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You never know about a woman.


I was an on-campus resident while in university in the '60s. Lila was a commuter? student in my class. She had a physical handicap that required her to wear leg braces from the knee to the special shoes she wore. I suspect that the same affliction restricted her height to about 1m, 5cm (4'9"?). Lila was a beautiful gal in every way, nice olive complexion, bubbly personality and a great positive attitude.

We had very few classes together, mostly the early year requirements of a liberal arts education, and as an off-campus resident, she attended very few on-campus social events. But in our senior year, she chose to live on-campus in a woman's residence. During one conversation with her, I suggested to Lila that perhaps we could attend one of the university's social functions together (a date). But I said I would understand if a dance? (the usual sock-hop activity) would not be to her liking. I left it up to her to decide: 1) IF she even wanted to go on a date with me, and 2) what would be her preference regarding the date. She immediately responded with, "I'd love to go out with you. How about a movie in town since I have a car on campus (which I did not) rather than an on-campus function?"?

So we went to the movie house in town and had a platonic two hours watching God knows what movie. Afterward, I asked her if she'd like to go to a diner for coffee to prep for an all night study session. After coffee and pie we returned to campus and she asked me if I had to get back to my dorm immediately. (I should add here that on-campus gals had a midnight curfew at this school.) I said NO, so she said. "Then let's chat,"? and drove to the common parking area, not the one specially assigned to her near her dorm. I hoped she wanted to neck,? but I was not sure. But I added two plus two and figured I'd make a move.

Her big, old sedan had a bench? seat in the front. We parked and we both slid toward each other and I reached my arm around her shoulders to hold her. She immediately folded herself into my chest and whispered, "I am not going to break. You can hold me tighter." Almost immediately we began kissing and she got very aggressive with her tongue. And she got rather vocal, moaning, "mmm, ahhh, oooh"? at every breath. And I was getting harder by the moment. I took the chance and cupped her rather firm breasts over her blouse and she increased her vocalizations. I thought I'd cum in my pants. After a few firm squeezes of her tits through her clothes she put her hand on my crotch feeling my hard cock and said, "I want to do more with you, but not here. Not now. Another time."? I asked her when I could be with her again, and she said, "Soon. I'll send you a note through campus mail."? (Understand, there were no means of electronic communications in the '60s.)

I eagerly checked my mail box several times daily waiting for that note. Our paths did not cross. Often her car was not seen, and I supposed that she might have been commuting from home again. Finally, about a week later a note arrived. As I recall it read something like this: "If you are still interested in a second date, I have a plan. This weekend. We can go to my parents house (25 miles away) on Saturday afternoon (around 2:00 PM), have a home-cooked dinner, go to a movie (a drive-in, perhaps), and have no concern for curfews. You can stay overnight in my brother's room as he is away in the Army. We'll come back to campus on Sunday. RSVP. - Lila."?

Even if a second opportunity to be with Lila was not enough incentive, the prospect of a home-cooked meal was. I quickly penned a reply on her note saying 2:00 PM was fine, that she could pick me up at the student canteen parking area, and that I could not wait.

I think that was a Wednesday, and the rest of the week seemed like a month ... a LONG month.

At 2:00 PM Saturday my small duffel bag and I were in the parking lot, and she was right on time. During the ride to her folk's house she unveiled the rest of her plan. After dinner we'd say we were going to a movie and then a club. Important point: we'd tell them the name of the movie (same one we saw on our last date), so if we were questioned, we'd know the answers. Those plans were common back then as parents tended to be overprotective and not trusting, even of their college age kids.

Before dinner her dad and I watched a game on TV and chatted about school, majors, studies, the usual BS. Then came dinner, and it was GREAT. And homemade pie for dessert, too. After dinner we left for the movies.

Once in her car, Lila said we could go to to drive-in, if I'd like to. No brainer there. I paid, she parked the car not anywhere close to the concession stand. Then she suggested we get into the back seat for the movie. Well, I wasn't born the day before, so I figured she was up for some fun. I know I was UP for sure. For those of you who were born after the 60s you should know that ladies usually wore skirts and blouses (not slacks) or dresses when out on a date, and this was the case that evening. In Lila's situation, a skirt or dress was a simpler way to cope with the clunky leg braces, too.

So, there we were in the back seat with the speaker attached to the window and the volume at a normal tone. The movie was some dumb, boring drama. The coming attractions (double meaning intended) were more interesting and quickly over. I guess the film was into about its second minute when Lila said, "We can watch this if you'd like."? To which I replied, "I am up for anything you'd like to do,"? And she responded, "I am sooo glad you said that,"? and put her hand right on my crotch.

Well, my man-o-love took little time responding to her gentle squeezing, and my hand took less time finding her blouse-and-bra clad tit. Simultaneously, our lips met, parted, and we began a vigorous tongue dance. "I want to touch you"? were the next words spoken, and although those were my thoughts, they were Lila's words. "I'll help"? was my simple reply as I lifted my hips and her hands worked on my belt and zipper. Next, my tighty-whities were lowered (with some understandable difficulty) over my 21-year old virgin boner. And by virgin? I mean to any touch other than my own, too.

Immediately, Lila wrapped her slim fingers around my shaft and began to pump my rigid member. "Let me know if this is OK,"? she half-whispered. "I saw my brother do this once."? I soon realized that she was a quick learner. Then she volunteered, "I wanted to do this last time, but since I had my period it wouldn't have been fair to you."?

Oh boy! Did this mean that I get a chance to reciprocate? Could it mean anything else? Should I cum and then touch her? Should I delay my seed spray? Slim chance given her technique. So I opted for, "You are doing just fine, too fine. Let's make it last, OK?"?

"Did I do something wrong? I'm not touching you the right way?"?

"Lila," I said softly, "You are doing just fine. Do you touch yourself and have orgasms?"?

"?Er, ... well, yes, sometimes --- but not very often. Oh, my God, I can't believe I said that!"?

"It's OK, Lila. But I have another question,"? I continued. "Do you have one orgasm, and then another soon after, and perhaps, a third after that?"?

"How the hell could you POSSIBLY know that about me?"? she blurted out as she released her hand from my still hard cock and sat back in the car's seat.

"It's OK, Lila. It's OK, honey,"? I tried to reassure her. "Let's just relax awhile, sweetie."?

"What did I do wrong?"? she demanded". I thought oh, SHIT.?

"Lila, Lila. You were fine, actually, SUPER. It's just that I did not want to cum too soon, since I, and I guess most guys take awhile to recover and have another cum.? (As a senior citizen now, I guess I can replace a while? with FOREVER.?)

Lila calmed down and resumed kissing. "Help me, please,"? was her next statement. "Show me how do be a good lover. I want to be a WOMAN and to PLEASE a man."?

"Lila, I would be more than honored to do that. You were doing a FINE job of jerking me, and I WAS about to cum had I not stopped you. But, we've been here five minutes, and it would be nice if we took our time. It's called "edging"? - we get to the EDGE of having an orgasm, and then back off making the next time we get close even MORE exciting. And it is the same for men and women."(I had done reading of quasi-porn on the subject, and experimented with my own cock.)

We were soon tongue-dancing again and I ventured a hand under her skirt, up her leg, between her thighs, and found a very, very WET gusset on her panties. I rubbed a bit there and she echoed her mmm, ahhh, oooh? moans of a week earlier. But she demanded, "Inside, TOUCH me. Make me CUM. Oh, please, make me cum."? This woman was HOT beyond belief. And I was not one to pour cold water on the hot spot.

I went for broke and with both hands reached under her skirt and lowered her panties. I became a bit concerned about the leg braces and stopped when the panties reached the top of the braces. I then went for the quite hairy honey pot that was dripping, oozing, female love juice like a leaky faucet. She was as wet as anyone could be. I wasted no time in sliding one, then two fingers up into her sloppy snatch. I then added my thumb to her clit. The combination of the thrusting fingers and the strumming thumb was too much for this minx, and she once again began the mmm, ahhh, oooh mantra. This was quickly followed by, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh God, I'm cummmming."? (I quickly reached over with a free hand and spun the volume dial of the speaker to the highest level to drown out her cries.)

After she calmed down, she rolled back toward me and again grabbed my cock. After about 30 seconds I was ready to spew and I told her so, upon which she watched intently as she stroked and the jizz began to fly everywhere.

Afterward, out of no where (it was, after all, a big sedan), a handful of tissues appeared and Lila began the task of cleaning me, her and the car. But she did this in a most sensuous way, so much so that I did not slacken very much and returned my attentions to her. I rolled her back into the seat and went to work on her thus far covered tits. Opening her blouse, I rather roughly lifted her bra over her mounds and attacked those globes. Her nipples were stiff and long. I toyed with them and then began alternately sucking them and licking them. Soon she was crying out yet another orgasm. I could not believe how hot and sexual this lady was. And in the back of my inexperienced mind I asked myself, "Could ALL women be like this?"? (Well, we all soon learnt the answer to THAT question!)

Intermission arrived and I went to the concession stand to fetch some snacks and soft drinks. Upon arriving back at the car, Lila was slouched in the back seat, seemingly exhausted. I think we were both too spent to continue with our exploits, and we mutually agreed to call it a night and head back to her parent's home.

Unfortunately (for ME, at least), we never had the occasion to repeat anything like the drive-in theater. After graduation (the following week), she went off to graduate school and I was solicited to serve in the armed forces. We drifted apart never to renew our passion. And I read recently that Lila had contracted cancer and passed away at an all too early age without ever marrying. And I wonder still if she recalled as fondly as I did those two glorious evenings. Rest in peace, Lila.



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