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Bed Sheets and 'Miss Julie'

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When I was a young boy I discovered that the feel of soft bed sheets on my body was very arousing. I would lay awake face up in my bed and think of the pretty girls in my classroom and I would feel my cock begin to harden with the sheet softly against it. My hands didn't even need to be on it.

I would often think about one of my teachers, I will call her Miss Julie (not her real name) and her tight blouses and the short skirts she wore, she had gorgeous legs and my cock would lay hard on my tummy as I wiggled slowly feeling the friction of the top sheet. I always wondered what Miss Julie's 'private area' looked like and I would have a dry cum.

A few years later I once found a men's magazine that belonged to my dad with all these beautiful naked women posing seductively, They looked to be about Miss Julie's age. This was at a time when pussies were never shown. It would be hidden by their hands or some sort of prop like a cowboy hat. I ran with it to my bed to relieve my raging boner. This time I would lay face down, with the magazine in front of me and hump my hips as my dick moved back and forth on the silky soft bed sheet.

I would turn page after page, then I would just think of Miss Julie, her round breasts in those tight blouses, her short skirts which were hiding panties and that private area. I was thrusting my hips, the feel of my hardness against my stomach and rubbing faster up and down on the sheet was unbelievable. I shot streams of cum onto the sheet which also hit and warmed my tummy.

After I got married, I told my wife about this and she said with a smile she would like to see me do this. One day she came home from work and she had with her a plastic bag. She reached in and pulled out a sexy girlie magazine. 'Please show me' was all she said.

We went upstairs to the bedroom. I took off all my clothes lay on the bed face up with the top sheet covering my growing cock as I looked through the magazine. She sat on a chair fully clothed in her business dress and watched. She was sitting next to me so she could get a good view of my hardness.

When she saw the outline of my hard cock under the sheet, she asked if she could lean over and pull off the top sheet. I said yes, so she pulled it off the bed. She saw my rock hard twitching cock. She smiled and asked me to lay face down and instead of the magazine to look at her and hump the bed slowly. The magazine fell to the floor.

Still on the chair, she hiked up her dress and pushed down her panties and kicked them off with her heeled shoes. I've seen her pussy many times but this time it seemed different. She said playfully 'Look at Miss Julie's private area' She smiled, moved her legs slowly apart and said 'look at my pussy' God, precum was already oozing out of my cock head and spreading on the mattress sheet. I humped a bit faster; my wife was amazing, kind of fulfilling a childhood fantasy.

'Watch Miss Julie open up her pussy and show you how wet it is' She spread open her lips and slid a finger inside moved it slowly around then took it out and said 'look how moist you made it' showing me her glistening finger. My cock was sliding up and down against the sheet; I knew I was going to cum very hard and very soon.

When she finally leaned closer to me and whispered 'Now show Miss Julie how it squirts' I couldn't take it anymore. My cock exploded cum on the sheet, 'Show me' she said a bit more firmly, and louder just like a teacher. I quickly lifted up in a kneeling position so she could see the additional squirts jetting out and splashing on the sheet. My hands toying with my own nipples.

I looked at her, her fingers were moving in and out of her pussy, thumbing her clit. Still in her office dress, except that it was sexily pushed up around her hips and panties lay on the floor. I admired her legs, thinking of Miss Julie.

Even though I came, I still remained very hard watching her performance. My wife threw her head back and whispered in breathy tones, 'Now watch Miss Julie cum'.



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