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Biography of Masturbaton - 25 Years

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When it started... where it's lead


When I was younger I realized I liked my penis. I had my hand in my pants whenever I could and always playing with it. I got caught several times a day and was scolded by my mother, father, sister, aunts, cousins, and neighbors. Yes.. I always had it in my pants.

When I turned 12, I was over at the neighbors when my friend Tony said he found his brothers Hustler magazines. Tony and I looked at them and talked about how they made use feel 'tingly'. About a year later I remember his brother saying 'John, I know you come over here to jack off'. I didn't respond.

When I was 13, I was home alone for most of the night. I stripped nude and was laying under the blankets. I remember the feeling of the blanket rubbing against my penis. Then, I rubbed it against my penis not knowing what would happen. Then suddenly, I felt like I couldn't breathe and all kinds of wet stuff shot out of my penis. Tons of it and very very thick. I felt like I fainted. It scared me actually. I quickly used the blanket and wiped it off.

The next day, I was curious if it would happen again. I spent an hour in my room after school and came twice. Then did it again at bedtime. Within a week, I was up to 6 times a day. I would then go out in the woods where I knew it was private and spend 2-4 hours jacking off. I would go out in corn fields, tall grass, friends bathrooms, public toilets, gas station restrooms and once in the back seat of the school bus. This was all when I was 12.

Then at 13, I was with my friend Tony and he asked me if I jacked off. He reluctantly said he did. He asked me how I did it and I just dropped my pants and did it. An hour later, I told him I had to do it again, I did it twice more. He said he would do it for me so we could compare cum. It took him a long time. He came but only a couple drops. We never did it together again. This summer my cousin Donna had me jack off for her so 'she wouldn't get pregnant'... how stupid.

By 14 I was up to 8 times a day where It stayed till I was about 17. Then 4-5 times daily for two years. When my girlfriend had her period, I would jack off. Once I did it for her otherwise it was in private. I would jack off after going to the bathroom every morning and night.

By 19, I was living alone. I did it after work at night... all night while watching porn. I would cum 5 times at night and once 11 times on a Saturday. It stayed like this for about three years where it tapered off. I then had a girlfriend.

At 25, I was single again and jacking off again. About 3 times a day. I was at a party and a Girl dared me to do it for her and her friend. I did it twice for them. Lots of cum...lots.

I got a new girlfriend then... and later married her. Then the sex stopped and I had to masturbate again. At first it was in private, then as a ritual at bedtime, then all the time. Her dad lived with us for a bit, he caught me a lot since he would barge in. He didn't care and sometimes would wait and watch me cum. He had something happen which made him impotent and never remarried.

One day he watched me 6 times. I feel weird about it now but he liked it and never told. One day he said, 'Hey, isn't it time to do it? I pulled it out and jacked off for him. He said 'your sure good at that.

By the age of 32 I did it while even walking around the house. It was constant. I had a small towel in my pocket which I would cum into and about a half hour later, start again. I shoot a lot of cum, over 4 tablespoons sometimes and often hit my chest. Later that year, I had an affair. We would masturbate for each other. Her...Cindy, said she did it twice daily as well.

At 37, now divorced but dating, I jack off three to four times daily.. I love it. Absolutely love it and my girlfriend loves to watch, loves to hear how often I have done it and we added it up a couple times. If we average 4 times daily for 25 years, it is over 1,460 times a year or 36,500 times. I honestly think its quite accurate.

It does not interrupt my day, I cum in about 2 minutes now and it no longer consumes me. I just like the feeling. I encourage it and like the fact my girlfriend masturbates almost daily. She ejaculates as well. Kinda cool



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