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Best Friend - College Experience

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A totally True Story


I was in an Ivy League grad school. I had had sex lots of times, but always with women. My best friend had been an undergraduate at the college.

We both had girl friends. Used to run or cross-country ski together every day. Both 5'10', both thin, both blue eyes, both light hair.

One day, we had gone fly fishing (I was teaching him). It was a warm spring day and he suggested we go skinny-dipping. Maybe he wanted to see me naked, I may never know. We got back too late for the dining hall, went out to dinner at a tavern in town. Ended up back in his dorm room talking (I lived two doors down). OH I should say that the only prior lead-up was that we would sometimes read Penthouse letters to each other and laugh at all the weird people in the world.

All our friends thought we looked like brothers (he was a bit more blond than me). Friends used to refer to us as the 'inseparable duo' because we went on road trips together, ran or skied together every day, ate together, and sometimes drank too much together. We had discussed just about everything you could in life, including sex and dick size. I had even measured mine with a piece of paper (marked for length and circumference) and given the piece of paper to him. He later told me we were twins (meaning he had measured his too).

I realize that sounds a bit strange for two straight guys, but..... true. We were just incredibly close. There were no secrets. Oh I should add that he had been on the swim team and had been the 'social chairman' for one of the fraternities.

Anyway..... to the details. That day we had gone fly fishing and then skinny dipping. We ended up in his dorm room after a relaxing dinner. He was in his boxers, I was fully dressed. He was complaining about his back being sore and asked for a massage. Still seemed normal to me. We WERE best friends, and I have a bad back and he had massaged me before.

Anyway, I got on top straddling his legs, he was face down I rubbed as far down as the elastic and to the sides of his hips (well okay, so my hands got under the edge of his elastic). Suddenly he rolls over with a huge boner and moans for me not to stop. He rolled so that his erection was actually in my hand. His cock was soaked in that real slippery pre-cum. I guess my massage had gotten him pretty aroused! I had never touched another cock before, but somehow it was there and I had his hard cock right in my hand so I started to stroke it. He had so much pre-cum I could use it as the wonderful lubricant it is.

Just slowly feeling it and jacking it just as if it were mine. It was so HARD, and just kept pulsing as all ours do when we are really aroused.

I particularly loved touching the flared head and rolling his balls in their sack. Running short of pre cum I started using my own saliva as a lubricant, like I do for myself. He was hard as hell, and kept moaning about how great it was feeling, sliding my hand all the way down, then all the way up with an extra squeeze on the head, with him slowly and erotically humping to my pace.

Both of our cocks stick STRAIGHT up and are tight to our stomachs when fully hard. I started to rub his chest (he had a small patch of hair, I have none), and touch his face feel the rough stubble. I basically started to touch ALL the things I had never touched on any guy.

All the time I was jerking him off, stroking his shaft, rolling his cock head, and rubbing his balls (which were already up high and tight against his hard shaft). That went on for quite a while, he is super erect and slowly pumping his hips in time with my strokes and moaning about how great it feels and for me not to stop. Oh he had a suitemate who he shared a bathroom with, so we had to be real quiet. By this time I was hard enough to rip my own pants! It was quite an erotic turn-on for me to be doing this to my best friend.

He starts with those involuntary thrusts where your body takes over. I was feeling more fascination than guilt. Here I was straddling my best friend and jerking him off! And he is bucking and fucking my hand. Anyway..... he is moaning about this being the best handjob he had ever had. Saying things like 'Oh yeah, jerk it! Make it cum! That feels SOOOooo good'.

Next thing I know he says he is cumming. I don't shoot when I cum and had never seen another guy cum before, so I am shocked when his cum flies up three feet and lands on his chest! He just blasted it! And then shoots a couple more all over himself. What an amazing mess!

It would be over then except I start thinking about what I just did and freaked out. I just jerked off another guy and it was my best friend!

He is blubbering thanks and telling me it was THE best hand job he had EVER had. I was so freaked out about it, that we went out on the lawn to discuss it (couldn't talk in the dorm room). He was telling me to calm down; it was just 'getting off'. 'No different than jacking yourself', or fucking a girl. He argued that your cock does not know the gender of the hand jacking it off. He says 'we are not gay or anything, just horny' and natural for close friends and that no one will ever know or would ever guess. He tried his best to calm me down.

Eventually we went back to his room, where I finally had the courage to say that the only unfair part was that I hadn't gotten off. He just calmly tells me to unzip and take out my cock. I take out my cock (which is stll partly hard and soaking my boxers with lots of its own pre-cum) and he gets on his knees, and next thing I know he is stroking my cock and rolling my nuts till my cock is hard as a rock! Here I am I am sitting on my friends bed watching him jerk me off! Weird! He was right, it was the best handjob I had ever had. He pulled down my pants, was rubbing my butt cheeks, massaging my balls and running his hands all over my body. Think guys know what feels good even more than girls do.

Like him, I start to slowly hump his hand. Getting harder and harder until my nuts pull up high and I realize he is about to make me cum. I don't shoot more than 3-4 inches but having been hard for most of an hour I manage to cum all over his hands and his lap. Talk about surreal! Looking at my pulsing cock spewing all over my best friend. I think he was into it because he didn't stop until I pleaded with him to let go (I get tender when I cum).

He was right. Our cocks were identical! We had a few other experiences, but those are for later stories (if people want). Now we are both married with kids and I still think about it and really want to do it again with Tom. Who knows, maybe it will happen again.



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