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Best Friend, First Time

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I never expected this


I have always been really good friends with this girl I met the first day of grade 9. We weren't that close at first but as time went by we started texting each other and msning each other more and more until we knew almost everything about each other.

We talked about everything, we often talked about dating and what we did with other people but our relationship stayed completely plautonic for almost all of highschool.

I eventually got a girlfriend that I was with for awhile but I still talked to Tamara more often and felt a closer bond to her. My girlfriend and I eventually broke up and i didn't waste any time making my move. I saw her in the halls at school, pulled her into a corner and kissed her. I don't know why I didn't just do this earlier, but it doesnt matter now.

A few weeks later, Tamara was helping me buy a present for my sister's birthday. On the drive home I gave her a look and asked her if she wanted to park somewhere. She said no but I didn't listen. I found a nearby school and parked on the side, out of sight from the main road and from the field where there was a soccer team practicing.

We started kissing and I started nibbling on her neck and feeling her breasts. I took off her shirt and started to kiss down her chest. She had the hottest body I've ever seen. She had perfectly smooth, tanned olive skin, a petite frame and an ass that belonged on a girl twice her size.

I took off her bra and sucked on her perky little nipples as I pulled her pants off of her. I kissed her inner thigh as I slid her panties off seeing her beautiful pussy for the first time. Her hair looked as if she had shaven about a week before and her box itself was throbbing as her heart beat faster and the juices started to leak.

I took one finger and stuck it into her little pussy, there no way I could fit 2. The warmth and wetness felt so good on my finger. If I was hard before, I was petrified now. I began to slide my finger in and out occasionally curling on the inside to get a shot at her g-spot. I could hear her moaning heavier and heavier as I thrust my finger deeper and harder. Panting she told me, 'It's your turn'

I sat up and she sat on the edge of my lap between me and the driver's seat in front of me. She had a look in her eye I've never seen before like a tiger about to pounce on it's prey. My heart started beating heavily. Here was someone I saw as a friend and nothing more for so long yet she was undoing my belt and unzipping my pants with her eyes fixed on the throbbing lump under my boxers.

'Oh my god she's going to see my dick for the first time', I though as she reached in and plucked it from under my boxers. I'm about 6' hard but on this paticular day I was probably 6.5 and hard as a rock. She started to stroke her soft little hand up and down on my cock with a rhythm it's never felt before.

It felt so good, she had a natural gift. She would stroke slowly then fast then slowly occasionally squeezing it and rubbing her thumb across my head. It took about 20 seconds for me to cum a huge load all around her mouth. She laughed and said, 'I bet you used to jerk off all the time wishing I were doing it for you.' She smiled and scooped the cum into her mouth with her finger. She stuck her tongue out with cum all over it and let out a cute little giggle before swallowing the massive load.

We got dressed and I wiped the fog off of the inside of the windows only to discover a girl in her soccer uniform outside the car who had been watching the whole time. I jumped into the driver's seat and drove off.



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