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Behind The Scenes

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I had SUCH a crush on a particular teacher in school. I would masturbate furiously thinking about him - and this started when I was 15. The accompanying fantasies were wide-ranging from him gently seducing me, persuading me to let him "do it to me" (My words), to me coming round to his house and seducing him - even sometimes, when I was particularly frustrated, I would imagine him forcing me over his desk while the rest of the class watched - those ALWAYS resulted in really huge cums!


But in real life - he knew none of this. I would stare at him in class, my mind not on the lesson at all, but focused firmly between my legs. I would think about him and get horny. My pussy would tingle, and my clit started to throb. Over time I would also get increasingly wet.

For month after month, all my lessons were 50% study, 50% sexual. I would masturbate, of course, but then I wanted to do something more.

I realised just how wet I was getting. My knickers were always creamy - sometimes VERY creamy. I've always liked my scent (and taste) and out of the blue, I wondered what would happen if I put my knickers somewhere he would find them.

One afternoon, I had gone to the toilets and rubbed one out into my knickers and they were such a mess I had taken them off.

Back in class, I had that lovely post-cum glow and was totally unprepared for when, right at the end of the lesson, on the way out, a classmate fainted! The teacher sent us on our way and took Clara to the medical room leaving me the last one out. And there, by the desk, was his schoolbag. I didn't even think twice, I just stuffed my knickers in there and left.

The next lesson I waited for the shitstorm I thought might come - but it didn't.

A week later, I did it again. I found my moment, and tucked a pair of pale green, and creamed up knickers in his bag.

I guess it didn't take long for him to work out at least which class was doing this, but he didn't say a word to us.

From time to time, I placed my knickers his way. They never reappeared, but holy CRAP I had some fun imagining what he was doing with them. I SO hoped he was masturbating into them, or smelling them, or licking me off them. Then, as I got into the sixth form, I would imagine him using them with his girlfriend. Maybe SHE wore them for him - maybe she licked them?

All I know is that if I thought my cums were strong before, they were nothing to the ones I fantasized about during this time.

All good things come to an end, and the day came when I left the college. On my very last day, he found me, and wished me luck at Uni and then said, "Oh, and Louise - do you want them back?" He smiled and walked off.

Looking back, the best fantasy I had of him using my knickers was when I imagined him telling his girlfriend that a student was leaving creamy knickers in his bag. She asked him to bring them home, and then she took them off him, looked at them, smelled them and put them on. They then fucked with him calling her my name.

Even remembering this now has made me wetter than I can say, so if you will excuse me, I am going to imagine my teacher again, his girlfriend with my pussy juices mixing with hers, and his sperm.




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