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Best of Both Worlds

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My first and only bisexual experience when I was 22-years-old back in the 1980's.

Man I wish everyone was bisexual!


Hi, Tom here with a true story about the beauty of being bisexual.

Sandy was my girlfriend back then and I loved her cause she was so sweet and affectionate. Eric was her shaggy haired boyfriend before me that played guitar in a band I use to be in. I always kind of had a secret crush on him. Sandy was an easy going chick that loved musicians and I guess we all kind of thought of ourselves as artists.

Sandy and I went to see an Aerosmith concert and camped out in my large tent near the concert grounds. We bumped into Eric and watched the concert together. Afterwards we went back to our tent and took turns playing the guitar and singing songs around the campfire.

Eric was tired out after awhile and asked if he could sleep in our tent. We had plenty of room and so we told him to make himself comfortable. Sandy and I stayed up for awhile and then she said she was horny & wanted to go into the tent. Once inside, Sandy covered Eric up and laid down next to him. I laid down next to her and we talked & snuggled for awhile. Sandy and I got more horny and we started to kiss and grope each other. She unzipped my pants and I helped her get my rising boner out for her to play with. Sandy has such nice hands and she stroked me like a pro & complimented my smooth & handsome dick.

She asked me if I had ever seen a natural uncut boner before and I said 'only in pictures'.

She said Eric has a nice natural uncut dick with a handsome hood on it.

Maybe Eric wants to join us for some fun.

Suddenly we heard Eric's voice ask if we want to see it. We both laughed and said sure. I have never seen a natural one up close. We all pulled our pants off and got our flashlights out so we could inspect Eric's dick. Sandy took her top off also and it looked like we were going to have a threesome. Sandy asked me if I was ok with this and I told her that I am if she is. She kissed me and assured me that this will be fun. Sandy and I admired Eric's fine and natural woody and Sandy demonstrated how the hood pulls up and then back. Then she told me to try it. I reached over and grasped Eric's erection and slowly stroked him while Sandy stroked mine. Eric moaned & asked if he could help himself to some loving. Sandy and I told him to help himself. So there I was, stroking Eric's rod while Eric reached for Sandy's beaver and Sandy jacked me lovingly with both hands.

We were in heaven. We took turns and swapped places and in the end Sandy and I teamed up on Eric because Sandy reminded him that his birthday was coming soon and so he should also.

So we told Eric to lay there between Sandy and I as we cupped his balls and jacked him all the way off. Sandy told me to stroke the last drop out of him and I did it with great pleasure. I will never forget that feeling of bonding as the three of us took turns bringing each other to complete ecstasy. We fell asleep with me in the middle and I woke up first in the morning. I kissed Sandy on her breast and then reached over and held Eric's dick one more time before I got up and started to make breakfast for us. After Breakfast Eric thanked us for everything and walked off back to his car.

I never saw Eric again. I heard he moved to Toronto. I hope he is happy and healthy out there where ever he is. Sandy and I went our separate ways also. She finished college and moved to Colorado.

I will never forget how great it was to have such and affectionate girlfriend that made that night possible for me and Eric to share.

It was the best of both worlds.



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