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Backyard Camping With My Boys

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This is my first time...


This was back when I was around 14. I grew up in a quiet suburb in California. It was a small town just outside of a big city. My parents were divorced when I was six and I lived with my father. So as you can guess I was a major tomboy. There weren't many kids on my block. The only other girls were sisters and loved pink things and thought of themselves as princesses. There were three boys around my age. So being a tomboy they became my best friends. I recall playing with them as early as seven or eight years old. We were inseparable. We did sleep overs and played all the time. It wasn't until we all started hitting puberty that things changed.

I guess I should introduce these boys. The oldest boy was 15 average height kinda chubby but a real sweetheart, I'll call him Justin. Next was uh Kyle, he was sorta short for his age, 14, small but stronger then he looked. He was the dare devil of the group. Last was, we'll say, Mark. The baby of the group at 13 but the tallest. He was very thin and quiet. At this time I was 14 fit from running around with boys and had small boobs which just appeared one day. I was such a tomboy I sort of hated my little B cups.

So now for the good stuff... One warm California summer day while swimming in Justins pool, something we did often, quiet Mark began asking the older boys if they knew what 'jacking off' was. We all kinda laughed cuz we knew what it was but the laughing soon stopped as we realized we'd never discussed this with each other. Being the only girl I felt bad for laughing at Mark so I apologized and tried to explain what it was. Now growing up with my dad I accidentally walked in on him once and saw him doing it. Just then Justin and Kyle chime in saying that I'm explaining it all wrong. That's when the 'you're a girl what do you know' starts getting thrown at me. So I tell Justin to enlighten us. He was the oldest after all. By now we all moved to the steps of the pool in the shallow end. So without hesitating Justin pulls his shorts down and begins stroking his already hard cock. It wasn't clear because it was under water but you could pretty much tell what was going on. Our jaws dropped but our eyes never diverted from what he was doing. After a few minutes of this he began to make small grunts and quiet moans and then he stopped. What we couldn't see was that he came under water. Marks questions were pretty much answered by then. Suddenly all attention was on me. 'So Chris how do girls do it?' Yes my name is Christina and what a perfect name for a tomboy. I got a little shy in front of my boys for the first time in my life. I told them to shut up and got out of the pool. We dropped the topic and went home to change and meet up at Kyles house where we had been 'camping' in a tent in his backyard for the past couple of nights. I had no idea what would take place later.

After dinner we all met up at Kyles. We lived only a few houses from each other so it was a short walk. We loved Justins pool but Kyle had the largest backyard in the neighborhood. We set up our tent in the corner furthest from the house or civilization as we called it. With some small shrubs and a large tree in the yard we were pretty well secluded back there. Good thing because of what we did that night. After messing around in the yard for a few hours it was pretty late and we were kinda tired from the long day. So we climbed into the tent. The normal stuff took place, talks of school and teachers we hated. What we wanted to be when we grew up. What we'd buy if we won the lotto. Things like that. It got quiet for awhile and I assumed everyone was falling asleep. Just then out of the darkness quiet Mark asks me why I didn't answer the question posed to me earlier in the day? Now by 14 years old I had only just discovered masturbating while in the shower. So I decided to just tell them. Of course being boys and never seeing a vagina they didn't really understand what I was talking about. The only vagina they ever saw was a terrible illustration in health books. That's when I decided to just show them. These were my best friends so I felt like it was for educational purposes. I unzipped my sleeping bag and moved to a corner of the tent. I handed Kyle a flashlight and slowly pulled my shorts down showing my white cotton undies.

I was lying flat on my back and slid my hand down the front of my panties and began rubbing my slit slowly. I never did this in front of anyone before and I was really into it. Suddenly my undies were off I was sitting up with my knees pulled in and was rubbing my clit furiously. What I hadn't noticed was in the darkness behind the flashlight the boys were all very 'excited' and began shifting around trying to watch me. I don't know why but brave Kyle put the flashlight down. It was one of those lights that turned into a small lantern. He moved over to sit next to me and asked if he could try. I grabbed his hand and began rubbing it against me. With his free hand he reached into his pants and started jacking his rock hard cock. I thought I'd return the favor and reached down and pulled his shorts and boxers off all at once. While he was sliding his fingers up and down my slit I was stroking his cock which was wet with precum. I looked over at Justin and he was completely naked on his knees and jacking his hard cock while watching Kyle and me. Then he moved over to the other side of me and I reached down and began stroking him too. So now I have Kyle in my right hand, Justin in my left and they are both rubbing me. Mark was just sitting there. Stunned I think. I pulled my shirt and bra off and they each went directly to my breasts.

I stopped stroking Kyle and Justin and told them to let me move over to Mark. I crawled over to Mark and pulled his shirt off and then his sweat pants. I could see through his tighty whiteys that he was extremely hard. I pulled his cock out and began stroking it with both hands. He was the youngest but ended up being the 'largest' where it counted. He was in pure ecstasy when he let out a moan and shot all over my neck and chest. I turned my attention back to Kyle and Justin who had continued to stroke their cocks. I was lying down in between them and took over. After a few seconds Justin groaned and shot his load on my breasts and stomach. It took Kyle about a minute before he finally came. Then we all just layed there naked. Legs and arms overlapping one anothers in complete silence and satisfaction. Then someone had the bright idea to go skinny dipping in Justins pool. It was a warm night and we needed to clean off. So we got partially dressed and went over to the pool and swam around for a bit. Then we quietly went back to the tent where we finally went to sleep.

I was so happy that I did this with my boys. It brought us so much closer together. It was weird though because we didn't do it every night like you'd assume. It was just once and awhile. Sometimes I'd watch the boys jack each other and other times I'd use my abilities to satisfy them. As we got older we did more things together but I don't think I can discuss that here. Our parents still live in that same area but we've all moved to other parts of the state. We keep in touch to this day. Justin is married. Kyle has a live in girlfriend and a daughter (wonder if she's gonna be a tomboy). Mark ended up being gay. We all had a feeling he was because he was always more interested in experimenting with the other boys. I have never told anyone outside of our little group about this stuff. Not even my fiance.



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