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Barb & Eva: Living Out a Fantasy

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Barb and Eva: Living Out a Fantasy
My first wife, as it turned out, was bisexual. At one point, about a year before we split, she went through a phase where she really didn't want sex with me, but rather wanted to explore her feminine side. This had been some months in coming and I had already begun to masturbate again on a regular basis. I suspect she knew since when she began rejecting my advances, I usually headed off to the bathroom. So when she made her announcement that she had sworn off men, I half jokingly stated, "I guess I will just have to jack off when I'm horny." To my surprise, she not only readily agreed, but told me to anytime, anywhere in the house. She went so far as to tell me that she would even suck the cum after I was through since she liked the taste. (Since she hated to give blow jobs and hand jobs, I was a bit taken aback. I found out later she just simply didn't like to wait for me to come. It was too much for work.)
I wasted no time, I took off my clothes and sauntered into the living room with an old T-shirt in my hand and my dick standing at attention. (I fold the old shirt in thirds and partially wrap it around my cock as I stroke. Not only does it feel great, it is handy for cleaning up.) She barely looked up or took notice as I sat across from her and proceeded to play with myself. It didn't take long this first time to shoot my load. As I came, I made sure to let her know, since the biggest part of the fantasy was having someone watch. She only glanced my direction and waited until my erection was gone before coming over and fingering the cum off my belly. I figured what the heck, I am still beating off in front of a woman, wife or not, and it felt good. After a bit I didn't care if she watched or not. I also began cleaning up quickly and not waiting for her to decide if she wanted to help herself.
However, once in a while she would come in and chat with me while I masturbated. Sometimes she would just poke her head in and ask if I would "let her know when I finished, 'cause she'd like to have a taste.'"
We remained friends throughout and often talked in the evenings before retiring to our separate beds. One occasion, I asked her if she wanted to hear one of my fantasies. She nodded, so I told her my favorite fantasy of getting caught. I had asked her what would happen if one of her girlfriends came over while I was in the middle of a session, or if I was in the back room and decided to come out in my birthday suit, not knowing one of her friends had come over. She smiled and said, "They'd probably enjoy it." That got my heart beating fast and I stripped down quickly and went at it. I wanted Barb to know that I would love her to make it happen.
Well a week or so went by and Barb had made no mention of her girlfriends nor paid me any mind at all. One night she mentioned that she met a woman who she was seeing at the local gay bar and that she, like Barb, had sworn off men. "Great," I thought, "no luck here. If she does bring her home, she is not likely to want me around much less prance around naked." I skulked around the house most of the day. Barb, on the other hand, was in great spirits.
Around 8 p.m., there was knock at the door. Barb asked if I would get it. When I opened it, there was an absolutely stunning blond, with gorgeous long legs and a tight leather mini-skirt. "Is Barb here? You must be Jerry?" she asked as she entered giving me a small hug and peck on the cheek. "I'm Eva." Barb had now come into the room beaming and the two women quickly embraced and locked lips. I must have been staring because Barb shot me a look. I politely excused myself, adding that I had to admit I enjoyed watching them kiss. With that I took my leave and headed for my den to try and do some reading.
It was difficult to concentrate with two women chatting away in the next room. I thought about stripping down and either casually walking to the kitchen and see what would happen, or just stripping and whacking at the mere thought of walking around naked in front of them. Well caution won out, but I thought I could at least spice up my solo session. Since it was summer, and would be quite natural, I decided to get into a pair of running shorts, sans briefs, and head to the kitchen for something to drink. With a semi-hard erection it would be noticeable, should Eva look, that is. In any case, it would get my blood up and I knew I would have a great time, even if I was behind closed doors.
As I entered the living room, I made a quick apology for interrupting them, but I wanted to get a beer. I noticed that Eva and Barb had gotten a bit more comfortable. Eva had taken off her shoes and mini skirt and was sitting only in her panties and blouse, which was open. Barb was wearing only her blouse. I smiled, and told Eva that Barb was one lucky girl and headed for the refrigerator. Before I reached the entry, Eva stated to Barb "You were right, it didn't take him long to come on out. And he does have a nice body and from what I saw a nice cock. Do you think he will take off the shorts and show us?" Barb, laughed, and said Eva could "count on it."
By then, I was in the kitchen. My heart was pounding and was wondering where this was headed. But I knew a hint when I heard one, so I pulled off my shorts and casually walked back into the living room, grinning from ear to ear. Even if they were making fun of me and expected me to go back to my room and do what comes naturally, this was a fantasy come true. I even allowed myself to hope I would be allowed to join them, either solo or, maybe even a menage a trois. Seeing Eva and Barb together, especially Eva made me want to make love as much as I wanted to fulfil my solo fantasy.
"I see you decided to let it all hang out," Eva bubbled. "I approve. Barb said you always wanted to parade around naked in front of another woman. While I don't do it with mean any more, I do enjoy looking. She also said you like to masturbate, well, I like to watch. I hope you don't mind though that I play with your wife while you're enjoying the show?" Did I mind? I told her that it was a dream come true. I said go ahead and start, I just want to get my helper. As I left, Barb quickly explained that my helper was my trusty T-shirt.
Needless-to-say, I took it slowly. I nearly came a half a dozen times. After about an hour, I couldn't hold it any longer, Eva had long since taken all her clothes off. Barb and Eva shifted positions several times. At that moment, Eva was sitting on the couch opposite with her legs spread wide and Barb in a doggy position eating her. Eva looked straight at me and my cock and mouthed "come for me, Jerry, come now." And began licking her lips and pinching her beautiful, nipples. With that I dropped my shirt and stroked long, fast hard strokes. I grabbed my balls with my left hand just as I shot, Eva was staring straight at my hard-on, I had never experienced a thrill like that. I shot so hard that I hit my own face and left shoulder, and it kept coming for what seemed an eternity. Eva's eyes glossed over, and she began to moan and beg Barb to go faster, deeper, she was too was coming. I was in rapture.
I sat there sweating, and not the least bit embarrassed. Eva and Barb climbed on the couch to snuggle. I made no effort to clean up. Barb looked over at me and smiled, and then to Eva. "You know what I do miss about men? I love the taste of Jerry's sperm. It has a salty, onion taste." Eva, grinned, and said, "Really? You know it has been a long time." With that both women, walked over and began to lick me. Eva, actually began at my lips, since I still had some cum on my chin. She kissed me like I haven't been kissed in a while and then proceeded down my chest. Barb, surprised me by starting at my now semi-hard dick and sucking the last drops and then working her way up. At the middle both women began to kiss. After a minute or so, they both proclaimed that that was fun.
They went back to the couch and held each other and we began chatting about sex and fantasies and stuff. Eva sat crossed-legged, and I guess she noticed that every time she switched legs, I began to get hard. Actually, I started to casually play with myself again. She winked and said "go for it." So while we talked I played and 20 minutes later, bang, I came again.
The next few weeks I worked the evening and mid shift so I wasn't around when Eva came over. The next time, they had another surprise for me. But that is another story. Eva ended up leaving town about a month later. Her mother had taken ill and neither of us ever saw her again.



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