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Birthday Job

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For my best friends birthday celebration, he was going to be 17, we had his house free for the night - his family were going to sleep at his relatives for the night. We decided that we would just stay in and watch some movies while getting completely drunk. So for about 4 hours solid we watched videos can downed can after can of beer. For a laugh he then suggested we play a computer game. We started playing the game and after a while my friend said 'ok, how about this. everytime you lose a point you take off an item of clothing?' I thought about this and then agreed. Im not boasting here but I am the better game player than he is - which meant he lost a lot more clothes before I did. It wasn't long until he was down to just his underwear and I couldn't help noticing that I was getting pretty excited about seeing him naked. I won another point and it was time for him to take off his underwear. He slid his underwear down to reveal a 6inch hard cock with foreskin rolled back and a nice big ball sack - and I made no attempt to hide the fact I was staring at it. I then thought of something and said 'hey, have you jacked off since you turned 17?' he replied with 'nope'. This prompted me to say 'well why don't you whack off now?' my friend said 'mmmm ok then, no hang on.its my birthday.I want you to give me a handjob' without saying a word I moved over to where he was sitting on a chair, got on my knees infront of him and moved my hand onto his cock.it felt so warm and hard as I worked the foreskin up and down it and my friend just moaned with pleasure. Then something occurred to me.'you know what I like to do.I like to pull my foreskin back with 1 hand and wank myself using lubrication with the other hand' 'mmm that sounds good' 'ok errr where can I get something to lubricate...oh no don't worry I think I know how to lubricate it' and with that I took his cock into my mouth and sucked on it making sure I got it as slobbery as possible so I could give him a really good handjob, however, I was not going to be able to give him that handjob because I had seemingly given him such a good blowjob he chose to cum in my mouth after only about 1 minute of sucking. 'sorry man I didn't mean to cum in your mouth like that'..'that's ok I enjoyed it' after that he gave me a handjob/blowjob before we went to bed and lost our virginity to each other.well our anal virginity anyways. As I write this now hes on the floor infront of me giving me a blowjob..gotta go cos he wants to fuck



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