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Battle of Wills

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A bitter divorce left me custody of my two teenage daughters. After about a year and a half, life was gettting back to normal. My oldest, Katey, was helping with housework and her sister Samantha, would chip in when asked. Katey had a regimented schedule for laundry. If it wasn't in the clothes hampers, it would not be washed until later in the week. One weekend, I had finished mowing the grass and had come in to Kate loading the washing machine. I asked her to wait a minute till I had a chance to change, so I could have the grass cutting clothes washed. She told me to just give her the clothes now, while she is loading the other clothes. I looked at her and told her that I wanted my undershorts washed also, and would need a minute. She got the look on her face and stated, 'Geez dad, it's 2011, not 1811, I know what a penis looks like.' I was surprised by the response and mumbled to myself towards my room to change my clothes. I quickly returned with the dirty laundry. Katey asked if I felt better now that I hid in my room to change. I laughed it off and just went on with my day.

That evening I was watching a baseball game on TV. Katey was in the shower. Her room was downstairs, ever since I converted a larger den into her room. As she got to the bottom of the stairs, I looked at her and thought to myself that this was my chance to get back at her for what she had said earlier. She had a towel on. As she walked in front of the TV, I said, 'look who has to go hide in her room to change'. I could see her mind working knowing that I had caught her in her own web. But with little hesitation, she dropped the towel, looked at me and said in a jolly tone, 'you are right, no big deal'. Rather than running into her room, she went into the kitchen, got a water from the fridge and came back to the living room, and sat on the couch. I was totally dumbfounded, but be damned if I would show the reaction she was expecting. We were now in a test of will. She smiled at me asked if I was okay. I smiled back and said, 'why wouldn't I be, I have seen naked girls before'. I thought that this was a perfect comeback for the situation. As we were lobbing jabs back and fouth, I was sure not to look away from her body, showing my weakness. She had a perfect body. Trimmed pussy, pointy tits and large nipples. Any mans dream.

With that, she got up, picked up her towel and strutted into her room. I could tell that she was proud of herself.

The next evening, the game would certainly change though. Dinner and homework was done, and I had decided to take my shower. While in the shower, all I could think about was Katey's little power play the previous day. Towelling off, I still had a half hard on just thinking about her body. I had never thought about her in that way, but given the chain of events, I think I was justified.

I walked out of the bathroom, covered in a towel, and who is outside the door waiting, Katey.

She looks at me with playful eyes, looked at the towel and just said, 'welllll?'

I knew exactly what she was doing, so like her, I dropped the towel, and said, 'no big deal'.

Walking past her, my half hard cock brushed up against her. As I got to my room Katey said, 'dad, that is a big deal'. I thought to myself, what am I doing. As I turned around to tell her okay she won this game, I noticed that she had followed me to my room. I back peddled into my room with her following close. Katey closed the door, said nothing and grabbed my cock with her hand. In a fluid motion, she was jacking me off like there was no tomorrow. I pulled back, but she only held my cock harder. The only thing she said was, 'dad, just let me do this'. I stood there while my daughter gave me the best handjob of my life. I told her that I was going to cum. She never stopped. I came with an explosion that would rival a volcanic eruption! It was heavenly.

I have since had encounters with my daughter, and will certainly post in weeks to cum.



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