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Band After Party

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Our marching band had an after party after the last football game. I just happen to be able to see into a closet while a girl was changing.


So, we had this huge after party after our last football game of the season, and one of the girls on the drum line, which I am on also on, didn't fully change out of the uniform. So, the girls uniform involves those who have large breasts to wear a sports bra to minimize the size so the uniforms conform to the body better.

Now when we got back she didn't fully change out, she left the bra on and put on a onesie. Now, the main thing everything was doing was karaoke in the auditorium, same hall opposite the band room. She has a very talented voice so she just dove right into the karaoke, I'm not a huge fan of karaoke, so I stayed in the band room and sat on the floor with my back against the door and started playing games on my phone.

Now, this girl, who we'll call Sarah for safety reasons, has pretty large breasts, and if I were to put a number on it, I'd say she had DD to DDD breasts, can't really give an exact number. She's a decent looking girl if I do say so myself.

Now both of us are freshman in high school, and this is her first year in band total. I've been in band for a total of 3 years, one of which in the marching band.

So I'm in the band room playing games on my phone with my headphones on, and I can hear the karaoke playing in the background. After a little while someone taps me on my shoulder and I jump and pause my game. I look up and it's Sarah. I take off my headphones and she tells me she needs in the closet so she can change out of her bra (we're close friends so she doesn't care what she tells me). So I scoot forward and she opens the door and goes in. she tells me to watch the door and not let anyone in.

Now, the door has a small, vent like opening towards the bottom of the door, a little below my eye-level. It's mostly blocked off but there are these small slits about a quarter of an inch wide, and from where she was standing in the closet, I could see in perfectly and get a good view of her. I was the only one in the room, and I could hear Pianoman blasting from the auditorium, so I figured I could peek in.

I was immediately in heaven. She was just unzipping the onesie thing and was taking it off. She then removed the sports bra and let out a big sigh of relief as she let her breasts free. She was bending over towards the door so she could put the bra in her garment bag, giving me an even better view.

As you can imagine, I was immediately hard at the first sight of her breasts. So I kept watching, she put her normal bra on, then a t-shirt, and then she slipped the onesie thing over and zipped it. By the time she was almost fully dressed, I was already back in the position I was in when she entered, giving her no idea of what just happened.

So she left and went back to the auditorium, and I was still rock hard. So I waited a little while but not too long, and I went to the restroom to relieve myself. I was done within a minute, and I could tell you, I came hard. It took me awhile to come down from it. I cleaned up the stall and left and went back to the band room to find that they set up a computer game console.

So that was the time I spied on a band member. She still is completely oblivious as to what happened.

I still have all of what happened in my head as a solid memory and now I'm submitting this story and going to jack-off again because I'm hard by thinking about it.



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