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Babysitting Can Be Fun

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Baby-sitting can be fun
My first recollection of masturbation was around the age of five. Iā??d been squatting over my coloring book and accidentally rubbed the pen on the crotch of my panties. It made a nice tickling and I practiced it for a while before my mother stopped it rather abruptly. Iā??d been using a ball pen and the tip had colored my panties and my mother had discovered it during laundry. She scolded and told me told that nice girls didnā??t do that. I never comprehended what terrible misdeed I had done, how could it be bad if it felt so nice.
Years later, I must have been nine or ten years old, I discovered that I could rub my pussy against a pillow or the folded comforter when lying flat in bed on my belly. It made me feel good and I became sweaty and panting. I never came, but I improved the technique with placing both palms of my hands between the pillow and my pussy, it made the good sensation more controllable. I enjoyed it much and practiced nearly every night until I fell asleep of exhaustion. A year or so later when puberty kicked in and I started to developed breasts and the first punitive pubic hair, I found out what the massage shower head really could do. The pulsating stream of water made me extremely aroused and the tickling could spread from my pussy all the way up to my head. I took long shower daily even though my family complained that I used all the hot water. Parents should just know why teenagers shower so much, I doubt that itā??s a suddenly developed sense of properness.
It was about this time I started to baby-sit, I have always been rather responsible and good with children and my small allowance could easily be fortified. Soon I was a popular baby-sitter several times a week. After a couple of months I found my addiction. I have always been curious and a bit snooping and during a baby sitting session at a young couple I started to poke around in their things when the child was asleep. In the bedroom I found a drawer full of nice underwear, my mother bought all my clothes and she had the idea that underwear should be of cotton and be white even though I had requested some pretty panties like the other girls. I admired the fancy lingerie and finally I tried a red set of see-through panties and a corsage on. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt very sexy and hot and I wondered whether they had a massage shower head. I had already striped down and replaced the lingerie exactly where I had found it when I noticed a flesh colored penis-shaped vibrator at the back of the drawer. I took it out knowing it was a sexual item and I managed to activate it and soon it hummed away. I gently pressed it toward my pussy lips and within seconds a warm sensation exploded running from the groin trough the spine to my head. It took me by surprised and I dropped the vibrator on the floor. I had my first orgasm!
Quickly recuperating I tried it again, this time it was difficult not to make it hurt and it took a while before I came for the second time. I also tried to insert the vibrator in myself, but it was too thick and it ached since I didnā??t use tampons. I played with it for a while before carefully replacing everything not to be discovered.
Now I made it as my routine to snoop whenever I baby-sat. Surprisingly, many people had sex items hidden away, but I became skilled to find them. Most had their toys in the underwear drawer or in the night-stand a few in the closet or under the bed. A single mother maybe ten years older than myself working shifts became my favorite customer. She was about my size and had a nice collection of lingerie I enjoyed (except filling the bra). On top of this she made several dildos and vibrators and most of all a coil-operated massage wand that became my preferred tool. The dildos didnā??t vibrate much but could hurt when directly placed on the clitoris and achieving orgasm was always unpredictable. The wand had much more power and if I kept my panties on I could control my orgasms. A drawback was that I had to wear my own panties not to soil the lingerie. I never turned down a baby-sitting job from this mother, in fact I preferred several nights a week. One of her dildos was straight white and very slim, maybe only less than an inch in diameter. After a couple of orgasms with the wand when I was very wet and the muscles relaxed some I managed to insert this slim dildo in my pussy. It was a strange feeling to have something up but it was pleasant too. If I with one hand slowly moved the dildo in and out though the leg-opening of my panties and with the other hand operated the wand massager on my clitoris I got the most wonderful orgasms. I could lay in her bed masturbating this way for hours and stopped only when I became sore or feared she might return home soon.
I also found other things hidden away. Many people had pornographic movies in a secret place, behind some books or in a cupboard away from ordinary movies. I watch some but most were commercial movies with a rather lame story and more or less looked the same all of them. I must admit that I could get horny watching them even though I could feel disgusted at the same time. Now and then I had luck to find a home made movie, most of these showed people having sex but a few had masturbation scenes and those I liked.
The next couple of years I had 3-4 baby-sitting jobs a week carefully screening whether they had items for me to masturbate with and I compounded a small fortune while I enjoyed myself. I tied to have jobs not more than a few days apart not to get too horny since I hadnā??t any toys or privacy at home.
Lately a couple that had a six month old girl became my preferred job since they required a baby-sitter either because they had to work late or one of them had to travel. They both had a massage wand, dildos and several good masturbation movies they had made themselves. Most times I watched their movies in the living room getting aroused before I went into the bedroom and masturbated with both a dildo and the wand. The movie had scenes with both of them fucking or with her masturbating. She used the dildos as warm up and always finish herself of with the wand pretty much as myself. I got a thrill of thinking what she did with the same items when I masturbated. In the beginning of summer when school was off she had to attend a conference out of town and their daycare could not take the child due to an operation I think and they asked whether I could baby-sit for the hole week. I gladly accepted, primarily because I hadnā??t had a job for several weeks and badly needed to get off and secondary a whole week of baby-sitting would make a healthy contribution to my college fund. The first day after quickly having masturbated a couple of times releasing the most tension I found a new tape showing him masturbating. It was taped in the well-known bedroom, he was buck naked and while he adjusted the camera I could see that his member already was enlarged. First he sat on the edge of the bed slowly rubbing his cock until it became fully erect and purple, then he laid down on his back took a tube of lubrication from the nightstand and smeared it on his cock. He then started to gently stroke the cock with both hands and you could hear the squishing sound and his increasing breath clearly on the tape. After a while his moaning became louder and as I thought he was about to come he took a break only slightly touching his penis, I presumed he would prolong the session something I also used to practice. After a minute or two he resumed a quicker pace and soon hereafter he frantically stroked the cock as he arched his back as he came.
The next day I could hardly wait until the kid was fed and soundly asleep before I found the tape again. I watched the tape several times in the living room taking the best frames when he comes in slow motion and I had already taken my trousers off getting ready for some serious business when I noticed that there was another scene after the one I had enjoyed so much. Full of anticipation I sat down again at watched. It was again in the bedroom this time from a higher vantage point and it started with the empty bed. Then somebody entered the bedroom and I was disappointed it was not him it was ME!!! I could hardly believe my eyes and as the fact slowly penetrated my brain I became hot and red in the head and very embarrassed. I was caught and exposed my naughty activities had been secretly taped. In the tape I quickly opened the drawer and found what I needed. It was clearly to see that this wasnā??t the first time I knew my way around. I watched myself lift my skirt insert a dildo and quickly masturbate myself to an orgasm with the wand. I remembered clearly it was from the day before. They (or was it just him) must have a hidden camera recording in the bedroom. Still full of fear and embarrassment the situation really turned me on, knowing that somebody had watched me aroused me extremely. I realized that he knew that I had poked around in their things and that I used their toys for masturbation but I also realized that he liked to watch. Maybe was his masturbation scene for my benefit? Was the camera still there? I went to the bedroom moving close to the wall carefully avoiding to be caught in the camera angel. Standing on a chair I could see a small video camera with some other devices but I couldnā??t see if it was turned on. A devious plan formed in my head, now already exposed I would give him something to watch if he really fancied it so much. I took the tape with me to the bedroom this time in clearly view of the camera, turned the light on and arranged the pillows so I could face the camera. I played the tape as I masturbated.
The next morning I when back with mixed feeling of fear and arousal. He greeted me, smiled and asked about my day before. A bit uneasy I said it had gone very well (which was true) and he replied he knew that I was competent (I thought he grinned some when he said that) and left for work. I was relieved that nothing more was said and went looking for the tape. The day before I had placed a tiny piece of scotch tape over the cover and surely the cassette had been opened. I played the whole scene from the day before and it even surpassed my wildest expectations. The light setting and the angles were perfect. Especially the position on my knees where I had moved closer to the camera was good. You could see every contraction of my pussy around the dildo as I came as well as the juices running down my thighs. And I got a bonus, and the end of my recording he had made a new episode of himself. It was precise the same setting and you could hear the TV playing my masturbation scene. In the tape he said he wished it was my pussy squeezing his cock (he didnā??t mention any name just the word "Your pussy") and just before he came he said "This is for you" and he squirted so violently it hit the wall behind him.
The remaining days I masturbated as I was paid for it (in fact somehow I was) and made several recordings that I followed the next day. I got more salary than we agreed on and we both seemed rather satisfied.
After summer I have to go away for college and I fear that I canā??t baby-sit much. Anyhow I will get my own credit card and I can order a massage wand and some dildos and I hope I can get a room for myself so I can enjoy my addiction to masturbation otherwise I have to find new baby-sitting jobs.



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