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Bottled Bliss

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My Master likes to push me, not always in directions I'm interested in going. But... I enjoy succeeding, managing something I thought unlikely, gaining his praise for it.

So it was with a mix of interest, trepidation, and excitement that I read his instructions, complete with a link, 'find a bottle something like the one I've linked, something that widens gradually from the top. You have a week.'

When we next spoke, he asked if I'd seen the task. Of course I answered that I had. 'That's going to go in your cunt, you know?' I looked at the pictures again and noted that I hoped I could find something that would fit. There was the definite sound of a smile in his answer, 'it will eventually.'

I found myself eyeing every sort of bottle I ran across, trying to find something that fit the criteria. There'd been no minimums given, but I knew he would be disappointed if I chose something too narrow to be a challenge. Finally, I noted the store brand sodas, plus...they had a gentle widening from top to the main body, maybe two inches in diameter at its widest.

Pictures of the new 'toy' were sent, and approved, which left me content as I cleaned it of labels and glue.

It was, indeed a challenge when he told me to use it, to press and twist the hard glass deep into my cunt. I was surprised and gratified to see that, over the course of one of our sessions, I'd managed to take nearly half of it, well past the widest point. It was a warm and glowing moment to remember.

But I'd never gotten off with the bottle. It was simply a toy to play with that was a bit difficult, a bit painful, but without an orgasm. So when tasked to spend time on my own and simply manage an orgasm with the bottle within my pussy, I wasn't sure how long that would take. It didn't seem like it would be very easy. How wrong I was.

I set up with a towel and some lube, along with the bottle, washed and sterilized. As the house is a bit chilly this time of year, I left my sweatshirt on, and laid a blanket across my bare lap to start with.

Playing with nipples bruised by earlier play was as easy through the sweatshirt as if the cloth wasn't there, and I was quickly aroused enough to at least slip the top of the bottle in with a bit of lube.

Obviously, arousal would help to sink it deeper, so I began enjoying my clit as I pushed and twisted the slick bottle deeper and deeper. I could feel the resistance as I reached the widest point and abandoned my stiff clit to focus on the ache as the bottle pressed against the bones to either side.

After another few careful breaths to relax, gentle pressure, and slow twisting stretching out my pussy, I realized that it was in past that wide spot, stretching me as far as it was going to.

Slipping my slick fingers to my clit again, I received a surprise. Stretched like that, and already aroused, It only took bare moments of rubbing to come to the edge of an orgasm.

Surprised, I backed off for a few moments, then did it again with the same response, my eager cunt tightening on the unyielding glass. The third time, I let the orgasm run its course, waves washing from my clit through my thighs, back, belly.

And the huge, hard span of glass intensified my orgasm, dragging it on for what seemed like double the normal time, closed down rational thought until it was done, and I simply lay there spent and gasping before letting my Master know how it had gone, basking already in the not only pushing past the challenge, but finding such unexpected pleasure to go with it.



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