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Aunt's Christmas Gift

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Whoa! I've been reading stories here for a year and never contributed any. I am now! I can't believe this happened this Christmas!


It is December 27th as I write this. Just two days ago something hgappened to me and I've had a throbbing hard-on ever since! Our whole family got together as usual for Christmas at my Mom's house. My brothers and their wives were there, and my Mom's sister, my Aunt, who is single and 40 was there. I am also single.

We had great food and exchanged gifts and all the usual things. When it was all over my Aunt asked me if I would mind taking her home. Of course, I didn't mind at all. I have never really had sexual thoughts about my Aunt, but she is really good looking. I pulled up outside her house expecting her to simply thank me for the ride and get out and go on inside her house. She asked me if I wanted to come in for a drink though, so I told her I would.

Once inside she excused herself and slipped into her not very revealing lounge pants and a loose sweatshirt, then offered me a drink and we sat down. We talked and laughed about things. She asked me about my dating life and I told her it was fine ... but I paused then said I stayed constantly horny though. She gave me a devilish grin. She said I wasn't the ONLY one who was often horny. She said she hadn't had a date in six months. We were giving each other grins.

Just kidding with her I asked her what she did about it and she said 'Oh, I have my toys to keep me company.' Again, she grinned really big. She always had a personality like that and at times slung dirty jokes around all of us in the family. To tease her I said 'Ummmmm. I'd love to be a fly on YOUR wall some day!'

'You would, huh?' ... and a big grin from her. Then she asked me what I did when I hadn't been dating ... and I said 'same thing, only I don't need any toys!' She laughed and said 'ummmm, I'd like to be a fly on YOUR wall!' I said 'really?' She grinned teasingly and said 'sure!'

I had never had a conversation like this with my Aunt, but it was exciting me in a way I can't describe. We are very comfortable with each other and I feel I can say just about anything to her. I figured 'why not!' I looked at her a little more seriously and said 'why don't we be flies right now?' I was getting seriously hard by now and my heart was pounding.

'Ummmm ... and what would your Mom think about that,' she asked.

'Do you think I would ever tell her that?' I asked. 'It would only take us a little while' I said.

I could see the wheels turning in her head. I adjusted my seating stance and my pants were tented up so tall in front. I saw her look at my lap when I changed positions. I placed a hand on her upper leg and rubbed it gently and said 'what do you say?'

She leaned over and put her hands on each side of my face and kissed me gently, then said 'you had better NEVER say a word about this to ANYONE!' Then she laid her hand in my lap and felt my dick. I was immediately in heaven. I reached over and felt her breasts through her sweatshirt. We just sat there feeling each other. No kissing or anything, just feeling each other. I slipped my hand under her loose sweatshirt and felt her bare breasts and her nipples and I told her how nice they felt.

She said 'come on ...' and she grabbed my hand and took me to her bedroom. She stood close to me and kissed me as we stood there and I ground my hard dick against her pussy through her pants. We were both extremely turned on and I said 'I'm dying to see your pussy.' I didn't even ask. I reached down and slid her elastic waisted lounging pants down her legs to her ankles, then looked up at a beautiful neatly trimmed pussy staring me right in the face. I thought I was going to cum in my pants right then.

I stood back up and she began unbuckling my pants and together we got them to the floor and I stepped out of them. She pulled her sweatshirt over her head as I removed my shirt and we stood naked, skin to skin, her nice nipples against my bare chest, my rock hard dick standing up and nested hard against her pussy and we gyrated this way, then that way, grinding ourselves against each other. I leaned over and began sucking her perky nipples, first one then the other.

'You said you have toys?' I asked her. From her night stand she produced a large vibrator, the kind with the prongs that massage the clit while the lengthy part does the work inside. 'I want to watch you use that thing' I told her. She laid down on the bed and spread open her legs. It was all I could do to not cum. I knew all it was going to take me was a couple strokes I was so turned on. She slipped the vibe up inside her and positioned the rubber prongs against her clit and turned on the vibe. It buzzed and hummed as she expertly worked it. She told me she would love to have her nipples sucked as she did it, so I laid beside her and sucked her nipples as she did herself. It didn't take long at all and she had a thundering orgasm.

When she was finished she kissed me nicely. Then I told her I just wanted to look at her, if she didn't mind, while I finished myself off. She obliged me by again opening wide. I positioned myself between her legs and began jacking off. I didn't last 30 seconds. I spewed all over her stomach. It felt WONDERFUL. I have never been so excited in my whole life.

After we cleaned up my mess, we laid there naked and talked. We got under the covers and it was so warm and cozy. I told her it was the hottest experience I had ever had and she whispered it was hot for her too. Reluctantly, I dressed about an hour later and went home.

Now my Aunt is all I can think about. I want to get together with her again so badly I can't stand it. I don't know if she will ever do it again with me or not though. It was a beautful experience and I love her so much.



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