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Bikini Shopping

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Shopping for bikinis can be so much fun, especially when there's someone to watch you.


I decided yesterday to go bikini shopping. Nothing fancy, I just headed to the local mall and went to one of the bigger department stores. Of course, it being a Sunday, the place was fairly busy. But I didn't mind.

I walked over to the women's swimwear department and started browsing. Now, as some of you are aware from my previous stories here, I'm a nudist. I spend most of my summer weekends at a nearby nudist resort, and am usually naked when I'm at home. Bikini shopping might seem a bit pointless. Not to the deranged mind of an orgasm addict such as myself, though. You see, I devised a little scheme, something that would be fun and exhibitionist and was guaranteed to make me cum harder than I have in a while.

I started picking off a few items from the racks. At first a couple of modest swimsuits. Then a couple of thongs. Then I found a few micros, and headed into the changing room. I quickly got undressed and sat for a moment enjoying my nakedness. For those of you just joining, I'll give a quick description- I'm 5'5". slim with C cup breasts, a round butt, and I completely shave my pussy. I looked at the more modest swimsuits for a moment, then put them aside. No reason to try those on. I did try on one of the thongs, and liked how it looked. Maybe I'd buy it. But that's not what I was here for. The micro bikini is not for the easily embarrassed. If you're going to a public beach and you wear one of those, you may as well be going naked. It covers so little to many it would seem almost pointless. For someone like me, it means going to a regular beach on occasion and still feeling like I'm going nude. The great thing about a micro is it actually accentuates how nude you feel. For me, it adds an erotic charge to being at the beach. And I knew that feeling would be multiplied with what I was about to do.

I opened up the door to my changing room and walked back out into the main store. At first, no one noticed. But soon people started to look, and eventually I could feel all eyes on me. I was as exposed as I legally could be in this place. I felt naked in front of everyone. I looked over the swimsuits, picked out a couple more, then went back to my dressing room. And WOW was I horny as hell. I shut the door, ripped off the micro, sat on the bench and looked at myself in the mirror as I spread my legs. My pussy was gushing!

With one hand I massaged my tits, the other started playing with my lips. My other hand soon joined, both now working on my hot, wanting pussy. Two fingers going in and out, the other hand finding and playing with my clit. It didn't take long, and I covered my mouth as I was overcome by an intense orgasm.

I sat for a bit, enjoying the moment. I then got dressed, grabbed the swimsuits I wanted to buy and headed to the counter. The girl at the checkout kept giving me a dirty look as she run me up, but I didn't care. I got home as fast as I could, ripped off my clothes, and came again and again. It was the best shopping trip I've ever had.



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