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Best of Both Worlds

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Happy to be bi-sexual.


Hi. My name is Tom. I am a 21 year old bi-dude who lives with my girlfriend in an apartment close to where we both work. She thinks I am totally straight but I once had had a circle jerk off session with a couple of friends of mine when I was 16 years old. We compared cocks and it felt so great to feel how hard each others cocks were, but it also felt a little weird. That was years ago and I have not been with any dudes since then, though I have had fantasies about what it would feel like to jack a dude all the way off.

I love and enjoy being with my girlfriend because she is so cute and energetic in our sex life together. She loves giving me hand jobs in the car, in the shower and almost every night in bed. She tells me I have the most handsome penis she has ever seen. It is only about 6.5' long but she says it is such a nice hard and handsome handful when erect. Her favorite part is the tip. She says she likes the aerodynamic mushroom cap and the smooth warm feel of my stiff shaft. She gives great hand jobs and loves to kiss the tip passionately. She treats my dick like it is her puppy and pets it while cupping my balls. She gets so excited when she feels my cum rise up and squirt like a fountain on my chest or on her breast. She cleans me up and then and then kisses me while petting me so that I get hard again. I love her and know that I will marry her someday.

I look at bi-sexual porn sometimes on the internet when she is at work and still fantasize about jacking off another dude. The pictures make it look so hot that I recently have decided to go to one of the gay bath houses in our area to check out the place. It only cost $10. to get in and another $20.00 to rent a room.

I hung out in the hot tub for awhile and some dude named Rex asked if he could join me.

He looked about my age and had shaggy blond hair and a nice swimmers body. He sat next to me and we talked about how nice it is to have a place like this where guys can hang out and hook-up for some safe action. I told him I had a girlfriend and he told me he was married. We both talked about bi-sexuality and wondered how many other guys are secretly hooking up like us. I told Rex I was hard and asked if he wanted to go to my room to jack off each other. He stood up and his erection answered my question. I stood up and asked if I could touch it. We both grasped each others dicks and explored each other in the hot tub for a minute before we got our towels and went to my room.

Once inside, I turned down the light and closed the door. We stood face to face and again began to explore each other's package. I told Rex that my girlfriend would love his tool because it was a lot like mine. It was about the same size and shape. I asked Rex if he wanted to lay down and he took my offer and layed down while I kneeled on one knee next to him so that he could reach my cock while I focused on his boner with both hands.

That dude gave me such a nice hand job. I was trying to give him a nice one also, but I could not believe how fast and strong of an orgasm he gave me. It lasted so long that I had to stop and rest my head on his tummy while he finished me off. I thanked him again and again and kissed the tip of his dick in thanks as I slowly began to return the favor. It took awhile, but I enjoyed every moment with him. It gave me the opportunity to get real close and study every inch of his package while I stroked him lovingly and tried to do it the way my girlfriend does it to me. I kissed his dick so many times and enjoyed the sweet smell and taste of him. Rex announced that he was cumming and I could feel his cum moving up his shaft as I cupped his balls and stroked more aggressively. He squirted like a champ again and again as I moved in close to take in this moment. I could feel his shaft pumping it out and it was so awesome to see that look of satisfaction in his eyes as I squeezed out the last drop of jizz on to his belly. Rex exhaled, smiled and then laughed. He said 'Dude, I think I love you.' We both laughed and I asked him if he would marry me. What a nice experience it was. What a cool dude, Rex was.I wish everyone was bi-sexual.

It really is the best of both worlds.Rex thanked me for a great time and asked me jokingly if I cum here often.I told him this was my first time but I would love to cum here more often. I don't want to tell my girlfriend because she will worry about S.T.D.'s and stuff. Rex said as long as we essentially just give each other a glorified hand job then we should be safe.We talked a bit more about chicks and dudes and how it would be a better world if people gave hand jobs more often.Rex kidded about how it could replace the hand shake someday.

Rex and I went our separate ways and I have thought about him often. Me and my sweet girlfriend still have sex like bunnies and she still gives me some of the best hand jobs any dude could ask for. So here I live in my bi-sexual world. It really is the best of both worlds.



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