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Back To Heaven - Linda (2)

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Some people are just always easy to understand. Linda and I always understood each other. This is the sequel to Died and Gone to Heaven.


It was over 25 years ago when I spent two days with Linda in the land of snow and ice as we call it here. In the same grocery store that I last ran into Linda, there was a person looked very familiar to me standing in the checkout lane. I stood trying to think of her name when she looked up at me and said, 'Hi Mark. It's Linda. How are you?' I was amazed how good she looked. She was still about 5'4', maybe a bit thinner than I remember, but still dazzling green eyes and pretty smile.

I was surprised to see her and after some chatting, I asked if she want a drink. She agreed and we went to the bar down the street. We learned much about each other's life and I confided that I had a terrible crush on her. She was separated from her husband at the time and they soon got divorced. She was pregnant when they divorced and she raised her daughter alone. I was recently divorced and 'available'. I insisted on driving her home and she invited me in to her cabin. It was much the way I remembered it 25+ years ago only with newer décor, full set of appliances and modern conveniences. She had done well for herself. The cabin was still out where few others were.

When I arrived the next morning as agreed to pick her up to get her car from the bar, she had bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns almost ready. I could not refuse and watched her finish while sipping a cup of coffee. She asked if I remember what happened that snowy winter day. I laughed and said not only did I remember, but it was something I relived whenever I am horny and alone. She took a quick look at me, smiled and as she served the eggs she said, 'So do I, so do I!'

We sat and talked the morning away on the deck out back. It was a glorious day and nothing to interrupt what we were doing. She then insisted that we take a sauna. I agreed as if I had a choice. She fired up the sauna and in 30 minutes it was ready. She handed me a towel and I went into the bathroom and undressed. With the towel around my waist I joined her in the sauna. I noticed on the way in her clothes on the deck banister. She was nude sitting on the towel smiling and when I entered she said, 'That towel is for sitting on, not wearing Mister!' As I remember doing 25 years ago, I complied with all her requests. I laid the towel on the wood bench next to her and sat down. Both of us nude in the sauna started to get me a good hard on. We talked and when the time was up, we went to stand out on the deck and cool down, still nude and me still very hard.

Linda said, 'Looks like you should take care of your problem'. I looked at my erection and said, 'I believe you said almost the same thing 25 years ago.' She laughed and sat down and said, 'Well, I am not getting any younger.' I began to stroke my cock. When I was close, she held the towel out so I could ejaculate on it. She then wiped the tip of my penis off and smiled at me and said, 'Just like 25 years ago'. We smiled and hugged. We got dressed and got her car.

Linda, you will always be in my dreams and prayers.



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