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Beach Watching

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A true story which changed my life.


It's funny how a relatively trivial or passing incident can have a major impact on your future lifestyle. This happened to me when on holiday on the Canary Island of Fuertaventura.

I went there with my former wife a few years ago, and we very quickly discovered that nudity was entirely acceptable, so after a couple of days we were happy to sunbathe completely naked and wander along the beach in the same condition. I should say, at this point, that we didn't see any sign of sexual activity.

The island is very windy and to help sunbathers they have dug 'sunbathing' holes in the beach. These are big enough to hold two adults comfortably and have small stone walls at beach level to stop sand blowing into the hole. They reminded me of an inverted igloo! They are impossible to see into from beach level but if you walk along the nearby sand dunes there is an opportunity to look down into them.

On the third day my wife and I were walking along the dunes back to our holiday apartment, I was nude and she had a tiny g-string which really hid nothing. She suddenly stopped, tapped my arm and with her head, nodded towards one of the sunbathing holes. I looked down and saw what had caught her attention. A guy was lying on his own with his back towards us. His head was propped up on his left arm and he was reading a book. What had caught her attention was his right arm. While we could only see the movement of his elbow and a bit of his forearm, the movement and angle was sufficient to indicate he might be masturbating. Without any words she indicated a nearby vantage spot where we might get a better view. I nodded and we moved round cautiously and sat down, trying to make ourselves as small as possible. Sure enough from this view we could see his right hand wrapped round his cock, which he was working in a very lazy way as he slowly read his book, turning from page to page.

He stroked the full length, pulling his foreskin right back and then pushing it forward until the glans completely disappeared. All very laid back. He seemed to get erect for a time and then it would go soft and then get hard again. 'Do you think he's going to cum?' my wife whispered to me. I just shrugged my shoulders but I knew what he was doing and that eventually he would work up to having a full wank. Sure enough after a time it stayed permanently erect. It was a nice size, about seven inches, and seemed to have a very decent width. He eventually pushed the book away and rolled over onto his back and I thought 'Shit he'll see us' but he straight away threw his left arm over his eyes to hide the sun, and I knew we were ok. He was now wanking in earnest, going quite fast and then slowing down, playing with the head and occasionally pulling on his balls.. It was easy to see he was making it last as long as possible, we've all done it!

His movements became erratic and I whispered to my wife that I thought he was nearly there. Sure enough, he almost stopped, then gave it a few hard jerks and then gripped the base and pushed his hand upwards along the shaft. His timing was just right and his first spurt flew from the end and landed on his chest. He repeated the motion and the second landed lower down. He continued to 'milk' himself and the rest of his cum, and there was a lot, it flowed down the shaft and over his hand. It was an ejaculation that would have graced any porn film.

Before he had recovered we moved away out of his line of sight and stood up. My wife reached into the beach bag and passed me my shorts, 'You can't walk back like that,' she said, looking at my hard cock which was waving around in front of me as we started to move. We were fairly quiet on the way back, lost in thought about what we had just seen.

Later that afternoon we were on the terrace having a drink when she said to me 'Do you ever do that?' Acting the innocent I said 'What?' 'Play with yourself, like that guy did' she replied. I was going to do the macho thing and deny it but I thought what the hell, 'Yes,' I replied 'Very occasionally.' Her next words really surprised me 'I'd like to watch you' she said. I thought for a minute 'Ok,' I said 'Next time?' She interrupted me 'Now,' she said 'Will you do it now?' and that's what happened. We went into the bedroom, I lay down and she knelt beside me and pulled my shorts off. She got me hard and then took my hand and placed it on my shaft. I worked on myself, eyes closed, and when I got near I just said, 'I'm nearly there.' 'Do it' she replied, rather hoarsely, and I came. My spurts weren't as powerful as our friend's on the beach but they were good enough. My wife's reaction was 'Wow, that was brilliant, two in one day!'

I said at the beginning that some small events can change your life and that's what happened. Masturbation became the norm and developed into the use of male and gay porn as a source of inspiration. We would buy books and videos and talk about the guy's cocks and what they were doing. I even found a video which showed self sucking. Unfortunately we split up later but I continued to wank over this material, although I started having regular sex with one or two women. This led me to believe that I might be bi-sexual and I eventually proved this to be the case through some male only encounters, which I found to be very satisfying.

So I now enjoy the best of both worlds and am thankful to my beach wanking friend who unwittingly started me off on this journey.



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