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My buddy brought me to his favorite beach


I recently took a trip to visit my friend Matt who moved away a couple years ago. He showed me around his city the first couple days and I hung out at his place and explored down town a bit while he was at work. On the weekend he took me to some of the parks not far from the city where he would usually bike through, but since I didn't have one we hiked around instead. Matt knew a lot of the lesser known trails and areas so we could avoid families and children.

After hiking for about two hours he told me we were almost at his secret spot. We walked through some of the forest with a path for awhile, I still don't know how he knew where he was going, but we ended up at a nice clearing with a small riverbank with sand and shade. Since there were no paths around it was very far from anyone else, which is perfect because we brought cards to play and more importantly beer to drink. After downing a few cans each and playing a few hands I asked Matt if it was safe to swim in the water, as it was getting pretty warm. Matt said the current wasn't very strong but the last time he went in the water was pretty cold. I kinda wanted to give it a shot but I said forget it on account of not having a towel or swim suit and I admitted I had gone commando that day.

About an hour later the sun had come out from behind the clouds and it got much hotter. Now, I've got an average athletic build, and I started sweating a lot. Matts a stockier dude, pretty solid, and he was sweating through his shirt just sitting down. Matt said "fuck it, I'm going in!" And with that he stripped his tshirt and shorts off and to my surprise his boxers too. Even though we've been close friends for years, I had never seen Matts junk before. His dick was chubby looking soft. It was not too long but thick, uncut and fully shaven with just some stubble. His balls were actually pretty big too and hung way lower than his dick. I guess I had been staring at his naked body in front of me for awhile because he turned to me and said "What? You've never seen a cock before?", "...Not yours." I replied and laughed it off.

He headed over the the riverbank and I took off my clothes to join him. He was already in the water as I approached the edge, and it was obvious he was checking out my dick like I had done to him. "Hey you're uncut too eh?" He said with a big smile on his face. That was about the only similarity. My dick when soft is longer and average thickness, with closer hanging balls and a nice trimmed bush. I laughed at him comment and said "We should start a club bro". I jumped in and we swam for a bit, but Matt was right it was freezing cold in the water, so we got out after about ten minutes. After getting out, our dicks were so cold that they shrunk about as small as I've seen mine get, and I'm sure it was the same for Matt, still thick, but it looked like a mushroom.

We lay out on the sand to let the sun dry us and warm us up. Eventually Matt got up to run over to his bag and grab some more beer for us. As he ran back over it was impossible not to notice how much he had warmed up, he had a pretty big chubby going on, not fully hard, but close, and the thing was flopping around like crazy. Seeing his made mine chub up pretty bad almost instantly and I had no way of really hiding it, I kinda tried to ignore it for a bit, but while Matt was sitting next to me with his piece on display it was a losing battle and I was getting close to sporting a full on boner. I got up and said I needed to take a piss and walked to the river to relieve myself. Just as I started to pee, Matt comes up right beside me and starts pissing too. I was trying to avoiding checking out his dick but I could tell from my peripheral vision that he was kinda jacking it a bit while he was pissing, and when I glanced he was pulling his foreskin back and forward, and his dick was just a little shy of being a hardon. My dick was in about the same state. There was a bit of an awkward silence then Matt put his arm around me, while were both still pissing.

"Y'know.." Matt said "...this is why were such good friends, 'cuz we've always just been so comfortable around each other.""Yeah, its true" I replied. He finished up pissing and was shaking the drops off, and I finished shortly after. The both of us standing and slowly jerking a bit. Matt turned to face me and said "Ah I missed you buddy, I'm really glad you came to visit me, give me a hug!" He grabbed me and pulled me in to a very big, brotherly, slap-on-the-back kinda hug. He was holding me pretty tight. My dick was pressed up against his, and I could feel us both growing. His embrace slid lower down my back and he pulled his head back so that we were looking at each other, then we both looked down at out pulsing cocks resting against each other. We didn't say anything to each other.

He started slowly grinding against me and rubbing them together. We were both breathing heavily and our eyes would occasionally meet then quickly look back down at our cocks. Matt's dick was about 6.5 inches long but the thickest one I've ever seen, and started leaking a lot of precum. Mine is seven inches. Matt grabbed his dick and milked some of the pre-cum on to the head of my dick. He then started jerking me, and I started jerking him. Our eyes locked for a second and we leaned towards me and shoved his tongue in my mouth. We sloppily kissed while we pumped each others cocks like crazy. Matt spat into his hand and reached around and smeared it all in my butt crack, and started rubbing my hole. Nobody ever touched me there and it felt so strange and good I was overcome with sensation and let go of his thick piece.

Matt knelt down beside me, facing my cock and proceeded to jack me off and finger me. "You like that? You gunna cum?" He said to me. His finger got deeper and he started to jack me faster and faster. I didn't last long and came without warning all over his shoulder and a bit on his cheek. He stood up and was facing me. "My turn" Matt said. He told me to lie on my stomach on the ground. I didn't want him to try and fuck me and I told him. "Don't worry I'm not, trust me just do it" said Matt. I was so blown away by my orgasm I just did what he said. He spread my ass cheeks apart and spat onto it a few times. He then straddled me and started rubbing his thick cock in between my cheeks. I could feel his huge balls slapping me with every thrust, and his sweat was dripping down on me. His dick rubbed against my hole and gave me another erection. He grabbed my shoulder with one hand and really started humping and grinding in between my ass.

Then he took his fingers and shoved them in my mouth. "Tell me how much you like that cock on your ass" he said to me. I had never imagined this side of Matt before but I was so turned on I replied "I want you to cum all over me". Matt started moaning and grunting loudly, then he buckled a bit and I felt his hot jizz spray all over my back. He got up and grabbed me and helped me to my feet. His penis swinging back and forth still leaking chunky jizz and mine rock hard and leaking too.

We walked in silence to the river and washed up. We lay down in the sun again and after a few minutes talked about what we just did. My boner hadn't gone away yet so Matt grabbed my legs and bent them over my head, spat on my hole and shoved a finger inside. He fingered me more and more intensely for about twenty minutes then furiously jerked me off again. He was hard again after but we decided to leave because it was getting really dark and we didn't have flashlights. Matt and I occasionally fooled around since that day when we got a chance to see each other, but not since he got a steady girlfriend.



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