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Big Patty

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My name is Thomas and this happened to me last year in May when I was a senior in high school. The prom was just three weeks away and I had no girlfriend at the time so I had no plans to go. I figured it wasn't the end of the world for me. My mom is real good friends with Mrs. K who lives on the same street as us. Mrs. K has a daughter Patty who was also a senior. I had absolutely zero interest in Patty since she was quite heavy and definitely not my type whatever that was. She really wasn't fat, she was just big and lots of kids called her Big Patty.

One night after dinner mom said she wanted to talk to me about something and we went into the family room. Mom said she had a big favor to ask of me and she warned me that she didn't want an immediate answer, she wanted me to seriously think about what she was going to ask me. This did not sound good to me and I immediately began to develop an "attitude" before she even asked me her question. Mom then said that I had attended plenty of dances in four years and Patty K had not. She said this was Patty's last year at school and that it would be really nice if she had the opportunity to attend her prom. Mom then said that since I was not planning to go would I please consider taking Patty. Mom said she would ask again after I had thought about it for an hour.

There was no way that I wanted to even think about taking Patty and I was waiting for the hour to be up so I could tell mom no. Then, mom must have told my younger sister Penny about what she asked me because Penny came into my room with tears in her eyes and nearly begged me to take Patty to the Prom. She reminded me that I went to lots of dances and that if I wouldn't even consider taking Big Patty then I was a real shit. I just couldn't say no to my sister so I told her I would take Patty. I then told mom who was thrilled. Shortly afterwards I called Patty and asked her to the prom. Mom gave me a huge hug and so did little sis. I thought to myself, "what have I done?"

Now, let's move forward by three weeks to prom night. My dad makes a few bucks and has a mighty fine black Jaguar that rocks. He let me take it to the prom and off I went down our street to pick up big Patty. Lots and lots of pictures were taken by Patty's parents and I could clearly see that Big Patty was really happy. The prom was held at a nice restaurant with a big dance floor. I'm a pretty big guy so when my friends saw me pull up with Big Patty no one said anything offensive.

Guess what?? I really enjoyed talking with Patty and she could clearly dance better than me. We were having a mighty fine time and I was starting to feel good about my date. Now, are you ready for this??? Big Patty and I were crowned King and Queen of the prom. UMBELIEVABLE!! We danced and talked and ate till about one o'clock in the morning and then it was over. I was ready to take big Patty home and we got into the Jag.

About two minutes into the ride she told me to pull in to a local motel. I pulled in and she went into the lobby still in her prom dress. Big Patty got us a room and in we went. Once inside she said, "we are not going to fuck on our first date because that would be sluttish but I am going to show you a real good time Mr. Thomas. What an experience! I had only had sex two times before and it was all about me. Big Patty showed me things I never heard of. She showed me how to please a woman and what a clit, excuse me, a clitoris is. She brought me to the edge of climax and then stopped over and over. She showed me how to use my mouth and what it feels like to have a finger inserted up your asshole. I thought I had died and gone to sex heaven.

Big Patty and I made love in that room for nearly two hours. Finally she said to me, OK Mr. Thomas, are you ready to cum? Are you kidding me, I was ready to explode. She now started to stroke my penis without stopping. In a matter of seconds I came and ejaculated all over her hand and my stomach. She went into the bathroom and cleaned me up with a wash cloth. Big Patty then told me to suck her clit which I eagerly did. After a short while she told me to rub her clit. I did that until she also came. We got a shower together and I drove Big Patty home. It was now after three A.M. Her parents invited me in and made coffee for us. Mrs. K called my parents and said we were home and having coffee.

That night I learned so many things. Don't judge people by external appearances for one. Big Patty taught me how to make love to a woman and that it can't be just about me. I learned what a clit is and how to stimulate it. I learned to move slowly and show affection and not act like some animal. I learned to kiss tenderly and not to shove my tongue into someone's mouth while grabbing their tits. I learned that Big Patty was a lover and I was just out for me.

This had to be one of the finest moments of my life and it turned around my thinking about girls/women. I continue to see Big Patty whom I no longer call Big Patty because she said she would kick my ass if I continued to call her that. Isn't life grand!!

My mom asked me if I had a nice time and I told her it was fine. If she only knew. Little sis asked me if I kissed her and I told her that kissers don't tell. Big Patty, you're the best!!



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