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Beyond Edging

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I have developed a male masturbation technique that allows me to experience multiple orgasms, or rather multiple 'DRY' orgasms. Exploring the ways to use this technique to its maximum advantage has become a kind of obsession with me. Last night, I had a great masturbation session, and I'd like to share it here.

First, however, let me describe the 'Beyond Edging' technique. The key to this technique is to 'learn' your perineum, that area just below your balls. Some people call this the 'taint.'

For those who want to try this now, get yourself hard, and then feel that area. If it is soft, try to make it hard by pushing on your PC muscles. I like to say it's the same feeling you're trying to achieve when your cock is in a pussy; try to 'think of cumming.' Use porn ; I like to use solo jill porn because it arouses me to watch a female masturbate herself just as I'm masturbating myself. Also, jill porn progresses slowly to climaxxx, and it lends itself well to this technique, which is a practically 'motionless' technique.

This is a two-hand technique, so use your non-dominant hand to put pressure on your perineum. Try to avoid stroking your cock too much with your dominant hand; the 'less is more' principle is in effect here. You are essentially jacking yourself off with your PC muscles, and your stroking hand is just there to maintain a comfortable grip and a little tug from time to time.

It takes a while to 'hit' the right 'spot' on your perineum, but when you do, you will feel a wonderful 'almost orgasm' feeling. You will feel your perineum bulge out and get hard. This is important: KEEP it hard throughout the masturbation session as much as you can stand it. You are essentially 'monitoring' the arousal level of your masturbation session. You can't have a soft cock with a hard perineum; they 'work together,' so to speak.

Another important thing to do is to use your thumb to put some pressure on the very base of your cock while your finger(s) is putting pressure on your perineum; it's sort of a 'pinching' type of motion, but not too much. What you're doing is restricting the flow of blood to the cock, both out and in. It takes a while to learn when and how much pinching to do to achieve maxxximum effect.

Once that blood engorges the cock to the maxxx, you want to keep it there, so this 'pinching' has to be 'learned' as to how much or how little to use to maxxximum effect. You'll know it when you feel it. It's sort of like having a cockring on, but more sophisticated, in that your hand is the cockring, and you use it to make subtle adjustments as the masturbation session progresses.

I like to see if I can make pre-cum drool out of my cumslit; this is a 'signal' that I am achieving maximum arousal. If you do this technique properly, you will be able to have a VERY hard cock throughout your masturbation sessions. I call this technique 'Beyond Edging' because it achieves 'orgasm-like' feelings without ejaculation of semen. You'll probably experience a lot of emissions of pre-cum, especially at those moments of 'peak arousal' triggered by the visuals you're watching (the moans and whimpers of the jiller trigger me, too.....mmmmfkkkyaaa !!).

My emissions of pre-cum can now be achieved almost at will, but I have developed my PC muscles over a period of about two years; results may vary.

So, now you know how I achieve a heightened state of masturbatory pleasure, and I would love to share with everyone how my masturbation session went last night, but I am running short on time here, so I will post in the 'stories' section later, for whomever is interested. I have had correspondence from other men on this technique, and they report great satisfaction , once they 'learn' the subtle manipulations needed to get the best from their cocks using this 'Beyond Edging' technique.

Thanks to 'Solo Touch' for this forum to share masturbation stories, techniques and fantasies.




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