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Beth's Table

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I have only recently discovered this site and have been cruising thru it from time to time. Now I feel I should contribute and stop being a free loader.
Near the beginning of last year I went to have a massage with a woman recommended by a woman friend. It was ages, read years, since I had been for a massage. The masseuse, we will call her Beth, is known to be very good and sort of specialises in sports massage. I really didn't know what to expect, but was feeling a bit 'naughty' when I arrived. I guess it was the fact I could soon be nude for a hour on Beth's massage table.
After getting to her massage room, Beth told me I could remove my boxers or leave them on if it would help me to stay comfortable. Often I don't wear any and since this is the way I arrived at Beth's place, I really had no choice!
I was asked to lie on the table face down. As I got onto the table I carefully, hopefully so Beth wouldn't see, eased my hand under me to move my dangly bits between my legs. While I cannot compete with John Holmes, I didn't want to end up lying on them for too long and squashing them. Not the most comfortable thing to do - squash them that is.
Beth covered me with a warm fluffy towel and it felt great on my back. She soon had some soft relaxing music playing on a tape deck and coupled with her friendly being and easy chatting I was feeling pretty comfortable right away. Turns out Beth only massages your back as most of the 'blockages' are in the spine and surrounding muscles. I sure had a stack that needed help in my back and shoulders and Beth found them all.
As I was being massaged I could feel my body gently being rolled and moved on the table with the strength of her arms and fingers. After a while I noticed that this movement was starting to give me nice feelings as my body moved and my danglies were cradled between my legs and the table top. This produced the inevitable - a lengthening of my pecker. I was still covered from the base of my spine down, so I was sure Beth had not seen this.
Once my back was done Beth started in on my legs. She moved the towel to recover my back and sort of pushed the lower part of it between my legs, which still keep my pecker covered. I felt 'safe' knowing that I was covered. As this was my first visit and I did not want to create a situation that would upset Beth.
Massaging my left foot was wonderful and it sure felt great as she moved up the leg. As Beth moved up the leg those nice feelings became more pronounced. At no time did she go near my bits still covered, it was now just the movement of the leg against my danglies and them sort of trapped still and resting on the table. Soon the leg was done and then came the buttocks, this felt good and the nice feeling quietly increased.
The towel got moved to cover my left leg, and the other bits, and the process moved to my right leg. I was feeling great and heaps of tension was just slipping away. By now I was really relaxed and Beth had moved to the top of my right leg at the base of my buttock. Bamm! Right out of control and the pecker emptied the white stuff onto the table. Talk about mixed emotions. First was, wow that felt great! Then immediately, embarrassment quickly followed by the thought of - I am now in big trouble and I have to get out of here. All this was happening too fast for me.
Beth was cool, calm and collected. She said that while it was not common or intended, it does occasionally happened and that I should just relax and go with the flow. Too late, I had already done that. When I had arrived I had felt a little naughty, but this was me out of control and I was not sure what to feel now. Beth spent a bit more time getting me relaxed and we talked as she worked. She told me I was not to get embarrassed by this and I would be welcome for another massage if I wanted to return. I have to admit I was not sure, yeah I wanted to feel good, but I also wanted to retain some sort control over my body.
At the end of the following month I decided that I would like to return and booked a time. More on that later.



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