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Bad Time Turns Out Great

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This happened last summer when I was 15 and my cousin, Karen, had just turned 13. There is almost 3 years between us. I don't see her often and she has always been a whiney, mommy's girl, who was too good to be around me. When my mom told me they were visiting for a few days I complained as I wanted to hang out at the swimming beach at the nearby lake. Mom said I had to take her along. I complained because I was high school kid (going into my junior year) and she was just a baby in junior high school (starting in high school in the fall). Mom and my aunt dropped us off at the lake and told us to be nice to each other. As I expected she was an embarrassment. She was wearing a little girl one piece bathing suit, nothing like high school girls showing off their curves. As the day went on she did her own thing (mostly laying the sun) and I did mine. In the middle of the afternoon, she asked where the restroom was. Silly city girl! I told her to pee in the lake or pee in the woods. She was quiet for a while and then started whining about having to pee. Finally she told me to take her into the woods so she could pee. I finally agreed.

When we were in the woods and I convinced her no one was around, she made me turn around and promise not to peek. I am not stupid. There is a girl dropping her swimsuit behind me to pee, I am going to peek. When I heard her start to pee, I tried to sneak a peek. She had her swimsuit pulled down and she was squatting as she peed. She saw me, screamed and tried cover herself and pull up her swimsuit. Her feet and legs were all tangled in the swimsuit and she stumbled and fell down. She was crying and kicking her feet trying to get the swimsuit off her legs and feet. I helped her stand up and she was screaming and crying so hard. I did feel sorry for her (and was afraid of what might happened if mom found out). She buried her face in my shoulder and keep crying and crying. Soon it hit me; there were two soft round tits with hard nipples rubbing against my chest. I got very hard and was poking her in the stomach. When she felt it, she stop crying a bit, pulled back and looked at the tent in my swim trunks. She told me to stop being gross. I assured her that her sexy body had done it to me and I couldn't just make it go away.

She started her attitude again and reached for her swimsuit to put back on. She looked so sexy! She stopped and thought for a second and said seeing as I had seen her naked, it was only fair that I take off my swim trunks. I quickly pulled them off. I was so hard it almost hurt. She asked me how I was going to make it go away. I told I only way I knew was to jack off. She knew what that was and it was nasty and gross. I started jacking off and she just stared at my hard-on. It didn't take long before I shot my load onto the grass. I asked her if she masturbated and she told me nice girls do not that. We put our swimsuits back on and agreed not to tell our moms about this. We went back swimming and soon our mothers came back to get us. That evening our moms were going to a party. When they left they told us at least be nice to each other, knowing we did not get along. Karen was watching TV and I was in my room playing a new game. Soon she knocked on my door and asked if we could talk about the afternoon. I was starting to get hard just thinking about it. She asked if I would do it again. I told her that we would both have to naked again.

She pulled off her shirt and shorts and stood there in a bra and panties. My clothes came flying off. She unhooked her bra. I asked if I could feel her tits and she said yes. They were so soft and the nipples were so hard. She reached for my cock and asked me to show her how to do it. I guided her hand, and came pretty quickly on the floor. She touched my cum and smelled it. I realized her panties were still on and told her she had to take the off. She said was embarrassed because she was very wet down there. I told her she had seen me and now she had to show me hers. She pulled them off and what beautiful sight. She had more hair on her pussy then I had on my high school cock. She laid on my bed, put her fingers in her pussy lips and it was shiny wet. She told that she really does play with herself. I asked to show me how. She soon was coming as well. Until late into the night we checked each other out and played with each others. No intercourse because are cousins. We pretended to hate each other in front of our mothers, but I can't wait for their next visit.



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