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Bittersweet Trip Home

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Reconnecting with a family member as adults.


Uncle Clayton was the last of three brothers to pass on. My dad went first, then my cousin Mike's dad, and now Clayton. I took a few days off to travel to Sandoval for the funeral. Mike had never left Sandoval, worked in the hardware store in town and kept up the old three story farmhouse that was home to Clayton and Mike's dad Roy.

The sight and smell of the old place brought back so many childhood memories. Despite the sad circumstances I felt the stress of my job and city living evaporate. Surrounded by corn and soya fields it was like another world.

Back at the house after the funeral the neighbors and friends had left, Mike in his quiet man-of-few-words shy way asked if I might like to stay on a few days. Knowing this was the first time he'd been alone in the house ever, and figuring I could use the extended break, I called the office and said I'd be back the next week.

I had settled into one of the more habitable bedrooms (family attrition had left many rooms as storage). Mike and I talked the evening through and I went to sleep early. Waking up very early I put on my old cotton robe, as I sleep in the raw, and padded downstairs. When I entered the kitchen  I saw Mike at the fridge.

'Aw shit,' he said. He was naked save for an old white cotton tank undershirt. I had to admire his lanky, well muscled body from years of farm work and couldn't help but notice the fleshy hose and ballsack hanging low from his nest of curly brown pubes. 'I didn't figure you city boys got up this early.' He had a carton of milk in one hand and juice in the other. He was embarrassed and flustered and didn't quite know what to do. 'Um uh, lemme go put something on.'

I took the stuff from his hands and my robe opened exposing my naked body to him. 'Don't bother on my account.' I half smiled. 'I don't dress till after some coffee and a shower.'

Not surprisingly we had seen each other bare assed as kids. We swam naked together in a tank in the hot stifling summers, and showered together because it just seemed natural to do so.

Mike gave a tiny shrug, poured us coffee and some juice. I didn't bother closing my robe as we sat at the old wooden kitchen table that was scarred with years of our now dwindled family's loving use.

Sitting at a corner, we weren't really hiding our crotches from each other, and we each no doubt noticed that we both were glancing up and down at each others naked bodies. In no time my dick started plumping up and I scratched my pubes and gave my cock a little tug. Mike's dick was swelling up too and he looked down and cupped his hand over his prick. 'It's this country air.' he said quietly and smiling. 'Happens every damn morning'.' 

'And night.' I added. He chuckled and nodded. By now, we were both sporting full on boners. No sense in ignoring them we began casually fondling our balls and engorged cocks, sipping our mugs of coffee. 

'Come on.' he said standing up, his pole jutting up at an angle. He walked out to the porch adjacent to the kitchen. I followed him watching his tight square muscled ass.

It was still dark and we sat on two of the old wooden rockers facing each other. We sipped coffee from the mugs and continued stroking our rods nice and slow. 'Nice out here.' I said. 'Yeah, when Uncle Clay would leave, I'd come out and beat off every morning.' 'Ah, nice.' I concurred.

We small talked and continued working our cocks with our legs open wider for a better view like it was the most natural thing in the world, which in a way it was. I jacked off every morning or night, and so did he so why not bust a nut together?

After about fifteen minutes of stroking our hard, slick dicks it wasn't tough to figure out that Mike was getting close to ejaculating. I was too. 'Come on over here.' he said walking to the edge of the porch. I had taken off my robe in the kitchen so we stood side by side, me naked, he wearing the old tattered tank he slept in. He moved closer so our hairy thighs were touching and began speeding up our pumping. I was a little surprised but very turned when he reached over and placed his open palm on my ass and rubbed up my back and down again. It was nice, comforting. Without a word Mike grunted a little and we watched each other shoot our thick streams of white jizz onto the grass off the side of the porch. I shot much more than when I jerked off alone. It was a total rush seeing Mike's cum spew from his long rigid prick. Feeling a little dizzy we steadied ourselves on each other's shoulders and kept stroking till the last of the sperm was drained out of our cocks.

'Damn, that was good.' I said. Mike nodded. We walked back to the rockers and collapsed with our legs straight out and spread wide cupping and softly massaging our junk with sticky cum coated hands.

I sighed completely spent, 'Well that's gonna hold me at least till bedtime.' Mike just smiled and winked giving his cock and ballsack a gentle squeeze.



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