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Body Swap Masturbation Fantasy

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Love the site. About time I gave something back for all the pleasure others have given me. Keep up the good work. It's still the best masturbation site around. If this story is too long I'm happy for re-editting or use for the upcoming Erotica pages.


Some of my masturbation sessions are quite involved, but more on those sessions another time. For now, let me tell you about a very simple session - simple in terms of what I would look like to the observer, but actually very exquisite to me, because of what I fantasize about while masturbating.
OK...so I'm just lying on my bed - over or under the duvet, doesn't matter which because of the position I adopt. Back to the physical side in a minute. I fantasize that I'm actually a girl, but that I'm living in some future age where it's possible to swop minds on a temporary basis. So, as this girl - let's call her Shauna, - I decide to see what it's like to inhabit the body of a male.
Naturally enough, in this fantasy I'm not at all bothered about wanting to experience the different gender roles in society. No, instead I spend the whole week learning what gets this 'new' body going, and eventually gets it off. Now here's the good bit - the real me actually HAS that male drive, that male centre of stimulation, that male aching stiffness, and that male explosion of orgasm ! Sounds really convenient, huh ?!
The week of experimentation and self-exploration is up, so I decide to invite two or three girl friends of mine around to fill them in on what I've learned. It doesn't work with more than 3 girls, not sure why. Like I'd complain if it were for real ! By the way, the idea of needing a week seems like pure fantasy to my mind - I give it 10 minutes and 'she' would be saying 'oh right, I rub it like this and....oh my god, what the hell happened there' !
But I digress. I bring my buddies into the bedroom (where I spent most of the last week) and they sit down on a few chairs I've put out for them. One at the foot of the bed and one either side. I'm really exposed. Then I tell them that I'm going to show them what I've learnt. I begin undressing and in no time I'm naked and I lie down on the bed. 'Oh Shauna!' one girl gasps. 'I can see you've already learnt to make it grow without even touching it'. And she's right. At this stage, Shauna is now physically in line with what Sean is up to.
You need to imagine me lying flat on my back as if I was going to sleep. Then I stroke my body, my hands slide up and down my waist and hips, all over my chest - I fiddle a bit with my left nipple in particular - I wear a bar there usually, but sometimes I wear a ring which I can gently tug. It's all psychological enhancement really. I'm only toying with my nipples though, just like where I'm up to in the demo to my girl friends. Then the fingers dwell gently over each of my inner thighs - just the merest back-of-the-hand caresses. The thighs are rock-hard on top, but there's sensitivity there too. And as I do this, I can't help the odd brush with my still-silky and malleable cock flesh. The girls are all agape at this stage, they know what's imminent. I should say that at no point do the girls ever take their clothes off or anything. Remember I am one of their best buddies, a male body perhaps, but to them I'm still Shauna.
'Go on shauna, lets see what you can do with it, tell us what it feels like', they implore. So I take my palm and rub it in a slightly arched way over the whole of my cock. I move down and cradle my balls, gently lifting them upwards to present more of a view to the sparkling eyes of the 3 girls. My legs are straight and only slightly ajar up to now. Then, as if to exhibit myself all the better I draw my feet up, and as I do this my knees are naturally forced to bend. I keep the position locked at the feet by cupping my right heel into the arch of the other foot. So now my legs are kinda splayed, with the knees now up off the bed. But just the slightest push on my knees can 'bounce' this position. This enbables me to jack even under sheets without having to be on my side. But more importantly, I feel so exposed and vulnerable in front of these girls.
But I have no embarrassment. As it's not my body, I'm not really doing anything to be guilty about. I'm simply showing the girls what I've learnt. It's the male's fault for being so dirty to be pulling at himself all the time. I'm only demonstrating that fact for my friends ! I decide to show them more. 'Hey Jenny, do you want to see how the foreskin sort of ripples over itself ?', I suggest. But they are all watching too intently to be bothered with clinical detail. 'Just pump it, Shauna', shouts Karen. By now my cock has really stiffened, and my manual ministrations have brought me to a nice plateau - about two-thirds way up the mountain, whatever sense that makes. The glans is standing proud and has gone a lovely dark blood-engorged colour with a slick sheen from where the skin has caught the precum that has begun leaking and been dragged down around most of the head. I stop the slow fisting. I want to show them what else I found out.
'You know this bit where the skin joins the helmet?', I ask, to no-one in particular. I'm going to show them anyway. 'When I take some precum on the tip of the my middle finger I can hold the cock with thumb on my side, index finger on your side, up top, and the other two fingers gripped down on the shaft'. The girls all crouch over real close. I start to slowly stroke the index finger back and forth across the tiny bit of skin. It's like playing a little cello or something. The great thing for the girls is that my cock is practically motionless, but clearly enjoying the direct stimulation. They can see every bit of the action clearly, even the slight pulsing motion as I practice that clenching thing I learnt, which kind of pushes more cock-stiffening blood right to the bell-end.
'So are you gonna come now, Shauna, or what ?' says Jenny. 'Not yet, well I could if I wanted, but you know the funny thing ? This feels like most of the way to that heavenly release, but I can stay around this for as long as I like - hours anyhow. At first, at the beginning of last week, I took things to here and it was so exciting I just started to jerk even harder and then it was too late - no stopping it, had to keep going, no choice'. My breathing was full of nice gentle panting now. The whole room seemed really horny now, and I didn't care that my friends were gazing expectantly at my crotch. In fact I was enjoying it. 'It was a real bummer, after that, the feeling just.....faded away....real quick, like. And then....I couldn't make it grow again....for ages and ages....was still nice....to caress though.'
Karen started getting impatient.. 'Hope you're not planning on keeping going forever while we're here !'. I realised the moment of truth was upon us. 'Well, like I say, I've discovered I can just keep the pleasure sensation on an edge like this, or if you all counted down from twenty I could actually time the cumshot along with you !'. This they wanted to see; now this was about control, and not just the techniques I had learnt, but THEIR control !'. They really wanted to be able to make this gently-swaying body shudder even more. So I left the cello and wrapped my whole hand around the shaft - I started sliding up and down like I had practiced. Grip not too loose, not too tight - in fact, sometimes varying depending on whether my hand was close to top of stroke or had pulled the skin as far back as was comfortable. I realised I needed fine judgement to know when the grip was just at that point of pulling the still-slippy skin over the ridge of the head of my cock. But I learnt a lot in that week. I was good at it now. These girls were gonna see something now. Everything stepped up a gear now. The girls were counting - god they were down at 12 already - I'm sure they're speeding up to test me - the bitches ! I didn't really care anymore. I threw another gear and it was no longer possible to determine when the head was visible and when hidden. It seemed to be in between all the time.
'6, 5, 4...'. The air echoed with a fist-slapping whack, whack, whack. I let my hands bang against my groin - heightened all the senses. Could almost smell the spunk on its way. I clenched my teeth, all sorts of muscles seemed to tighten and relax now - and earlier it had all been just cock, cock, cock. I was building to a huge spending of tension-releasing outpouring.
The girls' chorus reached an excited fever pitch, '...3, 2, 1 Go, Shauna, Go!!!'.
Aghhh....UhhhhHHH. A vocal expellation of stalled breath accompanied a forceful expulsion of cum. Splat. Sp-lut. And again, Sp-lat. Once more, slightly less impetus - split . 'Fucking hell'. I couldn't help swearing, but in a nice way - my manly face was wearing a big smile - almost involuntary.
'Well girls, glad you could come', I thanked them for enhancing my final masturbation session.
'No Shauna, glad YOU could cum!!', they laughed.



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