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Boarding School

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Boarding school

I attended a boarding high school in another state. The first year I lived in a dormitory along with 50 other guys. I had been jacking off for over a year by this time and it made it hard to find a place to jack off. When I awoke in the middle of the night, I'd go into the bathroom and sit in the last stall to jack off since none of the stalls had any doors.

Sometimes when a guy came into the bathroom, I'd have to quit jacking off and hold my hard dick down until he left, which hurt a little. It just didn't seem natural to have to have to hold my dick down. After he left I'd resume stroking my dick until cum flowed over my hand and into the toilet. Since I couldn't cum very often, each time I had a nice big load of cum. Afterwards, I was really relaxed and could go right to sleep.

The next year, because of my good grades, I was assigned to a private room with a roommate. Boy, I thought. A chance to jack off every day if I wanted to. It's didn't work out that way though, because my roommate was always there. So I was back to going down to the bathroom at the end of the hall in the middle of the night and having a good jack off.

One night after I had dozed off, I felt the bunk bed shaking. I was in the bottom bunk and my roommate was in the top bunk. I suspected what my roomie was doing.

I asked 'what are you doing?'

He said 'nothing.'

I got out of bed and got my flashlight and stood up and looked at him in his bunk. He was still, but I noticed his hand was under the blanket. I jerked the blanket off him, saw his pajamas were around his knees and noticed his hand was around his dick. I asked him to remove his hand and he did. I then saw he had a big 6' uncircumcised hard-on pointed up toward his belly button.

'Nice dick' I said.

'Thanks' he said.

I've seen other guys' dicks before in the shower and when they were taking a leak, but that didn't cause me any problems since I'm not gay. Now what happened next had never happened to me before. I don't know what possessed me, but I reached out and wrapped my hand around his dick. It felt warm and it felt real good to have my hand around it. I slid my hand along his dick and then I started jacking him off. It didn't take long, since he had already done half the work, before he was shooting cum on his chest and his stomach. It made me feel proud that I could do this to someone else and for someone else.

I said, 'My turn now.'

While he cleaned up, I took all my pajamas off, got naked and laid down on my bottom bunk and started stroking my circumcised dick to bring it to it's full 6' length. It was the same length as his just a little fatter. He jumped down from his bunk and I took my hand off my dick that was now hard and pointing straight up in the air. Without saying a word, he put his hand around my dick and proceeded to start jacking me off. It felt good since I'd never had that done before. In a few minutes his work was rewarded with a fountain of cum shooting straight up in the air and over his hand. Damn, that felt good for me. I really liked that. He said that he'd never jacked another guy before. I told him that another guy had never jacked me off, but that he did a really good job of it.

Oddly enough, we never did this again to each other. But after this both of us jacked off in our bunks whenever we needed to, since there was nothing to hide any longer. Occasionally we watched one another, but that is all. After this when the bunks started shaking, I'd just lay there until he was through, and then ask, 'Was that a good one?'

I still think about that night ever once in a while and think that I'd like to jack another guy off again. And have him stroke me until I cummed all over. In the meantime, I just grab my hard dick and start jacking off again.



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