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Back Garden Wanking

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wanking with an audiance


Hi, I just wanted to tell you about some fun times I'm having, I'm an avid wanker, I love it, I wank most days at least once, I love to be outside nude most of all.

I often go to the local woods and undress and wank off for a few hours, its so hot being nude outdoors. As you would expect this is a secret that I keep to myself, well that is except for one person, I have a lady friend called Pat(names changed)she is a mature lady of 49, we have been friends for about five years now, I worked with her sister and met her through her, I pop over to her house a few times a week to help her out with the house and do jobs for her, anyway I have never been shy about talking about sex to her, we often joked about it, well over the years she has found out about my outdoor habits when it cums to masturbation, she laughs about it when I tell her about walking nude in the woods and playing with my cock. In the past she has been nice enough to lend me pairs of her knickers for me to wank into, she calls me a perv and a weirdo but I don't think she minds.

Last summer she bought one of those metal framed hammocks that you can dismantle when not in use, she often winds me up when I'm at work, she texts me and asks if I'm working hard while she is on the hammock, I ask her if she is sunbathing nude and she likes to tease me. A few months back I managed to change my work hours so I finished work at 1 pm, this meant I could go to her house more often and spend more time there, a few times when I pulled up she would be on her hammock and I'd call over the wall to let her know I was there. We would sit in her garden drinking tea and I would tell her about my outdoor fun and games, when it's sunny I go to the woods and sunbath nude before I wank.

Pat knew I did this so one day I asked her if it was ok if I could have a go on her hammock, she said it was ok if I kept out of sight of the gate. She has a large sheet she hangs from her washing line when she sunbathes so no one can see her from the path outside, we put the sheet up and went into her kitchen, she said she was going into the front room to watch tv while I was sunning, she told me to leave my clothes in the kitchen out of sight. I undressed as she sat in the front room with the door partialy closed, I managed to strip by the door here she could see me, I dropped my clothes and walked out to the hammock, it was so nice being nude with someone else about. I layed in the hammock with my head towards the kitchen window,it was nice and relaxing but after a while I started to get hard so I played with my cock for a while,

Then I decided to turn around so I was looking into the kitchen. In that position Pat could see me if she came into the kitchen, I was very hard and aching to wank but I decided to try and see if I could get Pat to come into the kitchen. I called out to her to make me a cup of tea, she called me a lazy git but as I lay there with one arm over my head shading my eyes from the sun I could see if she came into the kitchen. After a few minutes I saw her at the window so I moved my body about so I was visable to her but I pretended that I had nodded off to sleep but my cock was still rock hard so she could see it from the window. I watched her fill the kettle then stand there looking at me so I let one hand slip to my cock and gently stroke myself. When I saw her walk into the garden I let go of my cock and pretended to be snoozing.

She walked to the hammock and put the tea down beside me on the table. She walked back into the house to watch more tv, my cock was throbbing like mad now as I knew she had looked me up and down when she came out. I just had to wank so I started to jerk my cock off slowly at first then harder and faster, I peeked at the window and saw her standing there a bit back from the window but so she could still see me,it gave me a real thrill. So I went for it and wanked myself hard and fast till I shot a great load of cum over my chest, when I looked back she had gone in, I stayed there for another 15 mins or so then went back into the kitchen to get dressed, she had left the front room door open so as I dressed she watched me, I said to her it was getting too hot to stay out there any longer.

I never said anything about her watching me but I loved having her see me. We talked for a bit then I gave her a lift to the local shops, when I dropped her off at home she asked if I was coming over tommorow to use the hammock, I said I would if it was ok with her, she just smiled.

Next day when I got there the sheet was already up by the gate, I went in and she made me a drink and said the hammock was free if I wanted it. I went to the kitchen but this time I stood right by the door and undressed then walked to the garden, I layed in the hammock and looked at the window. I had my legs parted wide this time and I had moved the hammock so I was totally in view of the window, when I saw her appear in the kitchen I reached down and slowly played with my cock, she stood there this time right by the window looking at me, it took about 6 or 7 mins before I came, I had a really big spurt of cum that went all over me and some on the hammock, when I was done she made me a cup of tea walked out and gave it to me. The cum was still runnung down my chest and sides so she saw that too.

Over the next week I came over every day to sunbathe. It was the middle of the week when things got better, I was laying there realy slowly playing with my cock pretending to be asleep when she walked to the garden with a cold drink put it on the table beside me then instead of going back inside she went to the shed and took out a garden chair, she put it down beside the hammock and sat in the chair, I stoped wanking for a few mins but then as I could see her looking at me I started again, I took a long time to cum this time, it was awesome, my cock was throbbing red hot and when I came I let out a loud groan of pleasure and shot my hot spunk all over myself, Pat didn't say anything but I could see her looking at my throbbing cock and the spunk running off me.

She sat there for a while not saying anything so I started to play again, it took a bit longer to cum this time and half way through I took my arm off my face so it was obvious I was awake, I looked at her and she looked back at me and smiled. I just kept playing till I came again, I didn't cum so hard but it was a nice one. She then got up and went in, I went to the kitchen and got dressed and we talked like nothing had happend.

I didnt see her till the next Tuesday, I arrived at 1 pm it was still sunny and hot she had been in the hammock before I arrived so when I knocked on the front door she was in just a towel, she let me in and told me I was a spoil sport, I told her if she wanted to stay in the hammock I would wait in the front room, she said it was ok she had been on it long enough so I could have a go while she had a shower. I went to the garden and saw a pile of her clothes on the floor, I couldn't resist looking through them so I pulled out her bra and panties from the pile, the panties were plain white ones so I checked she wasn't about and put the gusset to my face and sniffed her scent, my cock went instantly rigid, I stripped off and climbed onto the hammock but I kept hold of her knickers and sniffed them some more then I slipped them over my cock and wanked with them, it felt lovely. I stopped a few minutes later when I heard the door open and dropped the knickers back on the pile of clothes, she walked out into the garden and said she was going to move her stuff.

She picked up her clothes and turned to walk back into the house, as she passed me she dropped the panties onto my chest, I thought Wooow. I picked them up and layed them over my face and sniffed and licked the crotch, it was amazing. A few minutes later she walked out and put the chair out, she sat and read one of those womens mags, I was still holding her panties so I put them back onto my face and sniffed loudly, she looked over then put the mag down and watched me, I sniffed and licked her knickers for a few mins then wrapped them round my rigid cock, I wanked slowly into them for ten mins then let out long low moans of pleasure as I started to cum, I caught all of the cum in her panties then wiped up the rest with them.

I visited a few more times that week but on the Friday as I arrived it started to rain. I thought fuck it there goes my wanking fun, she made tea and asked if I had come to use the hammock, I sort of smiled and said I had but its a bit too rainy today, she thought for a few seconds then said to me, if I wanted I could use the couch in the front room as it is raining, I wasnt sure I had heard her right so I asked and she said it was ok if I 'sunbathed' in the front room, I thanked her then went to the front room and undressed. I lay on the couch and she came and sat on the arm chair and watched me, I played with my cock this time I was looking straight at her and as she was wearing tight black leggings today. I could see between her legs and I stared straight at her gusset, she sat back and opened her legs a bit so I could see better then after a few mins she got up and went out of the room.

I thought I had gone too far but a minute later she walked back in and handed me a pair of panties, I was slightly surprised then I could feel that they were still warm, she had gone to the hall and took them off then put her leggings back on. I put them to my face and smelled her fresh cunt smell, it was amazing. I opened them wide and licked along the gusset, it was lovely, I could taste her sex and her watching me made it even hotter, I sucked the gusset then I decided to change how I cum. I sat up and wrapped the knickers around my cock, she was sitting in the chair facing me with her legs apart, I could see her pussy bulge through the trousers, I wanked and wanked and as I got close to cumming I opened the panties and aimed my cum at the gusset. I shot massive amounts of cum, it went all over the knickers and some hit the floor. I sat there panting with lust when she got up walked over to me and took the panties then went back to the hall, when she walked in again I could see the panty line under her trousers, she had put the spunked panties back on again, I couldn't help it, that made my cock throb to life again, I wanked 3 more times for her getting cum on the carpet and floor, she never said a word through it all, it was mind blowing.

I visit her every chance I get now, if its nice I lay on the hammock wanking while she sits next to me reading, sometimes I jump up before I cum and stand in front of her and cum on her legs or hands or her chest, she doesn't say a thing she just smiles.

Last time I visited and it was raining she came and sat next to me on the couch as I was wanking and this time when I was about to cum I stood up and aimed at her face, my cum spurted into her hair and onto her cheek, she let out some gasps of pleasure that time, now when I visit she sits where she knows she will get cummed on and most of the time I cum on her hair or her face or the crotch of her trousers. She loves it, I'm hoping that she will start to remove some of her clothes soon so I can see her body and wank on her naked skin.

I will tell you more of the fun as it happens,,,thanks



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