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The first time I ever saw a man masturbate and ejaculate was when I was 16 and working as a volunteer nurse's helper at a hospital.

At the time I thought I wanted to be a nurse and as soon as I turned 16. I signed up, took the training and started working on the weekends. I had to wear a white dress uniform with a cap and I thought I it was the best thing ever.

As I was the new kid, I got the worst jobs and the worst schedules. I arrived at 6:00AM and had to go around to the rooms and collect the bedpans before breakfast.

On what was one of my very first shifts working alone I went into a private room where to collect the bedpan from a young man in his 30's who was very obese. As I entered the room I saw he was naked, sitting up in the bed, doing something with his penis. He looked at me and seemed startled.

I assumed he was using the bedpan and did what I had been told to do on my training. As some people have problems getting a urine stream going if the nurse is watching, we were told to go to the sink, turn on the water and pretend to wash our hands with our backs to the patient as the sound of the water often will trigger them to pee.

After a moment, I did not hear any pee hitting the bedpan and thinking I was being so mature and professional I turned to him and said ' Don't worry about me, keep going, I've seen it before' or something like that. At that point I realized that his bedpan was still on the holding rack by the bed and he was in fact masturbating.

He was so overweight that he had to hold his belly back with one hand to get access to his penis which he was stroking with the other. I could clearly see about two inches of a tiny, bright red, penis sticking out from under the rolls of fat.

He looked at me and said; 'good, that is very understanding of you, I'm almost finished' and with that he continued to furiously stroke the end of his penis until he came in big globs of semen all over his sheets. The entire time he stared at me while I was staring at his penis.

Once he had come, he asked me to help him clean up but I said I did not want to touch his semen and then I quickly left the room.

The next day the senior ward nurse took me aside and asked me if everything was alright as the man had said something to her about being sorry for what had happened. I explained that I had come in when he was masturbating and I thought it was perfectly normal. I did not tell her I stood there memorized and watched him ejaculate. She told me to expect this sort of thing and that the nurses often would leave tubes of KY jelly in the rooms for the men to use when they 'needed release'.



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