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Bookstore Encounter #1

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From my youth, I have grown up with a desire to again feel my cock being stripped by another male hand and to do the same to him. Not since about age 15 have I had such thrilling contacts and I have enjoyed sex with females all along.
I have also been turned on by porn and several months ago visited a new bookstore in my town that has glory hole booths in the rear arcade. It is a very clean and well-kept place. When I went there to explore the first time, I found several older gents of about my age, all friendly and obviously seeking the same kind of pleasures. No advances were made in the corridor and I promptly took a booth and fed the machine for viewing.
I scanned the selections to find one of transvestites (which give me some kind of evil thrills) and unzipped to release and expose my limp cock. I hadn't latched the door and I soon noticed that it had been opened a crack and I could barely see someone peering in at me. My cock began to throb at the thought of being watched and I turned to whisper to the stranger to come in. He slipped in and locked the door.
I explained that I had only come to jack off and would like to jack mutually. He said he wanted the same and unbound a wonderfully thick, half-hard cut dick. I turned my cock to face him, each of us slowly stroking to gain a healthy stiffness. He reached and began pulling me and I did the same to him. We silently worked this way for several enjoyable minutes until he moved closer to face me and pressed his hot cock tight up beside mine. He grasped both our organs in rhythmic pumping and paused to invite me to do the same.
I had never felt this king of pleasure with a man and became very excited as I pumped our swollen rods. We rotated the service several times when I noticed to the side of my dim vision in the booth, movement at the glory hole. It was another fully hard and very long penis pushing into our booth. Noticing my distraction, my partner turned and began to stroke the mystery cock as I kept our organs going together. He invited me to jack the stranger too which I did with delight.
Then he bent to the hole and whispered, 'Why not join us?' Almost instantly, we heard a light tap at our door and we opened it to admit another older, slender guy with his cock dangling from his fly. We immediately formed a triangle facing each other and began jacking and taking turns in earnest.
I was the first to go off and the others soon followed. It was a great thrill to renew this kind of contact and I have been with those two and several others at the bookstore since.
But those are other stories, which I will post here if you like this one. Would like to know of others who enjoy this kind of experience.



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