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Babysitting Pastime

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Babysitting Pastime
My name is Chuck, i am 15, i live in michigan. One day at school i noticed a girl wearing a very short skirt. She was in my french class, she sat right next to me, i couldent wait to see if i could see up her skirt. I kept my head on my desk glacing at her chair every once and a while, when i saw it, she had her legs spread open just enough to where i could see it, Her black hair covered pussy. I was soo exited! i couldent wait to get home and Jack off. That day seemed like it took for ever, but finnaly i got home, i unlocked the door steped in, opened one of the shades on the window and sat down on my couch. i un zipped my jeans, and started stroking harder and harder till i came all over my face. I went washed up and graped a snack, i had to baby sit next door in ten minutes.
I had been baby sitting for close to 4 hours, the kid was a sleep so i just sat down and watched t.v. I heard a car, i looked out the window, she was back, she had a meeting to go to for her job, or some thing like that. anyways..... She walked in the door asked how things were and asked if i could help her take he laundery up to her room, i saiid shure, right on top of the launderey basket was one of her bras. i looked at it and picked it up. she was like a 46 C, nice set of boobs, she was a fairly large woman.. 170-190 lbs. she was very pretty though. so there i was with her bra in my hands, and then she walks in..."oh, you like that hu". i was prety embarassed."i suppose you want to see the real thing eh?". i still didnt say a thing." i saw after you got home from school, on the couch". right then she whipped off her shirt and bra, come closer she said, "they wont bite".
So i did. I reached out she grabbed my hand and set it on her boob, "feel that, soft as silk arent they?". i moaned with delight. she still had my hand in hers, she slid it down her chest and over her bellie into her pants i felt her bush, she asked me if i like that. I answered back "mm. hmmm." "Do you want me take off my pants too?" she asked. "dont say anything, if you do take of your pants, if you dont, just stand there.." i was a little hesitant, as i was hard as a rock, but i did, i un zipped my pants, sliped them off, along with my boxers. she leaned over to me "good choice" she whispered as she sliped my shirt over my head. "Its been so long scence iv had a man, chuck". " will you....." she didnt hae to say any more. i knew what to do . She fell back on her bed and spread her legs. i climbed right on top of her, sucking one nipple and coressing the other. i worked my way down, my face was now on her fully shaven pussy, i licked it, traced my tounge between her thigh and her cunt. I wourked back up to her breasts once again , my rock hard dick was right on top of her thigh, "go ahaid" she said "you know you want to" so i did , i slid my cock right between her lips, i pumped in and out for about ten minutes she was moaning hystaricly. i told her i was about to jizz. she said to pull out she will suck me to the end.
so thats what she did, after about two minutes i couldent hold it any longer, i sprayed all over her mouth, she licked her lips and said "thanks i needed that." we will have to do it again some time.
Now almost every time i baby sit for her we go at it.Hope you liked it. ~chuck



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