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Babysitting Fun

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My first real sexual experience...


When I was 13 my mom and dad considered me relatively 'mature' and decided to let me baby-sit my cousin Meg one night when they went out with my aunt and uncle. Meg was 9 or 10 at the time and a pretty good kid, and we got along OK. Over the prior 2 or 3 months I had begun to be very sexually aware, and my first wet dreams quickly led to my discovery of masturbation, which I was doing at that point at least 2 times a day. I guess I was your typical, perpetually horny young teenager who was obsessed about sex and thought about it constantly. I vividly remember sneaking my mom's catalogs into the bathroom with me and jerking off to the pictures of women modeling in their underwear. Up until the night I babysat Meg I had never seen a girl naked.
I was told before my parents left that I was responsible for making sure Meg was given dinner, that she had a bath and that I 'keep her out of trouble.' Right after they left I made us some hot dogs and told her it was time for her bath. She wanted me to come into the bathroom with her to get the water the right temperature, and as I was doing so she began to take off her pants, realized that I would be able to see her in her underwear, and quickly pulled them back up. I had never given it a thought, but at that moment realized that this might be my chance to see a naked girl‚?¶! I thought quickly and told Meg that she shouldn't be embarrassed because I had seen lots of girls naked (a lie, of course) and that she should go ahead and get in the tub. She shrugged and said OK, and pulled down her pants. As I sat on the edge of the tub feeling the temperature of the water I asked her if she wanted some toys to play with and she said sure. I scrambled downstairs to our toy closet and found a handful of smaller, old dolls and ran upstairs with them. When I entered I saw Meg standing there, her arms folded over her naked chest, just in her underpants. They were pink, and very tight with little blue flowers on them. I simply couldn't control myself and became instantly hard. I was so horny!
I tossed the dolls in the water and told her that she could hang out for a while, but not too long because I needed to shower too. Then I made an off-hand comment (that I had thought of on my trip downstairs) about just taking a bath with her so we could both be done quick so we could watch TV together. It surprised the heck out of me when she said, 'OK.'
I have to tell you I was a mixture of scared and horny at that point. But being scared didn't stop me; I pulled down my shorts and took off my t-shirt and Meg and I stood their momentarily, both of us just in our underwear. My erection was very obvious - there was no hiding it, and I saw Meg looking at it. I had to say something, so I just asked her if she had ever seen a boy naked before. She told me that she had, her friend's little brother had pulled down his pants and showed them his 'wiener' just a few weeks before. I told her it's no big deal, all boys have penises and all girls have vaginas and it's fine, and with that I took off my underpants and stepped into the tub and sat down. I was more than slightly embarrassed at being naked, and put my hands in my lap to hide my erection. Meg followed my lead after hesitating for a moment and pulled off her underpants.
I tried not to stare, but couldn't help it. There it was, the first vagina I ever saw in my life. It was really nothing more than a smooth slit between her legs, and when she turned around a bit out of shyness I was greeted with an even better sight - her ass! It was so round and firm and small, I almost came right there. She kind of backed herself into the tub as I spread my legs apart for her to have a spot to sit, and she sat down right between my legs. I gently edged forward until my erection was a mere inches from her lower back and ass. It was all I could do to keep myself from just grabbing my hard on and begin jerking off wildly. I took the soap from the soap dish and began to wash myself, and Meg became involved with the toys I had placed in the tub earlier. I was trembling slightly, but decided to go ahead and begin to wash Meg's back. She had long brown hair, which was in the way, and I playfully flipped it up and over her shoulder, making her giggle. I rubbed her back slowly, concentrating on her upper back and shoulders, then worked my way down. I touched her lower back and the top of her ass under the water, and she offered no resistance.
I then took the cup from the shelf, filled it with water and poured it over her head without warning (to wash her hair) and she shrieked and laughed, then turned around on her knees, grabbed the cup from me and did the same to me. Lots of touching and laughing ensued, and I had several excellent looks between her legs. I also noticed her chest, which showed no signs of development yet but her nipples were obviously bigger and puffier than a boy's. I finally got her to settle down and sit back the way she was before. I proceeded to wash her hair and as I did so I intentionally moved closer and let my erection press up slightly against her ass. It was heaven! At first she didn't say anything, but then wiggled back against me and asked me what that was. I panicked for a second, and then calmly told her it was my penis and it got bigger sometimes when I took a bath and washed it, and simply explained that it happens to all boys and it's normal. That was that and she didn't say anything else.
I rinsed her hair and picked up the soap again, and told her she should wash the parts I didn't get to yet, or I could do it for her. She told me I could do it and seemed intent on playing with the toys. I got a handful of sudsy soap and reached around and began washing/feeling her chest and stomach. I got up the courage to work down further and as my right hand slipped beneath the water I was forced to wedge myself even closer to her, fully pressing my erection up against her. I didn't ask this time, and simply placed my hand between her legs and began to rub where her slit was. She instinctively spread her legs a bit further apart and I washed/rubbed with my hand and fingers there for several seconds. Her skin there was so smooth and warm, and I felt a variety of folds, bumps and ridges ‚?? it was all foreign to me! At one point she jumped a bit, which scared me, so I stopped, but I remained pressed up against her. I started to move my hips a tiny bit, causing my cock to begin sliding up and down her ass crack. The feeling was unbelievable. I was shocked when Meg reached her hand around behind her and she actually grabbed my cock and told me that it felt funny.
I slid back from her (as far as I could, which wasn't far) and told her I could show her something really cool that boys can do but she had to promise not to tell anyone about it, or that we had taken a bath together or we both might get in a lot of trouble. She seemed confused about all that, and I just assured her it was fine, but it had to be our secret and she had to promise. She said OK, and I told her to turn around and watch me. She sat on her knees facing me, and I could clearly see her slit. I told her that I could make creamy stuff come out of my penis if I rubbed it and she wanted to know what I meant. I told her I could show her and she said ok. I took the soap, got another handful of suds and began to jerk off right in front of her! I was ready to come in no time at all, and had the balls to ask her if she wanted to touch it again. She didn't say anything, just giggled a little bit and reached forward with her right hand and grabbed it. Since it was so soapy it was very slippery and I bucked my hips as my cock pistoned up and down through her hand, and I groaned and began to ejaculate. As the first stream shot out and up onto my chest she stopped and yanked her hand back, almost like she was electrocuted, and I quickly grabbed my cock and continued to pump. I let loose several more streams of sperm that plopped down onto my stomach and some more oozed out over my hand and cock. Meg said 'wow!' and 'that was pretty cool' and proceeded to touch the come on my stomach, and then splash me until it was washed off my body and into the water.
We got out of the tub right after that and dried off, and later on I reminded Meg again how she absolutely couldn't tell anyone what we had done. Like I said she was a good kid, and she never did tell, and we had one more encounter about 3 years later when I was a junior and she was in eighth grade.



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