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Both Hands Full

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I was travelling up north to visit family when I came across an adult theater (I always seem to be able to find them when I travel!). Anyway, it was daylight, and not much action in the parking lot, but I decided to give it a shot anyway.

I entered the store and paid the young lady who averted her eyes the whole time like she was better than I. I strolled around the outer area, checking out the merchandise and trying to see if there were anyone else coming in.

After a few minutes of flipping through magazines and checking out the back side of various videos my mouth was getting seriously dry, so I knew I needed to get on with it. (By now, I could feel the slight oozing coming from my pants.)

I walked into the dark theater behind the store, and stood by the door (near the screen-the door was on the wrong side of the room!), waiting for my eyes to adjust. After a few seconds I could see that there were a few others in the room (no women, dammit), but there were many open seats. By now, my heart was pounding, and the blood was beginning to pool in my penis.

I noticed two guys in the back row with a space in between them both with their arms moving slightly up and down, staring intently at the screen, not looking around-I made a beeline for the empty seat between them. As I sat down I could see what I suspected when I first spotted them-their cocks were in their hands and they were both stroking slowly in time to the action on the screen. How awesome, huh?

I looked at both of their tools, sizing them up while I unzipped my pants to release myself to the cool air. My partner on my right appeared to be in his mid twenties, with a nicely shaped penis, cut, about 6 to 6 1/2 inches in length, kind of slim. Now, the guy on my left, he had a monster, at least 8 inches, thick, and had a sharp bend to the side right before the head-lovely!

As my cock jumped up and down on its own and started oozing more and more, I slowly reached over to both my partners and started replacing their hands with mine-I have done a quite a few naughty things before, but never before had I stroked two cocks in unison before! I was beside myself, and it felt like I was going to explode, even though no one was touching me!!!!

I slowly began to stroke them both up and down, finding that it was not as easy as I thought to keep them both going in rhythm without missing a stroke or accidentally jabbing my hand awkwardly against one of their cock heads. I decided I would attempt to get them both close and then concentrate on one then the other.

Since I figured the one with the monster cock would last longer (and I wanted to concentrate more there anyway) I started to focus on the smaller of the two. I still rested my hand against frankenpenis, but started maneouvering my hand to his testicles and changing my grip, not really keeping a good rhythm going. Meanwhile, I could hear the guy on the right start to breathe a little more raggedly and could feel his cock start to twitch in my grip. (My cock, meanwhile, was going ballistic!) I stroked him up and down with a little twist at the top, using his pre-cum to lubricate his shaft with every stroke. He moaned quietly, arched his back, and I could feel his ass coming off the seat as he started to shoot all over the seat in front of him. I squeezed my hand harder around his shaft and pumped him dry, feeling his cock throb in my hand as he drained his semen, the last few drops feebly dripping over my hand. He pulled away slowly and I began to focus my attentions on my JO buddy to the left.

I assume he had been watching, waiting patiently for his turn because I saw his head turn slightly as I began to focus on his incredibly huge cock. Since I'm right handed I had to replace my left hand as primary. I cupped his heavy balls with that hand while I reached across and slathered his shaft with the other's cum. He immediately began to try humping my hand, he had DEFINITELY been watching! I fondled his balls with my left hand as my right began pumping that massive cock for all I was worth. Up and down I went, working as hard as I could. Although the AC was on full blast and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt I was pouring sweat like never before-the things I could DO with this beauty in a different setting! Anyway, I could feel the beginning of a huge eruption deep within his balls that would not be denied. I cupped and fondled as best I could but my attention was focused on the head of that beast, waiting for my reward. I was NOT disappointed. He gave a huge grunt like he was lifting a horse and shot his first wad OVER the seat in front of us and into the row in front of that. I was in awe, but slightly disappointed-I wanted to use that creme for my own diabolical use! He came and came like a pro! I was able to gather some of his sweet cream into my hands before he finished. When he squirmed his last little bit from the now deflating cock, he began to pull away. I was very disappointed as there was no one else there who had witnessed the incredible display of cock prowess I had just performed (besides, I knew he was going to leave soon, and my poor cock was straining for touch).

While he strode out the door, I decided I could not wait anymore, and spread the still-warm cum on my rock-hard cock. As soon as I touched it it began to twitch and I could feel the rumblings below. Usually I try to edge as long as possible when I'm alone, but I had enough memories from the last five minutes to last a lifetime and I was ready to explode. I managed two or three more strokes before I shot so hard, I thought I was going to die! As I stroked my way to softness, enjoying the feel of his thick creme melting into mine, I sighed softly, completely spent.

I slowly cleaned up the evidence (I thought), zipped up, and disposed of the tissues I had brought in the can near the door. As I walked through the outer room there was no one there but the same young lady. She eyed me the whole way with a smirk on her face, but I didn't care, I was king of the two cock jack off. It wasn't until I got to my car and checked myself in the mirror before I noticed that there was the evidence right there on my shirt just under my chin for all the world to see! Oh well, she didn't know who we were, and I bet she was jealous anyway!

I can't wait to go through that part of Nebraska again!!



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