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Because We Could

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My cousin and I had always grown up close. He was a year older than me. We are pretty distant, though, in bloodline. We are like sixth cousins or something like that.

Anyway, our parents, his and mine, had gone out for the weekend and had left us in charge of the house. I was seventeen and he was eighteen at the time. We often talked about sex and masturbation with each other, and were always fairly open with each other. We were watching a movie on TV that contained some partial nudity, and that's how our conversation got started.

He didn't hold back, either. 'So, you got any lately?' I replied, 'Can't say that I have. Been a while, especially since I broke up with Justin.'

'I see. Same here. I been stuck beating off lately.'

'Thanks for filling me in,' I said.

Truth was, I hadn't gotten off in about a month, even by masturbating. After the movie was off, I could see that he was sporting some wood, but I didn't mention it. I just went into the kitchen to get a snack.

I didn't pay attention to where he went, but I knew that he wasn't in the den when I got back, so I went to the guest room, which was where I was staying for the weekend. I headed for the shower. It was at least midnight when I got done and had dried off. I started to get dressed when I realized that I had forgot my clothes in the guest room, downstairs.

I figured Brian, my cousin, was sleeping, so I just wrapped up in a towel and went downstairs. I grabbed my clothes, left the door cracked, and started to change. I had not even gotten my bottoms on when the door started to crack open a little farther. I looked to see Brian. 'Ashley? Is that you?' He asked.

'Yeah, what are you doing up so late?'

'I had planned on asking you the same thing.'

'I was showering upstairs, but left my clothes down here.'

'For Christ's sake, I thought someone was breaking in.' This whole time I was naked, and I don't think he even noticed. He walked back out of the room, and I heard the TV turn on in the den. I threw on my pajamas, which was nothing more than a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt, with no underclothes. I walked into the den to see Brian about halfway through a porn movie. He was playing with his dick, too.

I watched for a little bit, curious. Then, he just shut the TV off and laid down on the couch. He didn't even orgasm. I was somewhat disappointed, so I just went back to my room.

The next day, he had a boner in the kitchen while I was making breakfast. He didn't seem to notice it, either, which made it funny for me. I pointed it out, and he kind of blushed and walked away. I called after him, 'Maybe you should put that DVD back on from last night.'

He promptly returned to the kitchen, questioning me about what I knew. I told him all about the night before. He was embarrassed but I promised to make it fair. I told him that I would go the whole day without clothes, since we didn't have to leave anyway. I didn't think he would take me seriously, but we were soon shaking on it. I went to my room, stripped off my pajamas, and walked back into the kitchen where he was sitting, eating his eggs.

He looked up from his plate and his jaw dropped. I finished making my plate, and sat down at the table with him.

My boobs aren't big, but they are probably about average sized, and my pussy is tight as well. I shave like every other day, too, because I hate pubic hair. I finished eating, and walked into the den to watch TV. Brian followed no far behind. He was still wearing only his boxers, and he was still hard. He sat down next to me on the couch and stared at my body. I was sitting cross-legged so he could only see my tits.

His dick remained hard, and I constantly switched positions to give him a different view. I think I enjoyed this bit more than he did. I would spread my legs, lay down on my back, lay down on my stomach, lay down on my side. It wasn't very long before he broke the silence.

'You know, you can get dressed if you want.'

'I know I could, but I'm not backing out now.'

I took a nap about noon on the couch in the den. I woke up and Brian was no where to be found. I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom, and there he was, beating his meat again. He stopped short of orgasm and pulled his boxers up. I pretended like I had just arrived at the bathroom so he wouldn't know that I was watching him again.

He still had a raging boner when I got back to the den. 'You going to do something about that?' I asked him.

'Maybe later. I don't want to do it now, you know, while you are here.'

'Why not? I'm naked.'

'Yeah, but you aren't masturbating.'

I soon made him a liar. I laid on my back and spread my legs. I started to rub my clit in a circular motion, speeding up every few seconds. I kept going until I was about to orgasm, and then I stopped. 'Your turn,' I said, but Brian still refused.

I grabbed his boxers and pulled, and we wrestled for a few minutes before he removed his boxers. His dick sprang out and stuck straight out into the air. He rubbed it a little bit, but couldn't seem to get off with me there watching, so I grabbed it and started stroking. He moaned a few times and then shot cum all over my hand and thigh.

I was super horny now. It wouldn't take much to push me over the edge. I started to rub my clit in circles again, and I orgasmed loudly. Brian was still watching.

It was still only about three in the evening. I washed the cum off of my hand and thigh, but remained nude the rest of the day. I even slept nude that night, and I masturbated again in bed, too.



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