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Best Friend Sleepover

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This is a story of me and my friend Ryan. It happened when we were both 15. Ryan and I had been good friends since primary school. We played soccer together, went camping, surfed (attempted to anyway) adn stayed at each others houses all the time. That was until he moved further away. We still managed to catch up regularly and still attempt to surf every now and then.

One night I was staying at Ryan's house and we went for a swim in his pool. After some swimming we went up to his room, dryed off and started to play truth or dare. Being 15 the topic soon shifted to sex, girls and masturbation. The first few truths were pretty boring but then I got a question that I wasn't expecting. He asked me 'have you ever liked a boy?'. I sorta stumbled my way around the question without actually answering. He was too clever for this and picked me up on this and so I told him 'yes'. The next question he asked was naturally 'who was it?' and which point I turned bright red and told him the truth that it was him. He smiled at me and then asked me if I'd like to see him naked. I said yes and he proceeded to strip. First his shirt, revealing his amazing abs and chest then his shorts. Then it was my turn. I did the same and we both sat there in just our boxers. We agreed we would do it at the same time. And so we did.

He was hard as a rock and so ws I. We both just stared and looked at each other's penises. He reached over and started to stroke mine and so I returned the favour to him. Within minutes we were going at each other like madmen. He then told me 'he was close' and I was too. We timed it so that we both came at the same time. It was the most amazing feeling I had experienced. We cleaned up and started to play X-Box.

Later that night he asked me if I liked it to which I replied yes. He then asked if I wanted to 'go again' before we slept and I again said yes. We climbed into his queen siz bed later that night and almost immediately began to feel each other all over. I ran my hand from his chest across his abs and down to his penis, all the while him doing the same to me. We played around for a bit until we started a steady stroking rhythym. After a while we again timed our climax to perfection. We wiped off with a towel and turned the light off ready to sleep. In the darkness he whispered to me 'that was nice' and before I could respond leaned over and kissed me. Then we went to sleep.

Even after two years and many more sexual experiences I still look back at that night fondly as one of my favourites.

Hope you enjoyed. Happy jackings.



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