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Aunt Kate

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I just busted a wonderful load reading 'With Wife's Aunt' which really hit home here and am responding with a refreshed hardon.


Aunt Kate was my mom's spinster younger sister. When my story begins she was right around 40 but hardly looked it. She was athletic and just a bit on the masculine side. I won't disclose my actual age then but suffice it to say I was adult mature physically and emotionally, just short on female experience which Kate would catch me up on nicely.

That summer Kate was staying with us (my single parent mother and younger sister). She had been a champion amateur tennis player when she was younger, and had a summer job coaching at a local club. She thought I had talent and took me under her wing spending many after hours with me on the courts where I'd meet her after her regular lessons or in early mornings before they began. There was something that struck me about Kate. Her arms were tennis deleloped even with biceps but most strikingly, she wore rich auburn tufts of pit hair.

Since my own focused puberty I consider pubic and armpit hair as destinctively sex hair, still a masturbating 'fetish' for me with images of it on both sexes. On one particular morning I arrived around seven and Kate was waiting on the courtside bench but it was so foggy from one court you couldn't see the baseline on the other so we sat there with the coffee I'd picked up on my bike on the way. And here begins my first lesson in female anatomy. We sat at opposite ends of the bench facing and talking and Kate had one foot up on the seat. She wore the then appropriate tennis dress with short skirt and bloomers but low and behold to my inexperienced eyes she had no bloomers on. That heavy auburn hair furring her cunt was fully exposed up the brief skirt.

My fixed hypnotic stare of course she noticed and smiled and my shorts began to seriously tent revealing also as much as her skirt because I hated jockstraps and only wore them when required on school teams. Embarrassed I made some excuse and rode back home, locked myself in the bathroom and masturbated mightily into the basin.

That evening after dinner my mother and sister went to the movies, leaving me and Kate alone. I felt awkward as hell after the mornings events but then again horny too. Kate had gone to her room and called me in. She had on a T shirt and shorts and obviously had removed her bra after dinner because her nipples were prominent through the thin shirt. I had taken my shirt off after dinner and stood there in just the shorts of the morning and quickly another rising tent pole.

She was kneeling up on her bed and smiled again as I stared at her thinly covered tits and with that she shucked off the shirt exposing heavily haired pits fully and bare tits. My jaw dropped bug eyed and she laughed and said something like 'come on let's have some harmless fun'. She hopped off the bed and hugged her bare tits to my bare smooth chest. Then she fell back on the bed, threw up her legs and pulled off her shorts and sat legs spread with thick lips parting the fur on her big cunt.

That was it, I had to get my boned cock in my hand and pulling open my shorts they fell to my feet and I began to stroke off. She made some exclamation and popped her clit and fingered it. Her nipples quickly became the size of add-on pencil arasers. I lost it and exploded off ropes of cum in her direction, making a retracting trail of cloudy white sperm snails on the bare wooden floor in front of me. Woof! right now those 'snails' are finding their spermy aromatic way through my navel hair trail. There's lots more about Kate and hope you comment-it makes the masturbation more exciting and complete.



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