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Boys Will Play

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i was about 15 when this happened.
as i developed phsyically i started using the internet to look at porn, i discovered my liking for seeing other men with hard cocks and i knew that i needed to at least wank off with someone else. the only option i had was my best friend who was quite shy about these things...the only thing i did know was that he loved to masturbate. i decided to slowly bring him around to jacking off together. after some gentle hints 1 night when he was staying around mine and we'd gone to bed the lights were off but we were still talking - i said in these words 'hey man, my cock is real hard and im gonna jack it off right now' he replied with 'oh, ok' so i pulled my dick out and for the next half an hour i stroked it hard and slow (knowing my friend was trying to see it thru the darkness) until i eventually came all over myself - naturally i swallowed every last drop.
the next time he slept round things went a lot further. this time i told him i was going to wank and after a little hesitation he said he was going to. i then put the lights on - the first time we'd seen it each other naked - his cock was about the same size as mine although his was a bit longer and mine was a bit thicker (another thing about my cock - i have a huge head on it - it doesnt look out of place and when its rock hard i can play with it for hours) anyway we both layed there and stroked our cocks and i knew he was watching me and he probably knew i was watching him. so i then made the brave move.. i got down next to him and positioned myself bending down on my knees with his legs in-between mine. with my left hand (my right still working my cock) i gently fingered his balls but instead of going further on his cock i layed down on top of him (our boners rubbing together) i started to kiss him and he returned it....i then licked my way down his chest and then down his stomach until i got to his cock however again i avoided it and instead told him to lay on his stomach - then i wasted no time - i put my face between his legs and ate his ass for all i was worth - i put my tongue in his hole then my fingers then my tongue again while he moaned with pleasure. i then instructed him to roll over which he willingly did and then i gently licked the head on his dick while massaging his balls then after a while i put his cock in my mouth and sucked so hard it was untrue and it tasted so nice. i then swivelled round so my cock hung over his mouth (69) he proceeded to give me an awesome blowjob, and i mean awesome. i sucked him all the way and i swallowed all his jizz but before he oculd get me off - which he was close to doing - i said i needed to fuck him so he got into a doggy style position and i shoved my cock in his arse i rocked it a few times before cumming in his hole...i then licked my cum out. we continued to fuck and suck each other all night (my friend is also very overweight so he managed to give me a titfuck (ha ha) and weve been getting each other off ever since...it got even more interesting when his sister joined in and even better when his mother joined (altho i will point out he never had penetrative sex with either...i did tho)



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