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Big Ben

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When this story happened I was 16 and my friend was 14 (I am part Jamaican and Brazilian while my friend is part Italian and French) 

So I started at school and was really curious and I noticed that I was checking guys out a lot. That was when I realized that I was gay.

When I was going to class one day I got stopped by this really cute guy Ben, who asked if I went to..... primary school because he remembered me from there. I said yeah and was taking my time talking to him to admire his perfect face. We departed and I forgot about him, but then I started to see him around school a lot and I became obsessed with him and I would always go the long way to my locker to see him at his and his cute butt. 

Well fast forward a few months and my mum said that her friend was coming over for dinner with her son and I thought great another awkward night of playing wii, but I couldn't believe my eyes when Ben walked in. 

We immediately clicked as we started to talk more and it seemed that he really wanted to be my friend and impress me, probably because I was friends with the popular girls.

I checked him out, he was slender but was slightly muscular as he must have been in puberty for a few years. He had a bit of stubble over his lips that made me want to blow him even more. 

Because my mum and her friend hadn't caught up in a while they were downstairs chatting away and I knew that we could do whatever we wanted without getting caught.

I asked Ben straight up how big his dick was he said me show yours first so I did. I took off my shirt and I pulled down my jeans and my boxers and revealed my package-a four inch flaccid pretty thick cock nestled in a bed of black trimmed pubes with a medium foreskin with my cock head poking through. His jaw dropped and he bent down and started inspecting it. I didn't mind as I wanted to do the same to him later. He said it was the biggest he'd seen before as he pulled the foreskin back and revealed my pink head. As he did this my dick grew to it's full size of 7.5 inches. I pulled my pants back up and asked to see his now. He was a really nice guy and was so cute that I bet all the girls would do anything to be with him and wasn't shy about his body so he just pulled his pants down. 

What I saw made my mouth water and confirmed my sexuality. A hard 5.5 inch dick also quite thick with a sexy foreskin covering the head and hanging down slightly, it was in a bed of dark brown pubes and looked amazing. He took his shirt off and I saw a hot body that looked like it belonged to a swimmer. He had small patches of brown hair under his arms. 

He told me that he was gay and asked if I cared. I told about my gay cousin and said I didn't care, as long as he didn't care that I was too. When I said this his eyes lit up and he hugged me. I held him and felt his warm skin touching mine and I tingled all over. I knew something was going to happen between us so I locked my bedroom door just in case and threw him onto the bed. 

He looked eager to get touched by me as he was-and so was I a virgin, even to kissing! I rubbed up and down his smooth stomach with a hint of hair around the belly button and then further down into his pubes. When I got to his dick I pulled his foreskin back and pushed it over his sensitive cock head. He was already leaking pre cum I kept doing this and he was writhing around in pleasure as I spread the pre cum around with light brushes of my thumb. When I did that I got glimpses of the hair under his arms and that turned me on even more. I kept going using slow but hard strokes as he moaned and groaned and was begging me for more.  

I pulled his skin back and forth. When I did this it looked like he was having mini orgasms. I asked if he was doing okay and his shaky voice said 'yeah' and assured me that these years of watching gay porn were paying off. I kept going for about 5 mins longer and was enjoying the feel of his sweet cock when he said he was going to cum. He was thrusting his hips up and down and started to scream with pleasure. His arms were flailing around and I could tell this was the best he had ever felt. I kept going, moving my fingers up and down his dick and he started making the faces that we are all familiar with and I felt his cock harden and his cream shoot out. I kept jacking to get more of his cum out of him and in all he squirted about six ropes of pure white cum. When he was finished cumming and let his now semi hard cock hang and let the pleasure subside while rubbing the last few drips out of his dick. 

He looked so hot when I saw his astonished face and messy hair. He thanked me for the best orgasm of his life. When I helped him get clothed again I took a whiff of his pits and savored his boyish scent-it was the best thing ever. Just as he got dressed my mum called upstairs and said he has to go now. I gave him a good bye kiss and our tongues said good bye to each other. He whispered that he couldn't wait to see me again so he could do me.

There are plenty of stories after this one as we were over at each others house every other weekend because our mums were best friends. 

Please leave comments if you want more 



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