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Beach Town USA

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I've always wanted to tell about this.


When I was just out of school I lived in a little beach town on the California coast. Most everybody that lived there knew each other, at least by face if not by name. Most of the guys surfed and a few girls. One gal in particular was pretty much one of the guys except her body was like a glamour model. Her name was Rhonda. She had a boyfriend that she lived with. When not with him she hung out with my two best friends and myself. We never did anything sexual but we sure talked a lot about sex. The whole town in my opinion was prudish and sex with a lot of the girls was never anything more than feeling them at dances.

One day we were playing poker, which we did a lot of. Mostly quarters and dimes but sometimes the pots got into the dollars. On this day we were playing dollar ante and a game where if you lost you just threw the money into the pot. It could grow large if a lot of bad guesses preceded your deal. The pot was over two hundred dollars and the next deal was Rhonda's. In this game one can bet the whole pot or any amount under the total. Rhonda got some good cards and we told her, since she was losing, this was her chance to make it all back. What do you know she lost the whole two hundred. We all felt bad for her cause it was always just a friendly game. She said she didn't have the money and if she did get the money she'd be short on her rent. I said I would pay it for her and she could pay me back. She didn't want to do that either cause pay day was over a week off but she'd be glad to do something in trade for it.

What she had in mind was a blow job. She told us she gave great blow jobs. This was back in the seventies so a two hundred dollar blow job was more like a grand today. We were all laughing at first when she said it cause, I for one, thought she was kidding us. A few minutes later I was convinced she was serious and said I was game. Our friends were still laughing but they stopped when Rhonda and I got up to go to a back bedroom. We said to keep on playing as we might be about an hour. They all promised not to say anything about this, especially Rhonda's BF. I get back there and Rhonda tells me to show her my cock. At first I thought it just going to be make that dropped my pants but Rhonda was too. I was sitting on the bed and Rhonda was standing facing the mirror with her back towards me. She starts to take off her clothes. My friends dad always said the Rhonda was built like a "Brick shit house".

As I was watching her undress I was in complete agreement. I could see her blonde pussy thru the crack in her ass and it as the most gorgeous thing. To this day I a have seen no girl with a finer ass. With her clothes off she turns to me and suggests that we make out a little before hand. I was in complete surprise, what I found out was that she was always hot for me and had been wanting to see my cock for as long as I was longing to see her naked. Now I'm thinking I'd get the chance to actually fuck her. No way, she said she had a BF and couldn't cheat on him. I wasn't going to argue as I'd be happy as a Pismo clam for just a hand job.

As were kissing I was feeling her and she had a hand on my cock. I decided to see how far I could go with this. I've always loved licking pussy and Rhonda's was the epitome of pussy. At first she resisted but once my tongue was dancing on her clit it was all over. In less than thirty seconds I had her doing the shakes. She then says it's my turn and puts me on my back so she can get at my cock. She sees my dick and says it's the nicest penis she'd ever seen. It's perfectly straight, not curved like most and the scar from circumcision was not noticeable. It was the perfect length and the girth was just right too. I've actually had many girls tell me the same thing, that I should be a penis model. Rhonda says maybe we cold sixty nine a little first. I'm all for it, I'm looking up at her pussy and the thing I noticed about it was symmetrical one lip wasn't a little bigger or shaped different that the other. It's so symmetrical that I can't see where the actual split was. of course I'm talking about her inner labia.

Now really at this time this is my first actual look at a pussy in day light. I never had the chance to inspect one like I could Rhonda's. Not wanting to seem naive I just push a thumb smack in the middle of them and in it sinks, right into a super tight pussy. I've gotten the chance to fuck a tight pussy later and life so I found out what I missed in my younger days.

Now to get on with the masturbation part of this story as that's what this site is all about. As I'm now fifty I've found out that nobody does it better than myself. I've had numerous girls and some pros who can't make me come like I can with my own hand. Rhonda was no different. She was inept at cock sucking. Her age, I'm sure, had a lot to do with it. As she was playing with my cock I could have held out for hours. All in all I'll take the girl with the smoking hot body over the best cock sucker in the world. Nothing makes my dick harder than a body just like Rhonda. Her mouth was getting tired and she says she needs some soda. She reaches over for it and while she does I just naturally start stoking. Her eyes bug out and her jaw drops and she says she's never seen a guy jerk off before and it's lovely. It's better than she thought it ever could be.

She tells me her pussy is the wettest it's ever been. She can't believe how wet I'm making her. I just keep on stroking. She keeps saying what a beautiful cock I have but she wants my cum when I shoot. She asks me where my cum will go. I say straight up. She says she wants to swallow it, she loves drinking cum. I tell her that I'll let her know when the time was right. I keep on stroking my dick savoring the moment and the knocking on the door telling us to hurry up isn't helping any either. Our friends are bored of playing poker and want to do something else.

Finally I reach a climax and as she's kneeling over me waiting for my signal she clamps her lips around my already squirting cock and swallows the whole load. She gets a bad look on her face and quick takes a slug of her soda. Then stands up all smiles. After that it was months before we were friends again. She felt bad about it and was very awkward when seeing me later, I too with her. It taught me never to have sex with really good friends unless you are willing to take it to the next level. That's why to this day I love jerking off in front of women I've just met and don't care about. I love giving the gals a show. As soon as they see my beautiful cock they have to have it.

If you haven't heard the saying that if a girl doesn't have sex with you on the first date you're just not attractive enough. You should now know. I'm not as attractive as I was as when I was younger but I still have a "perfect penis", and all I have to do to get them now is to show it to them. They all pretty much do the same thing when they see it. They stop and stare, their jaw drops a little and within a minute they're reaching for it. Don't believe me? Try it some time. To girls a hard stiff one is mesmerizing. One day I may see Rhonda again, or maybe her name was Paula. and the beach we lived at wasn't Pismo but further south.



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