could feel tiny contractions as his orgasm approached and how his body shuddered as he spurted his cum over his tummy and my hands. I often relive this moment in dreams at night, something really implanted in my subconscious.

Friday and Saturday quickly passed without any incidences. I fed Gretel when I had to and changed her nappy when necessary. As mum, dad and my uncle and aunt were always there, I never had any chance to be alone again with Reggie. On the Sunday, the four of them were booked in to play golf in a mixed-foursomes event; where they would be away all afternoon and early evening. Everyone was up for an early breakfast including Gretel. Around 11.30a.m., everyone had an early lunch and then my parents and uncle and aunt left for golf just before noon. This just left Reggie, Gretel and me alone for about 7-8 hours.

'Reggie, I am going to feed Gretel again now. Come and talk to me while I feed her and change her nappy.' Reggie came into the lounge and sat beside me while I removed my top to feed Gretel. I knew two bare breasts would get him horny, rather than lift one side of my nursing bra and expose part of a breast. That left me wearing just panties and a short skirt, while Reggie was wearing baggy shorts with an elastic waist and a t-shirt.

'After I finish feeding Gretel, you can have a little suck if you like Reggie. It is more hygienic that way, and any viruses or conditions you have, will not be passed onto Gretel.'

'Wow Angie, that would be swell, can I really?' Reggie's eyes lit up with that news as he carefully watched Gretel attached to my nipple.

'I really love the taste of your milk,' said Reggie. For those who have never tasted breast milk, it is much sweeter than cow's milk. When first expressed, it is of a much thinner consistency than cow's milk, but does thicken a little during the feed. On finishing the feed, I changed Gretel and put her down to bed, before returning to the lounge area.

'Okay Reggie, it's your turn now,' I said to Reggie as he sat beside me on the couch. He lay across the couch as I leant slightly forward, giving him easy access to my half drained breast. Reggie was on my breast for some 3-4 minutes before draining all the milk from my breast.

'Time to get off cousin, I am dry now and no more milk,' I said as he detached himself from my nipple and we both sat up.

'Gee, thanks Angie that was great, you are just the best' said Reggie as he reached up and started to feel my nipple and breasts. Looking down, I noticed he had a real hard-on poking up into his shorts.

'I see you have a problem there in your shorts, it looks like something has happened?'

'Sorry Angie, I can't help it. It always sticks up whenever it wants to. I can't control it.' I then instinctively slipped my hand under his elastic waist and found his cock had poked through the front of his boxers.

'What's that I can feel Reggie, it's sticking right through your boxers.'

'Sorry Angie, I can't help it,' he replied.

'Let's go to your bedroom and do something about it.'

'Like what?' he replied.

Still naked from the waist up, I took Reggie's hand and led him to his/our bedroom. I stood on the side of the bed as he faced me and I slowly pulled his shorts down, revealing an impressive boner sticking up at about a 60 degree angle pointing towards the ceiling. I reached out and cupped one hand under his balls and wrapped my other hand on the shaft of his cock. His cock hardened even more and rose even more vertically. Reggie was as red as a beetroot as I was in full control; he was almost incapable of saying anything.

I then stood up and unzipped my skirt and then removed my panties, leaving us naked together.

'Lie down on the bed Reggie,' I said as I leaned over and got a bottle of baby oil. He lay down as I poured some oil on my hands and transferred the oil onto his glowing cock. I tickled his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. If his balls and cock were any tighter, they would have burst. Sensing that he was close to cumming, I used both hands on his cock with each hand alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise, almost in a wringing motion. His body tensed up, gave a violent shudder and a rope of cum splattered on his chest. As I continued to wring out his cock, 5-6 more spurts left a trail of cum from his chest to the hair around his balls. As the little drips emerged at the end, I licked them up with my tongue, tasting his salty but delicious cum.

I grabbed a towel and cleaned up the mess and placed another towel on the bed. I laid on the towel and spread my legs and raised them as well, giving him free access to my pussy. I gave him a quick lesson on the use of fingers on a clitoris and how to insert two fingers into a pussy.

'It's your turn now Reggie, I need you to make me cum too.' Starting off slowly, he soon got the knack of what to do. I was already 'wet' from wanking him off before and I was highly excited.

'You are all slippery in there,' Reggie said as he parted my hairy pubic mound and parted my labia.

'I know Reggie; it's you that made me that way. When a woman gets very horny, she gets very wet and slippery down there.'

'Why does she though?' said Reggie.

'So a woman can have sex and the cock can enter easily and slide in and out, just like you see on the porno sites on the internet. If the cock and pussy is dry, the cock won't go in, and if it does, it's very painful,' I replied.

'Can I put my dick in there Angie and see what its like?' said Reggie.

'No Reggie, you can't. We are cousins and cousins aren't allowed to do that, nor can brothers and sisters.'

'Okay said Reggie' as he continued to rub my clitoris and finger fuck me. I told him that I needed to rub my clit myself as I have my own technique while he fingers me faster and faster.

'Harder, harder Reggie' I said as I was rapidly approaching orgasm. Once I got past the point-of-no-return, my whole body stiffened, then spasmed, and contraction after contraction rippled through my body.

I lay back on the bed exhausted and I slowly came back to Earth. I really needed that and so did Reggie. Hopefully what he learnt today would help him when he finally gets a real girl friend. I am also proud of myself of the restraint I had over my sexual urges as well. I never crossed the line as I could so easily have done.

We never got much of a chance to do anything in the remaining five days of our holiday. The following year, he flew over to us during school holidays for 10 days by himself. But that is a different story.



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