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Beach Day

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This is a true story that happened just today and as it was happening I couldn't wait to write it into Solo Touch!

I'm on a business trip to California and found myself driving along with a bit more free time than usual. I remembered reading about a nude beach not far from where I was driving, so I made the detour and within the hour wound up naked on a crowded beach on a beautiful day.

As I got undressed I was glad that I did not immediately get an erection (which seems to happen every time I'm at a nude beach). After I stripped off my clothes I decided to walk along the beach and check out the scene. Unfortunately the beach seemed over populated with men and mostly all gay men. Being straight, I was a little disappointed that there weren't more young females or couples enjoying the day nude.

I walked, hung out, went in the ocean and just enjoyed myself nude. After a while I figured that I wasn't going to see anything to masturbate by, or meet any young women, so I put on my shirt and boxers. I started walking to my car, carrying my work shoes and pants. As I did I passed from the nude section of the beach to the clothed section. This section was pretty empty, but there were a few people and mostly women sunbathing in their bikinis.

I was walking with the intention of just going to my car when I saw a young woman, maybe in her late 20's like me. She was lying in her bathing suit enjoying the sun. Maybe it was the sun, but I suddenly got very bold and walked right up to her. I said hello and asked if she minded if I just hung out naked for a while.

She looked at me and said, 'No, I don't mind at all.' At which point I immediately removed my shirt and my shorts. I was standing there totally nude in front of this very attractive woman in her bikini and I introduced myself to her. I was now completely naked and she introduced herself, shaking my hand. At this point, my penis was definitely reacting.

I tried to play it cool, and asked if I could borrow some of her sun tan lotion. She said, 'Sure,' and handed me the bottle. I asked her if she needed any help putting some on herself and she laughed, saying no she was fine. I started putting lotion on me while I stood over and she was lying down. She was watching me and we were talking. I put lotion on my arms, my legs and then my increasingly growing cock. I made sure to put a lot on my penis and kept pulling on it.

She didn't seem to mind, but she wasn't salivating at this point. The fact that she didn't scream for the cops gave me more courage. She asked if I wanted some water and in an effort to keep her talking I readily accepted. I asked her how come she wasn't nude and she said she'd never done it before. I gently encouraged her, but she firmly told me she wouldn't be getting naked.

I kind of backed off a bit and sat down on the sand next to her. She closed her eyes and returned to her sunbathing. I however, had a raging hard on and so I kept stroking my penis. She heard me and eventually opened her eyes to ask, 'So you're just really hanging out today, huh?'

I said I was just visiting and talked to her while I clearly masturbated in front of her. She had a nice smile, closed her eyes again and started to relax. I kept stroking and then her hand moved gently to her crotch. I couldn't believe it and I almost came right then and there. Her hand gently played with her bathing suit band and then she slowly slipped one finger under, followed by another.

I was watching closely and she knew it. She opened her eyes and saw me stroking wildly. She started moving faster, as did I and we looked right at each other. I slowed down a bit because I was too close to cumming, but she told me to keep going. I replied that I was ready to cum and she said she was, letting out a quiet yelp. That was all I needed and I came buckets, shooting about three or fours ropes of cum over the sand. It was amazingly intense.

I then composed myself, thanked her for a nice visit and continued back to my car, but you can be sure that I will be back to that beach!



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