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Both Hands Full

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I like to masturbate a lot, at least once a day. Sometimes I masturbate with my wife, sometimes for her. This is one of those occasions ...


I woke to find light streaming through the bedroom window and as I slowly opened my eyes, I saw my wife sitting up in bed next to me with her knees tucked up, reading a book. Feeling frisky, and supporting a substantial erection (as is the case most mornings), I reached over and gave her naked thigh a gentle stroke with the back of my hand. As my hand neared the top of her thigh, she shifted slightly and turned to me. "Not now, I'm reading", she said, then noticing my uncovered hard-on, added "Looks like you better take care of that before you get up though".

Not needing too much of an invite, I reached into the drawer by the bed and dug out some lube. It's the type that comes in a little pump bottle, so I slowly pulled my foreskin back and pumped two squirts of lube onto the head. A shudder went through my body as the cold gel touched the sensitive skin and my cock twitched, causing the gel to slide off. I scooped it off my stomach and proceeded to coat my throbbing glans. Pulling my foreskin tight back with my left hand, I then started to caress the exposed corona with my thumb and forefinger, tracing circles round the head (I love doing this, it's so sensitive).

As I started to slide my foreskin back over the head, I felt my wife shift position next to me again. I looked round to see her quickly glance back to her book, pretending not to look at what I was doing. This made me determined to make a show of things. I wrapped my hand around my lubed cock and started to stroke slowly, sighing deeply with each stroke and pushing my hips up against each movement of my hand. I reached down and started to tickle my balls, shivering as I did so. I squirted another blob of lube onto the head and started to tug away at my engorged shaft. I closed my eyes for a few moments to savour the sensation and listen to the slurping sounds my fist was making as I slid it over my ever more sensitive head.

I opened my eyes and looked over to my wife. She was now only holding the book no longer reading but staring at my hand as it continued its slippery journey around my cock. She was lightly playing with her nipple as she watched, and I could hear her breathing change. I upped the game and started to moan and exaggerate my hip movements to show how much I was enjoying what I was doing. I reached under her legs with my free hand and started to gently rub her inner thigh. She let out a sigh and sank down a little in the bed. I slowed my strokes to a deliberate pace and then searched out her pussy lips, which were wet and puffy (she must have been enjoying the show).

I parted her lips and tickled inside gently, then I slid my fingers up her slit and found the nub of her clitoris. With my fingers wet from her juices I began to circle her clit whilst still stroking and squeezing my aching cock. Now I dipped my thumb in her warmth and then used that to replace my fingers on her clit so that they could once again probe into her warm depths. As I pushed a finger in she drew a deep breath and her whole body shuddered. I looked up to her face and could see that she was still staring at my lubed member but her eyes were less focused than before. I could see that she was getting close.

Here I was laying on my bed, with my right hand tightly wrapped round my aching cock and my left hand buried in my wife's hot pussy. It was getting more and more difficult to keep control and I knew that I was going to come very soon so asked if she was ready to come. "You first", she breathed. "I want to see you shoot your load and empty those balls". Taking that as read I started to speed up on my cock, the slurping noises getting louder as I gripped and twisted my hand up and down my shaft. All the time I kept pace with my left hand, timing my fingers with my fist until I felt that familiar tightening of my balls and the tingle start at the base of my shaft. "Ok, here it comes!", I whispered as the orgasm hit, and I shuddered uncontrollably as rope after rope of hot semen splashed on my chest and neck. I kept pumping my cock slowly until I had milked every last drop from my aching balls and let go of my twitching shaft so I could turn my attention fully to my wife's waiting pussy.

Slipping my other hand under her thigh I pushed two of my come-soaked fingers into her hole whilst rubbing and squeezing her little bud. I looked up at her and her eyes were now closed, her head tilted back, and I noticed the flush begin to show on her chest and neck. She reached down and cupped a breast in her hand, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger as I continued down below, my fingers now drenched and sloshing in and out of her swollen pussy. As I felt her pussy start to contract I stopped, just for a second, before plunging three fingers in and out rapidly and rubbing away at her clit. A low moan escaped her lips as her body started to judder and I felt her whole body clench around my fingers. I kept my fingers working until she put her hand over mine and whispered "Stop".

I withdrew my hand and brought my fingers to my mouth so that I could taste our combined juices. As usual she tasted wonderful and I hungrily licked every last bit from my hand. She sank down under the sheets and curled up next to me and I could feel the wetness of her thighs and smell that lovely musky aroma a woman has just after orgasm. I wiped some of my own juices from my chest with my fingers and licked them clean again. I repeated this, but instead put my fingers to her lips which she parted, proceeding then to happily suck my fluid from my fingers. I found a handkerchief by the side of the bed and mopped up the rest before pulling the covers over myself too, nuzzling my face in her hair. "Thank you", she said sleepily. "No. Thank you!" I replied and we both drifted off for a quick snooze before facing the day



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